Annuity Plan – Different Benefits & Types of Annuities

Post-retirement challenges:

  1. No regular income
  2. Bills and maintenance cost still needs to be paid
  3. Too much time on hand
  4. Desire and need to pursue lifelong dreams and hobbies.

Overcome these obstacles of financially free retirement life and enjoy doing what you want to do with no tension as to income flow. An annuity plan is the best plan for retirement planning. Annuities are investments made

(a) as a lump sum payment

(b) in instalments as monthly or yearly payments.

This payment is then liquidated or disbursed to ensure a regular inflow of income either immediately or at a differed date and time.

Though Annuity Plans provide income for the rest of the survivor’s life, it is different from a pension plan.  Pension is the amount you get once you have completed your working tenure with a company.  A pension may be got as a one-time payment in cash or cheque. Whereas to start an annuity plan, you need not wait for retirement but can start anytime.  The payout will be given lifelong and not just as a lump sum.

Different benefits of an annuity plan:

  • Life long income
  • Guaranteed returns
  • Freedom to follow your dreams and pursue your hobby
  • Income to travel, meet family and friends
  • Creates a long term income if taken at an early age
  • . The principal amount invested is protected against inflation
  • Leave behind a lump sum corpus for the beneficiary or nominee
  • Provides tax advantage
  • Annuity Plans experience less volatility to market fluctuations
  • Add diversity to savings and retirement
  • Ability to pay for caregiver at your retirement age or to cover up for the medical expenses that arise due to age

Type of Annuity Plans: 

  • Immediate Annuity
  • Differed Annuity

Immediate Annuity: Regular income can be credited as early as a month of the plan

Payouts can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. An immediate annuity is chosen when the retirement days are closer.

The payout can start immediately, but since the principal amount is not kept too long to benefit from the compounding effect, the payout amount will be less as compared to Differed Annuity.

Differed Annuity; When the income is received after 5 to 10 years after starting the plan.  That is, the income differs to a later date.  If there are a number of years for retirement, the deferred annuity would be the better choice.

The payout for differed plans are usually higher since the premium is kept for a longer time. The number of payouts received, though, are less.

Annuity Plans are to be kept simple, and riders of health benefits and such others should be avoided. This is because the purpose of annuity plans are to provide regular income to meet the recurring needs and expenses at a later age. Besides, getting additional riders will add to the premium cost.

So if you are interested in early retirement, safeguarding your money against inflation, freedom to do what you want and spend as you like when you are not working, Annuity Plans are the ones to consider.

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Tips For Finding a Merchant Cash Advance Company

Starting a business asks for a sufficient amount of capital. At some point, the company needs to source capital, either through investment or by borrowing. A business has a never ending list of expenses, from equipment to continue operations until it reaches its profit stage. Whatever you may need money for, many financial institutions provide funding for your requirements. 

However, not many institutions can provide the fund timely. You have to go through a long process before you get the funds in hand. Many firms even take months to complete the process. You might have to wait for a long to receive the funds. However, merchant cash advance companies do not work similarly to other funding firms. They do not hang you between the process and give the funds you need faster than other lenders. It is because they are not actually lending you a loan; they are providing you money in advance in exchange for the share of the profit you will earn in the future. That is why many businesses are turning to merchant cash advance companies to source money for their operations. 

What You Need For A Merchant Advance Cash

There are some requirements that your business should meet to be able to get merchant advance cash loans

  • Owning a business that runs throughout the year instead of in seasons. 
  • A credit card through which you’d pay the advance. 
  • Giving an assurance that you are eligible to pay back the advance. 
  • Bank statement of the previous six months. 

If you satisfy all the requirements, you can get the cash advance quickly. But before you dive right in, we would suggest doing some research. While making any significant financial decisions, you want to have credible information about everything. You need to choose the right company to get the best performance. And finding a renowned and reliable merchant can be quite a task. But you can follow the tips below to end up on the right one. 

1. Read testimonials and reviews.

After you have sorted the list of merchant cash advance companies you may want to deal with, start reading all their reviews. You can shortlist a few of them based on the reviews that satisfy you. Also, try looking for reviews from different sources because all the customer reviews are not reliable. There are several online platforms where verified customers post reviews related to a company. You can check those platforms and read testimonials to get the right picture of the company you want to deal with. 

