How to Apply for USA Jobs in 2021?

In a period set apart by quick advances in computerization and man-made consciousness, new exploration surveys the positions lost and positions acquired under various situations through 2030.

The innovation driven world in which we live is a world loaded up with guarantee yet in addition challenges. Vehicles that drive themselves, machines that read X-beams, and calculations that react to client care requests are generally signs of amazing new types of mechanization. However even as these advances increment usefulness and work on our lives, their utilization will fill in for some work exercises people at present play out—an improvement that has started a lot of public concern.

Expanding on our January 2017 report on robotization, McKinsey Global Institute’s most recent report, USA Jobs 2021 lost, positions acquired: Workforce changes in a period of mechanization, surveys the number and kinds of occupations that may be made under various situations through 2030 and analyzes that to the positions that could be lost to computerization.

The outcomes uncover a rich mosaic of likely changes in occupations in the years ahead, with significant ramifications for labor force abilities and wages. Our key finding is that while there might be sufficient work to keep up with full work to 2030 under most situations, the changes will be exceptionally difficult—coordinating or in any event, surpassing the size of movements out of agribusiness and assembling we have found previously.

What effect will computerization have on work?

We recently tracked down that with regards to a large portion of the exercises individuals are paid to do worldwide could hypothetically be computerized utilizing right now exhibited advancements. Not very many occupations—under 5%—comprise of exercises that can be completely mechanized.

Nonetheless, in around 60% of occupations, something like 33% of the constituent exercises could be computerized, suggesting considerable work environment changes and changes for all specialists.

While specialized practicality of robotization is significant, it isn’t the main factor that will impact the speed and degree of mechanization reception. Different components incorporate the expense of creating and sending robotization answers for explicit utilizations in the work environment, do Summer internships 2021 before getting jobs in the work market elements (counting quality and amount of work and related wages), the advantages of computerization past work replacement, and administrative and social acknowledgment.

Considering these variables, our new examination gauges that between just about nothing and 30 percent of the hours worked internationally could be mechanized by 2030, contingent upon the speed of reception. We fundamentally utilize the midpoint of our situation range, which is mechanization of 15% of current exercises. Results contrast essentially by country, mirroring the blend of exercises right now performed by laborers and winning compensation rates.

The possible effect of computerization on work differs by occupation and area (see intelligent above). Exercises generally defenseless to computerization remember actual ones for unsurprising conditions, like working apparatus and getting ready cheap food. Gathering and handling information are two different classifications of exercises that undeniably should be possible better and quicker with machines. This could uproot a lot of work—for example, in contract start, paralegal work, bookkeeping, and administrative center exchange handling.

Note, in any case, that in any event, when a few undertakings are mechanized, work in those occupations may not decrease yet rather laborers might perform new errands. Robotization will lesserly affect occupations that include overseeing individuals, applying ability, and social associations, where machines can’t coordinate with human execution until further notice.

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Top 10 VPS Hosting Companies in India of 2021

While signing up for the hosting service, most people having this question in mind – Which host is the best? To overcome this question, we list down the Top 10 VPS Hosting Companies in India of 2021. Let’s begin!

Top 10 VPS Hosting Companies in India For Your Business

#1 NetForChoice – Top VPS Hosting provider

NetForChoice is a renowned VPS Hosting company in India whose data center is located globally. It offers ultimate VPS hosting packages to every business segment with guaranteed 99.995 % Uptime and low latency. SO, your business will never get offline. All the servers can deploy in seconds. The NetForChoice VPS Server is customizable and compatible with CentOS, Windows, Ubuntu, BSD, and Linux. You can easily customize the server as per your business requirement at a meager price.

In addition, all the VPS server comes with the scalability feature to allow you computer resources flexibility with 24/7 support assistance.

#2 Scala Hosting

Unlike NetForChoice, Scala Hosting is a small company with a strong vision. Due to this, it holds the second position in the list of top 10 VPS hosting companies in India. Scala hosting creates its path that makes them able to build their control panel named as SPanel. It is a full-featured and versatile solution that makes the VPS hosting management so facile. You are allowed to choose the pre-configured VPS plan or create your custom one as per your IT needs. Regardless of the company size, the Scala hosting offers a unique support system.

#3 Liquid Web

Indeed, Liquid Web VPS Hosting is not great for beginners. Although, if you are looking for monthly billing and an environment of extensive features, then Liquid Web Hosting works for you. The company advertises 24/7/365 technical assistance. Their starter pack comprises 2 CPU Cores, 2 GB RAM, and 40 GB SSD Storage with a higher bandwidth cap.

