Things to Remember Before Putting Your Kids to Online Classes

Online Classes

As the epidemic has engulfed the whole world, schools have been shifted to homes through online methods. Most of us are very well acquainted with traditional classes conducted in schools, and online classes can be a bit difficult and challenging for children. So parents and guardians need to take care of any difficulties their children face during online classes.

If your child is preparing for the finals of CBSE class 8, you need to take extra care. The forthcoming step for your child’s education is quite integral as they will be preparing themselves for the first board examinations of their life. If your child is in CBSE class 7, you can check out the syllabus for the next class here: for preparation.

In this article, we will be discussing things that you need to remember before you assign your children to online classes. Please continue reading to learn more about it.

Things to Remember Before Engaging Kids in Online Classes

As India is going through the third wave of the pandemic, most schools have decided not to reopen and instead carry on with the online mode. As things are unpredictable, you must consider that online courses will continue to be a part of the curriculum of CBSE class 8 and others. As this is considerably new, you should remember certain things before engaging them in online classes.

Studies say that parents tend to play the role of a teacher during online courses. It can have a great impact on your child’s academic achievement. We have collated some tips for you that will help your child adapt to the procedure of learning from home.

●     Time Management

Online learning applications provide the flexibility to learn during any day. So it might be a tendency for children to postpone their learning schedules. But things, if learnt at the right time, will fetch you better results. Encourage your child to have fixed timing for education and entertainment.

●     Lessen Distractions

According to global reports, it is found that children spend most of their time fidgeting with laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is the most significant reason their grades degrade, thereby delivering poor results. It is seen that the engagement with these electronic gadgets is mostly for non-educational purposes.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to check your children’s screen time as they are preparing for the CBSE class 8 finals so that you can significantly cut them off. Look out for a peaceful environment where your child can study with great concentration. This way, you can reduce distractions and make it a study-friendly environment.

●     Bestow Positive Feedbacks

Making your child engaged with the online classes is truly essential. You can use certain rewarding techniques to motivate your child to learn more through online courses. You can also provide additional rewards when they complete a course. This way, your child will have the motivation to attend online classes.

●     Encourage Breaks

As CBSE class 8 is almost a step nearer to the most critical examination of a student’s life, attending online classes with great concentration is necessary. However, prolonged screen time might be hazardous for your child, thereby bringing in concentration breaks. Ensure to encourage them to take a break after every one to two hours.

To Conclude

Every child is different from the rest, and you must figure out what suits best for your child. While your child is preparing for the finals of CBSE class 8, you need to encourage them to remain focused and learn their course. With Extramarks, your child will surely learn the best things and have more confidence within themselves.



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