2. Avoid credit card offers.

The calls you get consistently from credit card companies are not entirely worth your expectations. It is because they are often expensive and do not offer the same service as other cash merchants provide. They will give more interest rates with no grace period. Many professional firms say that the interest rates of these companies can be much higher than the actual merchant cash companies. 

3. Compare rates

You cannot expect similar interest rates from every merchant cash lender. Similar to commercial mortgage lenders, you can get varying interest rates at different companies. A merchant cash advance can come in high-interest rates, but comparing prices can help you find the cheapest one. However, do not deliberately eliminate all the merchant cash providers from your list due to high rates. Get to know about their policies, understand how well they offer their services. It might be possible that you are getting more value at more price. See how the company operates and check if they have more considerable policies than others. 

4. Contact and ask queries.

It is essential to contact the customer support executives and get information about everything even if you do not have any questions. It helps you judge their response towards customers and how well they are trained in what they do. Based on the call, you can decide whether you want to continue with a merchant cash advance company or not. 

You can ask about their contract and their qualifications to be sure. 

Getting a reliable merchant cash advance loan is not a simple task; you need to be sure in all terms. Before you continue with a company, ensure that it will be suitable for your business. 



The Credit Crunch is Doing Little Finance to Stem Number of BritonsOnline

The Credit Crunch is Doing Little Finance to Stem Number of BritonsOnline


The internet may be a wonderful source of data – both good and bad. it is also a playground of profitable possibilities for would-be and seasoned shysters and scam artists. aside from pornography, one among the foremost prevalent sorts of content one can find online is within the moneymaking category. and that i guess, like sex, money has universal appeal!

The start line in going to grips with this reality is to understand greed plays an enormous part in attributes. Sorry to be so blunt, but it seems we’re wired for it. You see this played out over and over – whether it’s men and ladies battling one another to grab the simplest garments during a crazy sale, or crazy people queuing up to urge financially fleeced in some hair-brained pyramid money game. The motivation is that the same. Something for nothing – or almost nothing. which desire is fueled by greed.

If you’ll accept you’ll have a built-in propensity to hunt the straightforward route, to urge your hands on easy money – and factor that into your deciding – then you’ll be in a far better position to more rationally appraise various moneymaking opportunities.

There are two main generic scams continually circulating on the web. One is that the “advance fee” scam, and therefore the other is that the “Ponzi” or scheme. the primary is epitomised by the “Nigerian Letter” fraud – which is actually a promise of massive bucks in exchange for processing fees to retrieve the cash . This often involves receiving an email announcing you’ve got either inherited or won tons of cash, which you would like to open an offshore checking account to retrieve it. The strategy is to suck you into the scenario to such an extent that you simply become emotionally wedded thereto. Then, once you are asked to place up a fee to form things happen, you’re already hooked and spare your cash without a whimper. The promoters then disappear together with your cash, never to be seen again.

The ponzi scam is known as after Charles Ponzi who came up with the novel idea of enticing investors with the promise of very large returns – and paid them out of latest investors’ money. within the end, of course, the last investors lost their money, and therefore the whole was exposed as an entire fraud. Some Ponzi schemes are very crude – just like the original letter. You’d think we might have risen above that one – but it keeps on resurfacing. However, most are now more sophisticated, often disguising themselves as an “investment” with unusually high returns.

Over the previous couple of years such Free Satta have sharpened their act, and now present themselves with smart, professional-looking websites – plausible wording and an attractive sales talk. the first hook, aside from the promised returns, is that the referral fee – if you recommend others. during this way, the fashionable Kalyan Matka can harness the viral marketing power of the web in ways impossible within the mail age.

Now I even have nothing against people playing money games intrinsically (it’s their money), provided they know the principles of the sport and understand the risks. You see, I’m considerable of the opinion that folks should be allowed to try to do what they like with their own money. However, once you remove regulatory oversight, you’ve got to require responsibility for your own decisions and realise what you’re stepping into.

If you recognize the risks, then it’s like gambling – where it’s clearly understood that there are winners and losers. However, it does appear that some people can’t tell the difference between gambling (in all its forms), a Ponzi, and an investment. And this fact is usually employed by the authorities as an excuse to enact laws to guard people against themselves.

