top Tech companies

Top Tech companies in the world

Technology is nothing but how a person wants his/her future needs to be fulfilled by modifying the current scenario. It’s a process in which scientific and practical knowledge is used simultaneously to make a product that makes life simpler to live. Tech world is a multimillion-dollar business and multinational company. The money always keeps flowing…

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media losing credibility

Has Media Lost It’s credibility?

One of the most powerful entities on earth, ‘Media’ has the power to make an innocent feel guilty and the guilty gain power over the victim and lose the title of being the accused. Media in the year 2019 of the 21st century has the neck grabbing; dogmatic capability to create news and sensationalise the…

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best Xiaomi headphones

Top 5 Best Xiaomi Headphones

Over the years, Xiaomi has been able to gain user confidence and find its niche in the global market. The products of the Chinese manufacturer primarily attracts people at affordable prices. At the same time, as noted by experts, the performance does not suffer. For the manufacture of modern materials are always used, and the…

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