#4 A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another good option for affordable VPS hosting. To minimize the latency issue, they have four data centers located in – Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Moreover, they offer great speed with their hosting service. From free SSD to paid Turbo feature sole aim is to make your web projects lightning fast.

The thing that makes A2 hosting great is, you can choose from Unmanaged, Managed, and Core VPS services.

#5 Media Temple

Media Temple started its journey in 1998 as Intergress Technologies and solely worked in the B2B internet services. The hosting giant GoDaddy acquired Media Temple in 2013. The one thing that Media Temple always top is its versatility. They offer six different VPS hosting packages with excellent support assistance.

#6 Fast Comet

Fast Comet VPS hosting is an utter combination of fast servers, well-equipped feature-rich accounts, dedicated support. Due to which it makes one of the places in the top 10 VPS hosting companies in India. The only disadvantage of Fast Comet is the cost. Thus, it is not great for startups or beginners.

#7 Digital Ocean

If you go through the DigitalOcean website, you will find out that it deals in a niche-specific set of services and does not cater to huge audiences. If you know about servers, then DigitalOcean VPS Servers are great for you in terms of cost & customization. However, if you utterly rely on host support, it would be beneficial to look for other options.

#8 Hostwinds

You can get both types of VPS Hosting from Hostwinds – Linux & Windows along with the benefit of scalability. For example, you can upgrade your server up to 96 GB RAM, which might be a huge bar for other providers. In addition, get the benefit of SSD Storage, free website transfer, and advanced firewall protection.

#9 Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting offers versatile and flexible VPS hosting packages to each segment of industries at a reasonable price. In addition, they have special packages for e-commerce website users. However, their support is not much impressive.

#10 Hostinger

The last on the list is Hostinger; it is excellent for low-traffic workloads with a small hosting budget. You can get a much better idea with Hostinger about how VPS works. AS well as, there is a guaranteed money-back offer if you don’t like the hosting.

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Top Tech companies in the world

Technology is nothing but how a person wants his/her future needs to be fulfilled by modifying the current scenario. It’s a process in which scientific and practical knowledge is used simultaneously to make a product that makes life simpler to live. Tech world is a multimillion-dollar business and multinational company.

The money always keeps flowing in and out. The students are so attracted to technology that most of them pursue a degree in technology, and for placements, there are many companies that provide huge amounts of salary packages. The top 20 tech companies in the world, starting with the famous Apple Company based in California, is a giant player in the space of technology, followed by Microsoft, which has made immense growth from past few years and is headed by Satya Nadella.


Many of us always come across the famous question of whether Apple is better or Microsoft. To be honest, it’s quite a difficult question to answer, but Microsoft is in the long run now. The 3rd largest tech company is Google. It is the most familiar and savior company known by almost every person on this planet because of the Google search engine. Google also owns many subsidiary companies such as YouTube, Fitbit, Android, etc. It is headed by the famous IITian Sundar Pichai, who also owns the parent organization Alphabet Inc.And you can always learn more about this company by going to this site. It’ll help you learn new business strategies and brush your facts.


China has also been emerging in the tech race, having the 4th largest tech company called Tencent. It is a Chinese multinational technology company that serves products of entertainment, Artificial intelligence, and other technologies. The popular PUBG (Players unknown battleground) game is developed and marketed by Tencent.

International Business Machines Corporation

Now coming on to the company that makes us connect to each other on a social level, i.e., Facebook connecting friends and family. It has the largest network of people who happen to connect with known and unknown as well. It also owns subsidiary companies such as Whatsapp and Instagram. The next big company is IBM, i.e., International Business Machines Corporation, a computer hardware company that operates across 170 countries. The main competitors of this company are Accenture and Wipro technologies.

System Applications Products

SAP is a German multinational software company and is especially known for its ERP software. SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is the number one cloud software company.  Facebook being the 5th largest tech company, has its subsidiary company Instagram in 8th position with respect to brand value, experiencing faster growth in the upcoming generation and the millennials. It is an American photo and video sharing app connecting all kinds of people across the world and also helps them to generate revenue for their personal growth and desires.


Accenture is an American Irish fortune 500 global company. Has many employees working in India, America, and the Philippines. The Koreans are also not behind in the race, and they have the Samsung group in South Korea started as a trading company and now emerging as a technology used by millions of people.

Other companies

Then there are many fortune 500 companies in the top leagues such as Oracle, Adobe, Dell technologies, HP Inc., Intel, Paypal, Mi, etc.  Indian top 10 Tech companies include Tata consultancy services, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, L&T, Capgemini, etc. The technology companies almost generate 40% revenue alone in the market. Due to tech companies expanding, growing, and research, the employment rate also increases, which decreases the unemployment rate in the country.