For example, it’s imperative to differentiate between Matka schemes and gambling. And it should not be hard. Gambling involves taking a stake during a money game where there are clear rules and directives on who becomes the winner. Luck is that the usual arbiter in gambling – and this is often managed in various ways. It might be Lotto, where numbers are drawn from a barrel; it might be a lottery where one person has the lucky ticket number; or it might be racing or sports, where you place a back the result of the race – where “form” and luck both play a neighbourhood. the purpose is, in gambling, you recognize there’ll be winners and losers, and you recognize the means by which this may be determined. you’ve got full disclosure

Not so with a pyramid or Satta Matka If a Ponzi is disguised as an investment, then it’s likely to supply high returns (to appeal to greed), and use referral fees to urge people to spread the word. Now, the specific message is that everybody who joins up will make say 10%, 20% or maybe 100% per month on their money. However, the reality is merely the first birds will catch the worm and walk off with the loot. Why? Because the funds to disburse the promised returns come from the new players, and eventually they run out.

The pertinent question is, do these new players fully understand they’re funding earlier “investors”, and do they realise they might lose their shirt? Probably not. If a moneymaking scheme states that it’s a “game”, makes no guarantees, and openly declares that your money is paying those before you, then you recognize the principles before entering and can’t cry over spilt milk if you lose your money. On the opposite hand, if money is taken using terminology that indicates a legitimate investment is being offered – which later seems to be a Ponzi – then clearly the participants are defrauded because they weren’t told truth facts.

In a situation like this, one should be ready to pursue action to reclaim the lost funds – because such money was taken under false pretences. However, such a retroactive course of action doesn’t mean one shouldn’t exercise rational judgement before getting into any sort of investment – even more so if exceptional returns and referral bonuses are being paid.

So you’ve got gambling, which clearly discloses the risks inherent in participating; Ponzi/money games, which usually don’t, and are essentially fraudulent offers and eventually you’ve got real investments. Of course, putting your money into legitimate investments doesn’t eliminate the danger of losing your money – it’s just that such a structure isn’t found out with the aim of defrauding you. once you invest your money you ought to demand full disclosure on the inherent risks of the proposition. However, no investment is 100% safe. Even government bonds depend finally on the state’s ability to forever tax its citizens – something I personally wouldn’t want to back.

So to recap: the essential difference between a scam, gambling and investment – is that the “rules of the game” are known beforehand, and you participate within the full knowledge of the danger you’re taking. A ponzi scam deliberately misleads, whereas gambling and investing offer disclosure on the risks.

More Britons than ever before try their hand at online gambling despite the ever-worsening economic climate. This comes as no surprise to me, because the liquidity crisis has meant that more and more people are opting to remain in instead of leave, and what better way is there for people to spend their time indoors than by winning money satta matka

The results of an in depth survey by the united kingdom Gambling Commission released in recent weeks have shown that the standard of online gaming sites and therefore the prizes, bonuses and jackpots on offer continues to draw in hoards of players thanks to their increase in potential price .

Research conducted by ICM shows that a survey addressed last year (including the ultimate quarter of the year when recession loomed) found a rise within the number of individuals who said that they had used one remote sort of gambling or another.

The news will come as a serious boost to the web gambling sector within the united kingdom because it prepares for a difficult year with the present economic climate looking to worsen before it finally resides.

The trend seems to be that – as gambling online becomes more accessible because of the likes of 3G mobile technology and enhancements in digital TV people are spending longer gambling online than ever before.

This trend is probably going to continue as long because the recession bites which can benefit the web casino industry tenfold during these adversity .


Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Appraisals

Even the experts have said that a refresher on the basics might surely work wonders for you. In case you are new to this, a commercial appraisal is considered to be an assessment of the value perceived from a commercial property. This property can consist of anything from a piece of vacant land to an office building and an apartment building.

In case you have decided to sell or purchase a property, a professional appraisal is most likely needed because it is an important part of the sale. All the information mentioned in the appraisal will help you get the right property at economical rates. Hence, what are you waiting for? Seek the right commercial appraisers today and make the most of this opportunity.

Know that honesty is the best policy

Before getting started with the procedure, it is mandatory to have the right set. Only then the appraisal procedure will make sense to you and will be simple.

