IGCSE vs CBSE – Which is Best for Your Child?

Your today’s decision can change the future of your child. Selecting the syllabus for education is one such thing that has a widespread impact on the child’s overall development. Nourishing the student with the right knowledge at every step of life is essential to prepare them to recognize their inner talent and finding their objective. […]

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Three Primary Reasons Why Our Education System Needs To Change

Three Primary Reasons Why Our Education System Needs to Change

According to the Global Education Monitoring Report by UNESCO, education needs a major transformation to meet and tackle the potential challenges facing the planet and humanity. Over 1 billion children from all over the world head to class on any given school day. But, the fact is being in school isn’t the same as learning. […]

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How to Crack Campus Recruitment

How to Crack Campus Recruitment? Here are 5 Steps to Get on Track!

Campus placements are the biggest and ultimate event of a student’s graduate life. The sole aim of undergoing any graduate degree is to land into a decent job. It is a common thing to observe students selecting a college based on past placement record. However, choosing the best college only will not suffice and to […]

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Education App

How does the Education App is Connected with Future Technology?

Education is a tool to enhance a person to do their work with every technical aspect. The technical aspects of the educational app must be well known to the reader. Due to the increase of internet users, most of the enthusiastic person looks out for the source to gather information and apply for their practical […]

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