Demand and supply of  IT industries are so high that the whole world is working its brain out to attain a high level of success and revenue in this field. On the other hand, it’s the best way for any country to develop and rise so that the world becomes a better place to live. In conclusion, it can be said that the past, present, and future has been and will be affected by the tech industries more in positive aspects and hopefully less in negative aspects.


5 Reasons to Read Newspaper with Your Kids Every Day

Every parent tries to find relevant, meaningful, tangible ways to make their kids start learning and reading every day. In the modern world there are innumerable ways to do so and the one which is the most crucial out of the rest is reading newspapers. One important tool which can be fun and learning for kids is reading newspapers. It can help children learn and grow each and every day. Not only reading newspapers can help the children start living educated and informed but living informed can also help them stay ahead of the others of the same age. Children must have the knowledge of the today’s latest national news in English in order to stay updated and ahead.

If you are still not convinced then we have the Top 5 reasons to read the newspaper with your kids everyday

Kids need real-time, relevant reading for better understanding and learning

Once your children get habitual to reading the latest news headlines every day they would want to know the story of the same news continuously every day. Reading everyday will help to improve concentration, thinking abilities and also the general knowledge.

Only thing that parents need to make sure about is that kids are reading news that is age-appropriate. Make your kids read articles or some paragraphs from the kids section from the newspaper. Make sure that the content that you want your kids to read must be of high interest. Initially when your child is not habitual to reading content then you must choose the article for your kid.

Kids need the non-fiction experience to become creative and gain analytic skills

Children must be introduced to a variety of genres. It is during the initial stages of life that the thinking and the creativity of the kids take wings. With newspapers, magazines children get a repertoire of reading and that would mix things up for the kids.

Reading will give wings to your child’s imagination

Brush and train them while they are still young. Reading to a lot of new things will help to give wings to the thinking process of your children. Let their mind soar sky high!

Better understanding of things

When children are made to read news everyday then they are put in front of the real life situations and that makes them understand things better and become more informed and like this they get the better understanding of the things.

Good general knowledge

By reading newspapers daily a child will gain a good knowledge of the current and the latest happenings around the world. It is always good to be good at current affairs!

Inculcate the habit of reading in your child in the following ways

Gift your child a book and not the complicated ones but the one in which there are a lot of fairytales. Understand the area of interest of your child so that you are able to give your child with the books and knowledge that interests him or her most.

Sit beside your child during the reading times because when your child is reading and if in between your kid is not able to understand anything then what will happen is that

Just show a bit of love and lot of patience and let your child would help you to become a new learner and catch up with the latest happenings

If you are still not convinced why a child must read then we have a few pointers for you:

  • Reading expands the vocabulary of children
  • Reading helps build self-confidence and independence
  • It helps increase knowledge
  • You gain facts on new places, cities, countries and science
  • Help your child become smarter and better in every aspect!
  • Books will help broaden your outlook

Make your little ones become young leaders as if you successfully inculcate the habit of reading in your loved ones only then they will be able to access the information easily and quickly. It will help build their comprehension skills.


Has Media Lost It’s credibility?

One of the most powerful entities on earth, ‘Media’ has the power to make an innocent feel guilty and the guilty gain power over the victim and lose the title of being the accused.

Media in the year 2019 of the 21st century has the neck grabbing; dogmatic capability to create news and sensationalise the irrelevant and nonsensical issues. Some news gets the unwanted attention and hype without even deserving. In the democracy today media is of the utmost importance, media can mould thoughts and help build opinions of the people. You must take a look back in the olden times when there was feudal oppression which has led to media and now that it has become the 4th pillar of the state.

Long time back when there was colonial rule voice was raised against feudalism and despotism. When the media and the government unite to win the elections and form governments. If the media is biased then who should the people trust? Now the political rivalries and communalism is being promoted and sensationalism is being sold by the government who is busy making the false promises.

There is a thin line of difference between facts and opinions, now in news you do not simply make judgements on the basis of the opinions as it must be totally reality based or on the basis of the facts.

Media believes that the journalists are the watchdogs of the society but they have now started behaving as simply dogs that have been tamed by the rich and the powerful. It feels like as if there are colonies formed and the media rules over them.

Nowadays a new practice in journalism has taken over which is deteriorating the quality of content of the news. The current scenario in journalism is that now yellow journalism is being practiced to a great extent. What is yellow journalism to begin with? It is a kind of journalism that is never close to the real news or the facts. It on purpose uses the shocking headlines just to grab the much required attention of the people. It results in grabbing the attention of the people and it helps the media brand name to become more popular and produce more sales. It gives away the exaggerating facts and spreading unnecessary rumours. Although it does bring a huge traffic to the websites and makes brings the news in the trending column but the educated people the responsible citizens of the society who want valuable and informative news lose their interest and trust from these kinds of people or the media channels who do so.