We know for a fact that it can be overwhelming to inflate various parts of your commercial property in order to get the right valuation. However, you need to understand that the professionals have seen all the tips and tricks. They know when someone is going right and wrong. Any type of dishonesty will not be appreciated by them. In all, the appraisers leave no stone unturned in verifying and approving all the claims you make about your property.

There are times when professional appraisers are also called in the court of law in order to defend their valuations. This is why they are always sure that they have taken the right direction. In addition to this, they also carry reliable proof with themselves in order to back up their claims. So, while you may be trying really hard to get through, just be honest. We bet things will be pretty chilled and simple for you in the long run.

Pro tip: It will save you a lot of time and energy. At the same time, do not hide any documents from the appraiser. They might ask you to provide your income statements, and property taxes, in case you hide any of these from the appraisers, you will lose everything and the decision won’t be taken on your behalf. Hence, we recommend you to be transparent and provide all the documents they have asked for.

The Final Thoughts

Please know that appraisal is just not an inspection. Instead, it is a lot more. The entire procedure can take anywhere from an hour or more. Everything depends on the specifics of the property you want to purchase. The appraisers prepare themselves in the best way possible but the truth is inspection is a very small part of the whole procedure.

We hope this piece of information has been helpful to you in understanding everything about commercial appraisals. To find out more about the same, feel free to count on the experts who have the required experience and knowledge in the industry.



4 Things You Must Know While Creating an Investment Portfolio

Creating an investment portfolio is easier said than done. Your success as an investor will depend on how well you have maintained your portfolio. It should have the ability to meet your needs and requirements in the future and also help you with your liability. It will be best to have a systematic approach while building your investment portfolio.

When you are a new investor, you may be a little worried about where and how to start. It is quite normal to be concerned about these as you also have to care about your liability. To help you out in such a situation, we have listed below four things that you must know while constructing an investment portfolio.

Let us take a look at them.

  1. Your Objective For Investment

It is essential that you are clear about your intentions behind investing and your expectations from it. It will help to have predefined goals because you have to take care of your liability meaning financial liabilities, which can otherwise affect your future. You will have to be aware of the time, money, and age while investing. You must consider the level of risks you are willing to tolerate to deal with your liability. Depending on it, you have to determine your asset allocation

  1. Building Your Portfolio

The next that you need to consider is segregating your capital to make the right investments. However, you must ensure that your decision should add to your liability in the days to come if not today. Investing and taking the appropriate risks will help you get the returns you had wished for. Subsequently, when you consider whether you should go the long-term path or the short-term, you should weigh your age and the willingness to take risks. In this stage, you can pick your allocation option from a wide variety, such as mutual funds, bonds, etc.

  1. Considering Your Portfolio Weightings

It is essential that you keep assessing your portfolio from time to time there are chances that with fluctuating market values, your weightings may have changed. Simultaneously, your needs, liability, tolerance towards risks, and financial situation can change, too. So, you will have to mold your portfolio according to these alterations. This stage is crucial for keeping your investment portfolio balanced.

  1. Strategically Rebalance

Now, that you are aware of what to add where and reduce in which area, you will have to determine the securities you will choose to suffice the underweights with overweights. In other words, you have to shift some load from the overweight securities to the other. In this process, considering your tax effects is crucial, too. In short, you have to keep your eyes and ears open to keep your portfolio balanced.

The Bottom Line

So, the four things mentioned above are essential to creating a successful investment portfolio. These will help you meet your financial liabilities and gain significant returns in the future. Simultaneously, you can also fulfill your needs and requirements with it.


Know Why It is Beneficial to Get a Home Loan Now

According to a financial report by the Reserve Bank of India, the total outstanding balance in the housing loan segment stood at Rs.13.3 lakh crore, as of February 2020. Home loans in India have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds over the past decade.

However, due to an economic slowdown in effect since 2019, demand for real estate plummeted. In response, RBI and the Government of India implemented a slew of measures to revive this demand, making home loans a much viable and economical option to finance a property purchase.

  • RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee slashed repo rate by 250 basis points since February 2019.
  • In May 2020, the Indian Finance Ministry sanctioned a liquidity stimulus of Rs.30000 crore for NBFCs and HFCs.
  • Home loan interest rates are at a 15-year low.

Thus, the present situation might be the most advantageous to apply for a home loan. It would allow you significant financial flexibility in achieving homeownership in the current scenario.

