choosing the right ecommerce platform

How to Choose the Right E-Commerce Platform for Your Business?

Over the last decade, the e-commerce industry saw a boom. The prime reason behind it is the increasing number of startups that have inclined towards this industry for business. When you commence with an e-commerce business, things become easy for you and your clients. An e-commerce platform is nothing else but an application that allows […]

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Features and Costing of creating eLearning Mobile apps

With everything going online, learning has also gone digital.  eLearning mobile applications are the latest trend in electronic media. Though the term e-learning was first used in October 1999 at a CBT Systems Seminar in Los Angeles, the idea gained momentum in India after the introduction of smart classes. The providers of smart classes launched […]

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Taxi Businesses

Challenges Faced By Your Taxi Businesses without A Taxi Booking App

We can’t imagine those days where we used to wait for hours on the roadside to hail a taxi. It was very difficult, especially during late-night hours, to travel from one place to another place. This was totally changed with the emerging taxi booking app like Uber, Ola. They made a remarkable change in the […]

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benefits of mobile devices in healthcare

How are Mobile Devices and Apps Helpful for Healthcare?

Smartphones are now common in healthcare settings and we have seen an instant growth in the healthcare applications development for different platforms. Many different types of mobile applications are available for healthcare professionals to do essential tasks like maintaining patients’ records, communications and consulting, patient management and monitoring, medical education and training, and so on. The […]

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YouTube to Mp3 Guru

YouTube to Mp3 Guru: The Fastest and Free YouTube Downloader and Converter

YouTube being one of the most popular storehouses of video contents has successfully won millions of users over the years. All of us desire to stay connected to this amazing social channel regularly. But the problem arises when we run short off our limited internet connection or at places where there is a low possibility […]

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Is There a Tool to Download Instagram Story Highlights For Free

Is There a Tool to Download Instagram Story Highlights For Free?

Instagram is gaining ground like a newly-founded syndrome. With its marvelous features like the stories, highlights, photos, videos, and IGTV videos, it is conquering everybody’s engrossment span and time. Instagram is slowly becoming an emblem factory providing too many products from too many vendors at cheaper and affordable rates for too many customers. Brands post […]

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Video Downloaders

100% Free Online Video Downloaders & Converters Disclosed

In recent years the means of entertainment as well as education has changed drastically. The viewer’s prefer watching videos from various video websites like YouTube, Instagram, etc. rather than being solely dependent on TV for their entertainment. However, watching online videos requires access to Internet network coverage and the reality is that not all of […]

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