Media has lost its credibility as there are many who have started calling themselves as journalists, there are many freelancers that consider themselves as the journalists and end up putting any misleading news out on the internet. They simply want to boost their online business and get more and more news, put up any news that bring more and more people together, never focusing on the quality but just the quantity of the content.

Earlier, where news was simply available through the medium of print nowadays, the case is totally various mediums for the same news. Some important news which needs the attention of the people is pushed back by the nonsensical news. The unwanted news take the space in the columns, section of the website and the newspaper marked as Latest National English News Headlines or Today’s latest national news!

In the section of the news website that states Today’s latest national news must stand true to its words and not just tell news of a wardrobe malfunction of a TV actress.

How can media gain back its reliability and win back confidence in people?

It is not an overnight task it will take a considerable amount of time for media to gain back its trust in people. We as the consumers and of news and information must make sure that we do not pay attention to such not so resourceful news. Somewhere we are responsible for the kind of news that is being produced.

Bollywood Entertainment News

Trending News Today: Both Bollywood And Hollywood Celebrities Trying Viral The Bottle Cap Challenge.

A few days ago a new challenge made it’s a way to the viral news. When one of the best action hero Jason Statham, shared a video opening bottle cap with his kick.

The entire internet started to talk about it and after being shared a few times it becomes the trending news. Everyone on the internet trying it, posting their failed and successful attempts to do what Jason did in his video.

But what’s the name of this challenge and what’s in it?

Recently Jason Statham posted a video on Twitter in which he opens the bottle cap with his back kick. Because of it, the challenge is going viral with the #Bottlecapchallenge (the bottle cap challenge).

Trying to get engaged with their fan’s on social media,  not just fans but other Hollywood and Bollywood stars are also taking up on this challenge. These are some famous celebrities trying the bottle cap challenge.

Tiger Shroff

Gitting some of the most appraise from its fans and other social media users. Tiger Shroff’s version of this challenge has become a trending news today. The reason was simple, his version of the bottle cap challenge is a notch up. As Tiger Shroff is blindfolded in the video. He shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Wellll since everybody showing off… Inspired by the great @donnieyenofficial! Yo @beyounick is this good enough? Looking good ritesh sir #goodoldspideysense # @riteishd @thedinomorea #bottlecapchallenge.”

Kunal Kemmu

Although, the initial video of Jason Statham doing bottle cap challenge does seem very intense. But there is no shortage of both actors and their fan’s, who made this challenge a hilarious one. Kunal Kemmu is one of them. This Bollywood actor took the challenge, and instead of using his kick, he just opened the bottle cap with his hand. Just like we normally do. Giving it a hilarious twist, he captioned the video on twitter with, “#BottleCapChallenge #stayhydrated and thank god for opposable thumbs.” These funny failed attempts have become trending news in India.

Ryan Reynolds

Our favourite Deadpool from Hollywood also tried this challenge in his own way. In this version of the video Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, ended up kicking the bottle instead of its cap. This funny incident was not intended to happen. As this video was just a failed attempt to do the bottle cap challenge. The actor can be seen running away for cover after his miserable attempt.

Akshay Kumar

Talking about the action challenge, how can forget about MR. Khihali of Bollywood, the original Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. Although he was a little late but he also posted his video doing the same challenge on Wednesday. While encouraging his fans to follow the challenge, he shared his video on Twitter with caption, “I couldn’t resist #BottleCapChallenge Inspired by my action idol #JasonStatham, I will repost/retweet the Best I see, come on Guys and Girls get your Bottle out and your Legs in the Air, Let’s Do This #FitIndia #WednesdayMotivation.”

In Conclusion:

Every now and then the internet comes up with new challenges. Most of the time these challenges are silly and stupid. But it feels good to see some motivating challenge like this bottle cap challenge becoming trending news.

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7 Tips to Considered Before Opening a Restaurant

If opening a restaurant is your dream and you want to fulfill your dream but you are confused where to start from? Don’t worry you reached the right place. In this article we can share all necessary things that will help you to open your restaurant.

Many people think opening a restaurant is very difficult. No doubt, opening a restaurant can be difficult especially when many restaurants were already operating out of that place where you want to open a restaurant. If you start your restaurant with planning then nobody can stop you to go ahead and make your restaurant business a success. Here are 7 tips that you need to consider before opening a restaurant.