Why should you avail a home loan now?

The three primary reasons why availing a home loan in India currently puts you in a considerably beneficial position are:

Low GST on property purchase

The Goods and Services Tax on real estate is considerably low at present. According to the GST council’s 33rd meeting –

  • Applicable GST on residential properties is 1% without ITC if it is part of the affordable housing segment.
  • It is 5% without ITC on residential properties, not part of the affordable housing segment.

In a metropolitan area, like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, a residential property with a floor area of up to 60 sq. m and priced within Rs.45 lakh is considered a part of the affordable housing segment. On the other hand, in non-metropolitan areas, a property with a carpet area of 90 sq. m and priced similarly belongs to the affordable section. These properties are taxed at 1% without ITC, ensuring significantly low prices.

Thus, with the GST rate cut, the best time to plan your new home is now. You can apply for a home loan to facilitate your purchase.

Low real estate prices

Real estate is one of the sectors hit the hardest by the economic slowdown snowballing over the past few years. As an effect, realtors across India have lowered the prices of residential properties to ensure demand remains steady.

With real estate price drops, you can buy a larger property with the same budget or save on your finances.  Moreover, it allows you to assume a lesser burden when applying for the best home loan to finance your property purchase. You can either opt for a lower down payment or choose to secure a smaller loan amount.

Reduced home loan interest rates

The Reserve Bank of India has been in the forefront to induce market demand for residential properties. Among its several measures, one of the most pronounced has been the reduction in repo rate.

As mentioned earlier, RBI has reduced repo rates by 250 bps (100 bps = 1%) since February 2019, resulting in 15-year low interest rates in the home loan sector.

  • Currently, the repo rate is 4%

By availing a home loan with low interest rates, you can ensure lower EMIs or a shorter tenor. This way, you can reduce your cost of a loan significantly.

Apart from these, several financial institutions also provide pre-approved offers on loans to ensure faster and more efficient loan processing. These offers apply to a host of credit facilities, like home loans, loans against property, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number.

What are the features of a home loan?

Alongside the benefits mentioned above, you can also enjoy the following advantages when you apply for a home loan –

Flexible tenor

A home loan comes with a repayment period ranging up to 20 years or 240 months. You can opt for any tenor that suits your affordability. In general, if you choose a shorter period, the EMI amount will be higher, but the overall cost of a loan shall be lower. Conversely, you may opt for a more extended tenor if you want to keep EMI burden to a minimum. A home loan EMI calculator might come in handy when choosing which tenor will be ideal for you.


If you are a first-time homeowner, you may be eligible for the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Under this initiative, you can avail a home loan at a subsidised interest rate, further reducing your interest burden.

Top-up loan

Certain financial institutions provide a top-up loan facility over and above the existing credit you avail. You can utilise this option to mitigate ancillary costs associated with being a new homeowner, like furnishing expenses. One of the things you need to know about a top-up loan is it does not involve any additional documentation.

Alongside these features, you can also utilise facilities like part prepayment and foreclosure. Nevertheless, when you apply for a home loan, be thorough about your repayment planning to ensure efficient handling.


What are the Latest FD Rates of Various Indian Banks?

The current economic scenario has confused the investors about the instruments that they must choose to keep growing their savings at a high rate. The safest alternative would be to go for low-risk investments like fixed deposits. Fixed deposits also provide better interest rates than most of the other low-risk investments.

However, before investing your money in a fixed deposit, you must compare the latest FD rates offered by various banks and NBFCs. If you are planning for short term investments then it is better to go for company FDs instead of investing in mutual funds, stock market, and other market-linked options.

Company FDs are ideal even for long term investments as they not only provide high-interest rates but also provide flexibility in terms of tenor selection and various other features.

With high-interest rates, you can deposit your savings in cumulative FDs of longer tenor and reinvest the returns. This will assist you in meeting your wealth creation goals and you will also be able to hedge your portfolio against the risks of market-linked instruments.

Also, the company FDs have not seen a noticeable drop in interest rates as compared to bank FDs. Let’s say you have Rs. 2,00,000 and want to invest it for 5 years. If you choose a bank FD, the maximum interest rate offered to you will be somewhere around 5.5 to 5.6%.

