Manage Your Credit Cards and Monitor Your Credit Score with Apps

Credit Card Score

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to manage your money and make sure your credit doesn’t suffer? I know I have. Sometimes it feels like all I do is worry about my finance. But it is possible to take control of your finances, though it does take a bit of work. Finding some great apps to help me manage my money has been a lifesaver.

After digging a bit deeper into the apps I found, I decided to do something a bit different than just reviewing the apps. I thought I would just break it down in a way that is super easy to understand. So what you will find here are some apps that are great for credit card management and apps that great for monitoring credit score. Both important to the health of my bank account and hopefully yours.

Since I have 2 credit cards, Capital One and Bank of America, I am highlighting these 2 apps for credit card management.

Manage Your Credit Cards Online

First, let’s look at Capital One. At one time I had bad credit, and Capital One was where I went to get a credit card. One of the reasons I did this is because I found out it has solid app ratings for customer support, it also comes with the ability to look at balances from my credit card, anytime I want. It was fairly easy to apply for my card, and though I started out with a small credit limit (about $300.00) I was able to increase that limit by paying down the amount due every month.  

I’d like to address that you won’t be able to start using the app right away. What’s likely security reasons, you will have to go through some steps before logging in every time. But, you will usually just have to answer some challenge questions which you will have picked ahead of time. Honestly, this did make me sigh from time to time, but on the other hand, you will have peace of mind knowing everything is safe.

Bank of America is my second credit card and their banking app is simple. Similar to the previous one, you can do just about anything you need to do with your credit card online. Unlike with the previous one, you can even log in with fingerprint ID, although I skipped that one. Any fingerprint lock doesn’t feel secure enough to me, but that’s up to you. But the thing I like about this app is you can set up travel alerts to notify the bank of your next trip, all at the touch of a button. What I found out is this is great to make the planned trip actually happen as it’s easier to organize the financial aspect.

You should know that BofA provides a virtual assistant named Erica, accessible through a floating button on the app. Because of the design, sometimes the floating button can get in your way. However, they did make an update of the app that allows you to move and even remove the Erica button if you don’t want to use it.

Stay on Top of Your Credit Score – Anytime

Here, I’m acknowledging I’ll be a bit biased. I love Credit Karma, I’ve just been using it for quite some time so let me share my experience. The number one feature I like is the simple notifications when anything changes in my credit score and I get recommendations on how to save money and improve. The suggestions can be helpful, but I like the most how they aren’t intrusive. I feel like I’m actually getting some helpful advice. Also, notifications serve as a second line of security because if the app detects unusual actions, it notifies you right away.

One thing you should know about Credit Karma, is you will not get data on your credit score from Equifax, which is a bummer, at least for me. Equifax is a credit reporting agency that provides credit scores based on their own data. However, I would also like to note that Credit Karma provides accurate scores with additional information that is helpful similar to finance tips.

Credit Sesame is another app that is great for monitoring credit I’d like to provide as an alternative. It has a simple and easy to use interface and you can search for business credit cards and best cash back credit cards according to your credit score. It’s a decent app if you’re on the lookout for a new card, but there are some quirks I don’t like.

For example, you will find ads on Credit Sesame, but if nothing else, I noticed most of them are about credit cards. Plus, the site gives lots of helpful data and easily combines accounts so you get an overview of your credit situation. Overall, not bad for a free app.


These are my top credit card apps and I hope you’ll find one for you as well. Just in case you don’t like any of them, here’s a list I found and used to find some of the tested apps. I like how they offer a nice list to make it easy to pick the right app for you, so check it out.

Top 10 Apps for Credit Card Managing

It is really helpful to have apps to help me with not only monitoring my credit but easily accessing all of my current credit card information with an app. I don’t really have to worry about identity theft or finding out there is a big decrease in my credit score…weeks later as the information is updated always in real-time. So good luck and I hope your financial life will improve if you decide using some of the apps. Good luck!



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