Set your goal

We all know that without a goal we can never imagine of any success because our goals always motivate us to go ahead. Therefore, if you are planning to open a restaurant then first you need to set your goal. Here the first important thing is which type of restaurant you want to open like fast food restaurant, fast casual restaurant, pop up restaurant and so many others. You need to know your target audience and place. After that you easily know what next step will be. Your goals should be simple and you should know when and how to do it.

Choose the right location that fits your concept

Choosing the right location that fits your concept is very essential. It is important for your restaurant’s success. For example if you want to open a fast food restaurant then you need to open a restaurant near a college because this is one place you will get many customers, since college going kids are the biggest patrons of fast food.  In addition if you want to open a restaurant in a specific area then you need to survey a few things like make how many restaurants are already operating in that area? Do people like to go to restaurants to eat? How much money they spend on restaurants? What cuisine they like to eat? What is the present demand of the people? These are some question that will help you to choose the right location.

Apart from this, the place where you decide to open your restaurant you need to choose a location where people can see and notice your restaurant easily. It needs to be approachable. If there is parking facility, then it is more beneficial for you. Therefore, if you are planning to open a restaurant then carefully choose your restaurant location as location plays an important role in the success of your restaurant business.

Hire a professional chef and staff

professional chef and staff

Professional chef’s plays an important to role to grow your restaurant business. An experienced chef knows very well how to satisfy the customer’s taste buds. People enjoy healthy and tasty food. If you provide healthy and tasty food to your customers then they will take good memories of your restaurant’s healthy food with them to their home. It is good for you because these memories always encourage them to come again to your restaurant along with their friends and family, and leave positive reviews for your restaurant online and through their mouth to their friends and family. Make sure you hire experience a chef although it might cost you more initially. It is true if you hire an experienced chef you need to pay big salary but don’t forget an experienced chef will help to enhance your business. Apart from this, you also need to select experienced and good mannered staff for the chef‘s help and also give the best services to your customers.

Choosing the right equipment for your restaurant

There is another important thing you need to consider before opening a restaurant. When you choose equipment for your restaurant then the first thing to consider for your restaurant is the size and design of the equipment, cutlery utensils and furniture. Always purchase your restaurant’s equipment from a trustworthy company like Restaurant Supply Store in Los Angeles since it is a well reputed company that provides high quality and branded equipment for your restaurant.

Marketing for your restaurant

Marketing for your restaurant

Marketing is one of the most important elements to increase your sales.  In others words, marketing is a powerful tool to promote your business. We know very well today that marketing has become more powerful. A lot of businesses are increasing their business via world class marketing strategies and spreading their business and reach all across the world. Therefore, if you want to start your restaurant then you cannot afford to ignore marketing for it. You can create your restaurant’s website to make your online presence in the area. You can also promote your business via social media marketing, hoardings, banners, pullouts, radio ads, TV ads and a lot of other media that have an impact and reach on your target audience. It is the best way to reach your customers and share your services with them.

Get the information about your competitor

Getting necessary information about your competitors is also an important part of the business especially when you are new in this field. Therefore, you need to know your competitor’s weakness and strengths. Definitely this step will help you to make your business plan better than your competitors.

Don’t hesitate to choose a price little high

Many people think that setting a low price is a good idea to increase the number of their customers and increase their profits. However, it is not true. People are always ready to pay a high amount for healthy, tasty, good presentation of food.

Starting a restaurant is not an easy task. If opening a restaurant is your dream and you want to fulfill your dream, you need some patience, dedication, planning and some time. It is possible, before starting you might come across some trouble but step by step with planning you will definitely reach your goal.

Author Bio

David Watson has been associated with action sales from the past couple of years; he provides different kinds Restaurant Equipment in Orange County. Apart from that David Watson also writes about various topics related to food, restaurant furniture and kitchen equipment.

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6 Reasons that Make India the Favorite KPO Destination of the World

At present, the knowledge process outsourcing services industry of India –

  • Prevail at a net worth of $6 billion inclusive of a predicted ‘hike’ to $1.1 trillion by 2020.

That projects about 17% growth from the last years with a CAGR of around 45% per year.

But, what essentially enact behind this overwhelming ‘bloom’ of this definite service sector?

In accordance to market experts, not ‘one’ but quite a few distinctive factors contribute in making India the most pursued off-shore destination of global brands for perfect execution of their ‘in-house’ intellectual jobs.

Amongst them 6 definite aspects matter the most and:

  • Let the nation’s KPO sector endow over 52% to the GDP.