However, if you invest in company FD of let’s say Bajaj Finance, you will get higher Fixed deposit rates in India up to 7.35%. To see what impact this difference of interest rate can have on returns, please check the below table:

Fixed deposit Interest rate                         Amount                         Tenor Interest Amount Maturity Value
Bank FD                         5.6%                         2,00,000                         5 years Rs. 64,112 Rs. 2,64,112
Bajaj Finance FD                         7.35%                         2,00,000                         5 years Rs. 85,128 Rs. 2,85,128

You can see that your investment can grow by a little more than 32% in 5 years when you deposit in a bank FD but with the same amount and tenor, your ROI can increase by well over 42% in 5 years when you invest in a Bajaj Finance FD.

However, you must also analyze these things before investing in a company FD:

Safety ratings

Corporate FDs are high-paying. However, you must also check the safety ratings of the FD that you are investing in. For instance, your invested amount is safe with Bajaj Finance FD as it has received high ratings from ICRA and CRISIL.

Online procedure

Most investors prefer the online mode of investment these days. Therefore, you can fill an FD online form without stepping outside. With Bajaj Finance, you also get an additional 0.10% rate upon using the online option for investing in FDs. You can even use their FD calculator online to calculate the returns offered by various FD plans.

Loan against FD

Withdrawing an FD prematurely due to financial crisis or any other reason might result in reduction in interest-earning as banks and NBFCs tend to charge a penalty for the same.  However, if the financier you are investing with is also offering a loan against FD then you need not break an FD.

Among the risk-free instruments, FD is one of the better alternatives for those who want to grow their savings steadily. The bank fixed deposit rates in India have been reduced due to the changing economic conditions and RBI’s policies. However, corporate FDs are still offering a better interest rate. Before investing in a corporate FD, you must also check its other features and safety ratings. Therefore, you can invest in company FDs like Bajaj Finance that not only offer FD rates up to 7.35% but are also highly rated for ensuring the safety of your investment.

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How to Use an FD Amount Calculator: All You Need to Know

Investments are like a long-term commitment – much like raising a child or planting a tree. You can only reap the rewards of your hard work after some years. While stock market returns are hardly predictable, fixed income instruments like fixed deposits have a predetermined interest rate which can be used in an FD amount calculator. Calculating your maturities on FDs is the first step to know the exact returns and match it with your goals in future.

Investor Tools

Investors generally are quick to dismiss interest rates without considering the effect of compounding and tenor on the returns from FD. With the use of an online FD calculator, one can check the interest rate he will earn for the specified period of time to know the exact time and even returns on investment which can be then compared to returns from other investment options.

While banks offer FD calculators, you can only determine the exact interest as applicable to you as they do not allow you to change the interest rates manually. Also, compared to bank interest rates, company FDs are currently fetching interest rates of 1-2% higher. Speaking of the reliable and credible company FDs, Bajaj Finance is one of the top rated NBFCs offering rates of 7.35% for senior citizens for five years. Your FDs enjoy a high security because of FAAA rating from CRISIL and MAAA rating from ICRA.

Using the FD Calculator

Bajaj Finance offers a free FD calculator to ascertain the interest one will earn for the specific maturity period. It offers an easy user-interface that can be set accordance to the various parameters as preferred by the investor.

Steps to use FD calculator:

  • Select the customer category to which you belong, whether a new customer, existing or senior citizen. This category decides the rate of interest that is to be offered. You can earn up to 7.35% rate of interest as a senior citizen which is 0.25% extra on the normal rate of interest. Senior citizen fixed deposit scheme from Bajaj Finance offers higher interest rate as compared to regular FD rates. Those undergoing renewal of existing FDs are offered with a bonus of 0.10% extra. If you make an FD investment via online application process, you can earn an additional 0.10%.
  • Choose between the cumulative and non-cumulative options and ascertain the way you want payout of interest.
  • Enter the desired amount you wish to invest; with Bajaj Finance you can open FD with a lump sum of Rs. 25,000.
  • Then you need to specify the maturity period which usually ranges from 12 months to 60 months.

Apart from this you can change variables of the parameters to gain insight into calculation of rate of interest.

Example: Calculating Returns with Online FD Calculator

If you were to check the returns on a lump sum and also use the FD monthly payout calculator, to know the various payouts, you will receive the following results:

Assuming you wish to invest Rs. 20 lakhs (online investment mode) for a period of five years. You will be eligible to receive 7.2% p.a. The lump sum interest earned will be Rs. 8,31,418 and the total maturity amount will be Rs. 28,31,418.

