How to Make Money with your Personal Blog(Complete Guide)

How to Make Money

Blogging can be a great source of revenue generation for both individuals and businesses. Though it was seen as a passive income stream for a long time, it has proven itself to be a reliable source of sustenance with time. The great thing about blogs is that once you post a piece of content on there if it keeps getting enough traffic, you will keep earning revenue from it even years later. So, if you can successfully establish yourself or your business on a blogging platform, it can generate a significant income for you.

There are several considerations to ensure before you start your blog. First and foremost, you have to choose a niche- whether it be technology, lifestyle, education, or entertainment, you can write on a variety of topics. A personal blog has no boundaries; you can share about anything you like or dislike. It could be the best horror movies, top escape room in Bangalore, or tips to grow healthy hair. Once you have decided on your niche and have published some posts on your blogs, you can start making a profit from that blogs in the following ways:

1. Monetization

You can monetize your blogs and make money from ads. Advertisements are a prominent source of income for content creators. Google AdSense is the most popular and reliable program for ad placement. If your website is getting enough traffic, you can earn by adding ads to your blogs. There are two types of ad placements: CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per 1000 impressions). Your earnings will be dependent on the number of viewers on each blog. The ads will be based on your content and your audience. This is a common and sure way of monetizing websites.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when a product is bought through the link that you share with customers. A seller gives the link of their product to a content creator. If you add that link to your blog and someone buys from it, then you’ll get a commission for each customer that buys through your link. You can add those links on any of your blogs and encourage your audience to check them out. The links can be added on blogs that are relevant to the product to increase the chances of someone buying from it.

3. Building your profile

You have an online presence by having your own blog. Your website can help you build a good reputation in your field. If your content attracts many audiences and your blogs are well recognized in their niches, then you could be approached by people of that particular field. Your blogs can boost your credibility, and as a result, you can get writing or speaking gigs. If you offer any service, you can use your blog to promote your skills as well.

4. Selling Product

Through your blogs, you can sell your own products or promote someone else’s products. It could be digital or physical products and services. If you are good at something, you can put a price on that. You can sell online courses by teaching skills that you’ve mastered, be it painting, pottery, cooking, etc. You can create handmade products, write books, create t-shirts, and other merchandise. Most bloggers sell products that are related to their blog. A beauty blogger might offer online courses about makeup, and a food blogger might sell a recipe book. This depends on the type of your content and your target audience.

5. Sponsored Content

You can earn a lot if you can get sponsored by great brands. The sponsors will differ based on your content, as the brand is essentially trying to promote their product to your audience. You can reach out to various brands to review their products. So if you are a fitness blogger, naturally, your sponsors could be sportswear brands, gyms, protein drinks, etc. As you write content promoting their products, you can get their sponsorship continually, or you could be noticed by other brands that need promotions.

6. Subscriptions

Most blogs available on the Internet are free to read. But there are also blogs that give us a preview and require a subscription to continue reading. You can make such exclusive content for your readers. You can also offer paid memberships where your subscribers can get extra content and other perks. The paid content needs to be more valuable and different than something that’s usually available for free.

For any of these methods to be successful, your blog would need traffic. Keep yourself updated with anything that’s relevant to your niche. You have to write great content that could captivate your target audience. SEO is very important for your blogs to reach many people, so keyword research is absolutely essential.


Blogging can be a rewarding career; besides the passive income, you’re gaining an audience that appreciates you and your work. With passion and patience, you can earn money from your personal blog. Initially, it could be a slow start for bloggers, but there’s no limit for growth and how much money you can make.



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