Keen to know those? Here are they upheld-

Most Extensive Range of Services

In accordance to the most pre-eminent kpo in Kolkata, this is a key reason for which celebrated organizations like Reuters, Volkswagen, Goldman Sachs, Sinopec Group and famed Fortune 500 companies pick India as the apt-est remote base for their ‘high-end’ tasks.

From FMGC to automobile, engineering to R&D and pharmaceuticals to telecom, the KPO spectrum is potent to offer the progressive-standard serviceability over varied arenas like –

  • Database creation and mining
  • Equity, market and patent researches inclusive of IPR protection
  • Competitive intelligence and Corporate planning
  • Scholarly-level educational projects
  • Financial structuring and analytics-based industry reporting
  • Process-oriented calculative decision-making and crafting of customised solutions
  • Optimized consultations over issues of partnerships & mergers and corporate legalities
  • Up-to-date and strategized banking solutions
  • Devising of real-time beneficial company insurance schemes
  • Risk management, IT functionality, 3D and CAE modeling,engineering design
  • Digital content and animation
  • End-to-end of technical back office support

Highly-Educated and Enriched Workforce

As vows the process head of Vision Call Services, the good-enough shortage of knowledgeable and proficient manpower in the developed western countries prevail as another chief factor for India’s popularity as a prominent KPO service zone.

Given to the nation’s inherent educational infrastructure, a greater emphasis over higher education and specialized knowledge is always maintained through a student’s educational span.

This, consequently, results in the generation of a pool of most conversant and agile professionals such as:

  • Engineers
  • Research analysts
  • Chartered accountants
  • Corporate lawyers
  • MBAs
  • PHD-holders


  • Scientists

who are capable to meet each existing and every emergent KPO need across the borders and thereby enhance the service benchmark of knowledge process outsourcing companies in India.

A latest development in this manpower texture is the emergence of deft bio-chemical engineers, radiologists and pharmaceutical professionals that allow India to expand its KPO horizon to more novel verticals like Tele-Radiology, healthcare, genetic engineering and life science.

Guaranteed Trustworthiness

Another prime driver of KPO-based commerce to the nation. Be it the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) or the very government, stringent standards are followed by both private and public sectors to champion client privacy and protect sensitive data.

While the national administration adopts distinctive measures for informational immunity, against data encroachment and over IPR corresponding to the most potential and persistent international clients –

Each member firm of NASSCOM undergoes annual audits by globally-reputed accounting agencies to ensure its safety practices are up-to-the-mark.

Such agencies also endeavor to up keep own security module attuned with the national legislative policies of the country the client belongs to.

The English Language Perk

From the very elementary level till the research standard, English remains the first preferred medium of education through-over the largest parts of India.

By the perspective of veteran kpo companies in Kolkata, such a feature, inherently benefit them with a team, where each persona is, at the minimum, fluent over English and can ensure that work or productivity does not get interrupted for language ‘as a barrier’.

This trait also optimally paces up initial-level interactions with clients (especially the U.S ones) and make the one instantly relate to the firm, experiencing a convincing, homely feel.

Top-Notch Governmental Endeavors

Not only on the security ground, but also over the very work-front at the KPO field, the Indian government has taken some very appreciable measures to:

  • Champion quality and productivity above all


  • Provide foreign companies with a professional environment that meets global standards

There has up come –

  • Optimized policies of tax liberalization and currency deregulation
  • Flexible licensing schemes including trouble-free investment norms for client organizations
  • Regulation-relaxed access to foreign technologies as required; so, the KPOs can enrich own operational level
  • Opening up of multiple SEZ-s and easy accreditation procedure for firms to get included and reduce own overall operational costs

Note: All these ‘sound’ financial ventures have, in turn, enabled every prevalent KPO house of India to offer own serviceability at a real-time budgetary yardstick.

In fact, American and European businesses availing Indian KPO services

  • Vow to save about 33% over investment and experience seriously effective cost curtailment.

In addition to the economic steps, by the past few years, government has also heavily invested upon infrastructural development and therein permit KPOs to function via a true state-of-art style.

In the prominent metro cities and other big towns, Knowledge parks and IT hubs have been opened that boast world-class set-up with progressive transportation facilities, evolved internet connectivity and unhindered power supply to guarantee-

  • Work pace and benchmark is never compromised for any infrastructural trouble.

Maintenance of Real-time Quality Level

One recent survey of the popular firms for kpo in Kolkata reveal that every 3 out of 4 such establishments fulfil criterions to qualify as SEI CMM (An American Quality Assessment Model to test a firm’s capability in delivering benchmark software service.)  Level 5 company.

And not only in Kolkata, but through-out the nation, over 100s of firms retain this certification – Making India the most crowded hub of SEI CMM Level 5 KPOs in comparison to any other state.