If you wish to go for periodic payouts, the calculator will provide these details –

Period Interest Interest Payout (Rs.)
Monthly 6.97% 11,617
Quarterly 7.01% 35,050
Half yearly 7.08% 70,800
Yearly 7.20% 1,44,000

Investing in Bajaj Finance FD can help you earn one of the highest FD interest rates up to 7.35%. Compound interest formula is used in the calculation of FD interest rates. It can be tedious to calculate your return on investment when you invest in a fixed deposit. Using an FD amount calculator can save you a lot of effort. Fixed deposit interest rate calculator also helps you in choosing the scheme for your fixed deposit plan. To choose the right investment plan for you, you can adjust the values of the variables such as the investment amount, tenure of investment, and frequency of periodic interest payouts.

Author Bio:

Gaurav Khanna is an experienced financial advisor, digital marketer, and writer who is well known for his ability to predict market trends.


How to Save Money when Moving Home? Some Smart Tips

When you move home, you need to be as prepared as a first time home buyer. New home demands unshakable attention on every aspect. All the formalities that were followed at the time of buying the current home need to be followed. From finding the best options to taking a mortgage, everything needs to come under consideration.

Following are the crucial points that come under consideration when you move home.

Do in-depth research

To move to a new place, you need a new home, and for that, you need research skills to find the right kind of property. Explore the extreme depth of the market to find out and filter the most promising one. Local agents are your guide to help you detect the right property. Make all the necessary visits on the sites (not during the corona lockdown), as physical appearance always give better clarification on reality.

Negotiate on the price and finalise a property

After all, this is why you invest intense efforts in research. Price is always a prime factor and decisive. You need to check that the cost part is in the harmony of your budget or not.

  • First, finalise several properties
  • Talk to the seller on the price and express your expectations
  • Try to attain common ground on the price part
  • Make your loan agent play its role
  • After all the mind-boggling finalise a property that feeds to all your concerns

Time to get a mortgage – Hire a fee-free broker

Congratulations, you have a home to work on. Now, the need is to get a financial back-up for your big purchase and as the lending market can be complicated, hire a broker. Many fee-free brokers in the market can help you detect the right deal. 

You can contact to the popular online mortgage broker, Shine Mortgages, that is 100% fee free in its services. This broker can also get you the rate lock letter from the lender. The broking company is always helpful if you want to take a new mortgage from a new lender on the new home.

A broker can bargain for you on the interest rates and can help to save a considerable bunch of pennies. As a result, your monthly instalments remain small.

To get a good deal, you need to have –

  • Satisfactory credit score performance
  • Debt-to-income ratio not less than 60:40
  • Regular income
  • Employment stability proof
  • Name in the electoral roll

Payless on stamp duty

There can be several ways to pay less stamp duty. If you know about them, you can plan your property buying accordingly. Spending less on the stamp duty can save a considerable amount.

  • Buy a property near forest area – When you buy a property near woodland, and the forest land is part of the property transaction, you can save money. The logic is that the home buyer can argue on the fact that the property is a mix-use property. The surcharge, in that case, will not apply.
  • Ask for a refund – If you are selling your current home within three years, the rule says that you can apply for a refund on stamp duty.

The above two methods usually work and you can have a significant relief on the stamp duty charges.  Smarter you act, better you save.

Why to Pay For Boxes When Moving Home?

Obviously, for moving home, you need the services of packers and movers. But there also you have to find ways to save money. The one most important factor in that does not pay for the boxes in which your stuff gets packed.

  • Either find a moving company that takes no charge for the boxes
  • OR if the company takes back its boxed after the moving home, you can ask not to charge. After all, you are not keeping the boxes.

Due to the competition, most of the movers and packers take no charge of the boxed. You need to do a bit of research on that part to find such one company.

Other best tips to save money.

Now when the prime steps are done, here are a few more tips to save money that can be extremely useful for you. Have a look at some other promising methods.

Some additional tips are:

    • Cut your expenses.
    • Move-in the winter, the middle of the week, or the middle of the month.
    • Purchase a digital services bundle (phone, internet and cable) all in one.
    • Try to get a discount from movers and packers company
    • Do not miss your office to invite salary deduction

Get creative and invent your methods.