Moreover, about 250 firms abide by ISO 9000 standard for own quality assurance and continue serving around 300 Fortune 500 organizations across the globe.

Upkeep of such up-scale operational ‘class’, in consequence, permit each international client of Indian KPOs accomplish the most persistent quotient of revenue margin – irrespective of the global economic scenario.

Thus, if to outsource own knowledge-based tasks, weigh no other option than an Indian KPO and to taste true success.

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Purchasing a Premium Domain

So after countless hours of scrutinizing the suggestions of friends, creating mind-maps and even asking for the pizza man’s advice, you’ve finally come up with the best business name.

The business name registrar confirms that it’s available.

You’ve ordered your business cards.

But what about registering a domain name?

You rush over to your computer and perform a quick search. 



But there is hope!

You notice an option to purchase this domain directly from the owner.

Your optimistic smile, however, slowly dissipates when you notice the astounding selling price.

At this point, many give up and discontinue the pursuit of their desired domain name.

But you should not let the obstacle of pricing or ownership prevent you from landing the domain of your dreams – there are options available for you.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you purchase the premium domain name you deeply long for.

What Is A Premium Domain?

Premium domains usually consist of words (or a single word) that form a short memorable message.

They can end in a variety of extensions, although “.com” is the most common.

Here are some examples:

Due to their simplistic and memorable nature, these domain names drive a lot of traffic to their corresponding web pages, which makes them more valuable and therefore ‘premium’.

Domains with a high branding potential are also sometimes classified as premium  – such as

How Can You Tell If a Domain Is Premium?

If the snappy name isn’t a giveaway, the price will be.

The value of these premium domain names could range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Hot Tip: 

If your ideal domain name is a premium, and you do not have the funds to purchase it, consider registering it with a different extension. Simply changing the extension could save you thousands of dollars AND still land you the domain name – win, win!

Where Do You Search to Check If a Domain Is Premium?

There are online marketplaces that provide the option of searching available domain names.

The steeper pricing of the premium domains will make them readily identifiable in the search results. and host such search engines.

How Do You Get a Premium Domain?

Before commencing the process of acquiring a premium domain, you need to check whether or not it currently has an owner.

The first step is to search for your desired domain URL to see if it is addressed to what’s known as a ‘parked’ web page.

Sometimes, when a website owner is no longer interested in hosting a website, they populate their home page with links (usually affiliate) or Adsense elements and forsake, or “park” their website.

This is a vain attempt at getting at least some value via advertisement revenue from what obviously is an abandoned website.

If you come across such a website, its great news for you – the website owner may consider selling you their domain name.

The first step will be to initiate contact with the website owner.

If the website has a contact form, you could initiate a conversation via a form submission.

If, however, there is no contact form, you will need to try to find the owners details via a domain directory such as whois.

Searching on WHOIS

Every domain is registered by a particular person or business. Those registration details are usually (not always) publically accessible via the online directory whois.

Whois also provides information such as domain expiration dates – which is very useful information for premium domain purchasing.

You do not need to worry about registrants providing false or misleading contact information; it is an offense under the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Doing so will result in one’s registration being canceled.

Some registrants of new websites purchase additional domain privacy protection in order to prevent their contact details being publicly available on whois.

When this is the case, you will see the name and contact details of the domain host on the whois record, or the words “Registration Private” rather than the details of the domain owner.

You can search on whois either online or right from your windows computer.

Searching on WHOIS online

To search online simply type “whois search” in Google and click on the first results (should be

When the webpage is opened you will see a search bar you can use to perform the search.

Here is an example of whois search results for the domain

Here are the registrant contact details:

contact details

Figure 1:

Here are the domain expiration details (note the creation date of the domain – 1991 wow!!!)

creation date of the domain

Figure 2:

Searching On WHOIS Via Command Prompt

If you are feeling particularly geeky you can also search straight from your command prompt window.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Download the whois.exe file which can be accessed here

You can also download and install the Sysinternals Suite from Windows which will include the whois.exe file.

Step 2: 

Save the file in a memorable location – Desktop is best.

Step 3: 

Open the command prompt terminal (if you can’t find it just search for “command prompt”

Step 4: 

You will then need to set the command prompt directory to the folder you saved the whois.exe file in (let’s assume it is the desktop).

If you are running Windows 10, type the following:

cd C:\Users\username\desktop

If you are running Windows 7, type the following:

cd C:\Users\admin\desktop

Step 5: 

You can now perform the whois search.