You need to be cautious on every front to make sure that your move is smooth and not very expensive. Research, property selection, price bargain, mortgage, saving while moving the stuff, every step needs to tailored to save money. Big decisions have a rare second chance, and thus there is almost no chance to make mistakes.


Short Term vs Long Term Personal Loan: Which is Best for You?

Personal loans are the most reliable and readily available credit tools to mitigate immediate financial crunches. As this credit tool is unsecured, these loans rely only on the credit scores and require minimal documentation. With the flexibility of tenure and benefits of personal loans, a common question raised is: “Which would be a viable choice: Long-term personal loans or short term.” Although the solution to this relies on the loan requirement of the borrower, the below drafted comprehensive guide would help every borrower make an informed decision.

Before we delve into the pointers listing the benefits and differences of each type, let’s first grasp the basic understanding of personal loans.

Personal loans: A glance

With minimal personal loan documents and no collateral submission, personal loans are the most accessible credit options for all regardless of self-employed or salaried applicants. Being unsecured, lenders use stringent criteria for loan qualification. Most lenders rely on the credit scores by CIBIL to determine the eligibility of the applicant. Listed below are the eligibility criteria for Fullerton India, although applicants should note that the requirements vary from lender to lender.

Parameters Salaried Self-employed
Credit score 750 or above 750 or above
Age limits 21-60 21- 60
ITR Required while submitting documents Should have filed income tax returns for the previous 2 or 3 years.
Income A minimum monthly income of Rs 25,000 for applicants from Delhi or Mumbai and Rs 20,000 for other applicants. A minimum profitable income after-tax – this should a viable amount in the corresponding industry
Work Experience One year One year

Applicants can further verify the probability of loan approval using eligibility calculators provided on the lender website. The personal loan interest rate calculator also helps applicants determine a lender convergent with their needs.

Short – term loans or long-term loans?

The personal loan options provided by lenders are highly flexible with the applicant’s needs. Applicants can avail the loan amount as per their financial necessity and choose a repayment period based on their financial capacity. The tenure for repayment for personal loans ranges from 12 months to 60 months. In regards to the tenure, both short term and long-term loans have their share of pros and cons. Thus, a decision among the two solely depends on the need and financial capacity of the applicant.

Here are some pointers differentiating the two options.

Pros of Long-term Personal Loans

Long-term loans are sanctioned for a tenure above 12 months and less than five years. With a more extended period of repayment comes added benefits, they are:

  • Long-term loans build your credit score

Your credit score is the reflection of your financial health. By opting for long-term loans, applicants can make their credit scores through consistent repayment.

  • Applicants receive better interest rates

While sanctioning a long-term loan, applicants scrutinise the financial profile of the applicant. With a healthy profile possession, applicants receive personal loans at better interest rates.

  • Reduced EMIs

Since the repayment period is more extended, the EMI to be repaid becomes affordable for applicants.

Pros of short-term loans

In short term personal loan sanctioned for a period not exceeding 12 months. The benefits of availing short-term loans include:

  • Short-term loans can be availed immediately

Since the short term is less risky from a lender’s perspective, these loans are sanctioned with no collateral submission and delay.

  • Accessibility

With digitisation and omnipresent smartphones, it is easier to get short-term loans from the chosen lender.

  • Margin of approval

Since these loans are considered as low-risk tools from a lender perspective, short-term loans are approved at a higher margin than short-term loans.

Thus surmising,

Parameters Short-term loans Long-term loans
Interest rates Higher interest rates due to shorter tenure Lower interest rates
Tenure Not exceeding 12 months Tenure ranges between 12 months to 5 years
Approval margin Higher, since lenders consider this credit tool is less risky Comparatively lower, since lenders scrutinize the financial profile of the applicant before approval
Credit Score 750 or above required.

Applicants with lower credit score can also obtain this loan as the loan amount is small

750 or above required. Applications with lower credit score might be rejected
EMI Higher Lower

Final thoughts

Personal loans are often saviours when a rough tide of financial crises pulls you down. However, deciding between short term and long term personal loans are dependent on the necessity and repayment tenure required by the applicant. Maintaining a good credit history helps applicants settle for loans with affordable rates.