Type in your query in the following format:


If you are running a 64-bit you would need to type:


So, for example, if you wanted to perform a WHOIS search for and you were using a 32-bit system, you would type the following:


Here is an example of whois data for the domain


Figure 3:

Now let’s discuss the process of negotiating for your preferred premium domain.

The process of negotiation is difficult and highly delicate – you could scare the domain owner off if you’re not careful!

If you are not experienced in this field we highly recommend that you leave it up to the professionals that specialize in domain buy service (more on that later).

Negotiating With a Premium Domain Owner

You should aim to speak directly with the owner unless you have a professional 3rd party acting on your behalf.

Find the contact details of the owner either via a whois search or, if available, use the contact form on the premium domain website.

When making contact it is important to be polite and also straight to the point (don’t write a long winded email).

Advise the owner that you are interested in purchasing the domain and ask if it is for sale, also ask for the desired selling price.

Reveal as much information about yourself as you like, however, avoid giving the impression that you are very wealthy otherwise the owner may respond with an overwhelming selling price.

If the owner asks you the amount you are willing to purchase the domain for, respond by asking for the owner to set the selling price.

Avoid suggesting a value first for it might be much larger than the website owner would have initially set, instead, keep pushing (delicately) for the domain owner to suggest a selling price first.

Once the owner provides a selling price, begin negotiating.

If the selling price proposed by the owner is affordable, you need not worry because, as per the nature of negotiations, the price can only decrease from that point.

If, however, the initial selling price is much too high, you would need to convince the owner that they should sell it for a lower price.

If the domain is parked and not in use, you might mention that the domain is not providing much value to the owner and that he or she is forced to pay renewal costs for a redundant website.

The domain owner might mention that they are receiving an income from the website via affiliate links and Adsense elements –  your strategy would then be to prove that your offer is sufficient to cover the income generated by the website (this is a very difficult process).

Approximating the income generated by a website is difficult, not only because of the many advertisement revenue variables but because you would then need to convince the web owner that your approximations are correct and their quoted numbers are wrong.

A tactic you could use is to find a similar domain (length or word combination) that has recently been sold and then use that selling price as a starting point for negotiations.

You could even supply the web owner with proof of this selling price.

But how is it possible to find this information?

DN Journal generates a domain sales report that is regularly updated.

You could search through this list for domain names similar to your desired premium domain and find their corresponding selling prices.

Here is an excerpt of their report (notice how you could use the provided selling prices as proof to justify your negotiations).

to justify your negotiations

Figure 4:

Should You Use An Online Marketplace?

Another way to purchase a premium domain is via an online marketplace such as or

If a premium domain does not have an owner, you can purchase them from these marketplaces at their set pricing.

If a premium domain currently does have an owner, you can make an offer to purchase the domain via the marketplace.

Purchasing a premium domain via an online marketplace is not a good idea for this simple reason:

You may not receive the best offer possible.

Making an offer via these marketplaces is very similar to bidding on eBay – its just a mechanical process without any human negotiation elements.

Having a professional, skilled in the fine art of sales and negotiations, representing you will increase your chances of purchasing a premium domain at the best price possible.

Using a Broker to Purchase a Premium Domain

Working with a broker is the safest and most reliable option when purchasing a premium domain.

Hiring a domain buy service provider will ensure that your premium domain is purchased in the safest and most effective manner.

When contacting a domain owner the greatest risk lies in the transaction process.

If you provide your credit card number, they cannot be trusted with it.

If the transaction is made via PayPal the owner could offer a link to a faulty PayPal gateway which will deplete your PayPal account.

The best possible method is, therefore, an escrow service.

With an escrow service the payment of the buyer taken and held securely by a trustworthy third party.

Payment is released only when the transaction has successfully taken place.

Reputable domain brokers utilize an escrow service for all their sales transactions, so you can rest assured that your payment details will be safe and secure during the entire exchange.

Using a domain broker will also ensure that you actually receive the premium domain you are purchasing – there is no guarantee that the domain owner you contact will hand all paperwork and login details over to you after the purchase.

The escrow service implemented by domain brokers will ensure that the domain is successfully transferred over to your name – otherwise, the seller will not receive their money!

Finally, the main benefit of hiring a domain purchase broker is the fact that they will be exercising elite sales and negotiation skills on your behalf.

Domain buy service brokers provide a fair market assessment and accurate valuation of the domain in question – so they will have data-driven evidence to provide domain sellers.

And to top it all off, all conversations and negotiations will be performed by the broker, so you will have complete anonymity and protection at all times.


Do not let the unavailability of a premium domain prevent you from owning it.

Enlist in the helpful services of an experienced and qualified domain purchase broker to ensure a smooth and problem-free transfer of domain ownership.

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