Top 5 Workwear Shoes for Women

When it comes to formal footwear for women, they always used to go with high heeled pumps or stilettos. While those pictures used to be the reality once upon a time, luckily, times have changed. In the new world, most banks or corporate offices or workplaces have given the strict dress codes a rest, allowing women to take a sigh of relief, be creative with their outfits and switch things up while keeping the overall vibe formal.

If you’re a working woman who commutes every day to reach your workplace, there are a wide range of women shoes made mainly to offer maximum comfort and support to your legs and feet that you should definitely explore. These footwear options are also chic, elegant, classy and excellent ways of bringing all of your dream work outfits ideas to life without any discomfort.

Here are 5 women shoes that you should definitely have in your collection of go-to work shoes:

  • Mules- If you’re someone who is not very fond of tacky and complicated straps or buckle closure, these backless slip-ons are just what you need. The formal collections include mules in sturdy, long-lasting and comfortable soft leathers, synthetics and suedes. Make sure to go for the right fit and the flexible options as they are easy to style and will also keep your feet relaxed at all times.
  • Platform sandals- As the name suggests, these women shoes have soles that start from the tip and go back to the heel. Unlike other types of heels, platform sandals do not put the entire weight of your body on the ball of your feet but offer even elevation, so your feet are relaxed and in no pain while you carry out your daily duties. Pair one of these with a pencil skirt, cropped trousers, or even a kurta and leggings, and they will instantly brighten up the look.
  • Block heel pumps- For days when you want to spice things up a little or on casual almost weekends when you have plans of joining your friends for dinner after work, having these in your shoe rack is a must. Block heels are something that fit right in with formal attires as well as fun/party attires. You can find these simple yet sophisticated shoes in black, browns, greys and many other striking colours.
  • Women’s loafers- Buying these women shoes is the best decision you will ever make for your feet. Made out of the most breathable and the softest materials with cushioned insoles, loafers are also exceptionally flexible and will always fit snugly around feet, making them the most suitable for everyday use. Not only are they a 10/10 on the comfort front, but they are also available in hundreds of different designs and patterns that go perfectly well with all types of ensembles.
  • Formal slippers- Among the most versatile footwear, slippers are something we all own and use for casual occasions. However, the more formal options in brown and black leathers and sturdy builds will elevate any outfit you decide to wear to work, be it a saree, kurti, trousers, skirts or even a solid dress.

So, if you’re someone who has been sceptical of switching to fancier workwear shoes, this is your cue to let go of old notions about what formal footwear is supposed to look like, stock up on these elegant women shoes and style your best outfits with them!


Reward your Employees with Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

Employees, the working units whose efforts bring success to companies, are the backbone and the most valuable assets of any enterprise. And where some establishments like to express their gratitude by giving bonuses or gift vouchers or other small monetary prizes. Some want to give Corporate Gifts as a token of their appreciation- which, in all honesty, is the ideal way. Receiving an award for their hard work in the form of bundles of goodies will brighten up their day as nothing else can.

But here’s the thing, while these presents wrapped in attractive plastic packaging might put a smile on their faces and have a positive impact on their minds, the effect of all the same plastic on our environment is not so significant. Every year tons of plastic waste endangers animals and birds; we get closer to the complete depletion of the ozone, and glaciers melt a little more than they melted the year before. All of these can be prevented if we, as responsible habitats of the planet, try and make sustainable choices. So, to take the corporate gifting tradition one step ahead- go for Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts.

Here are some Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts hamper ideas that you should definitely consider:

1. Desk organizer hampers-

This is something your employees from all age groups will love. These hampers will contain an aesthetic and colourful stationery set complete with a diary containing plantable papers containing seeds, a foldable pen stand, a cardholder, and a small box for holding notes made with recyclable, stench free cow dung. All the items are packed in cardboard, and ropes made of natural fibres are used to secure them shut. This desk organizer set will help them keep their desks clean and our environment cleaner.

2. Herb garden hampers-

These Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts full of chemical and cruelty-free plantable products like- pencils with seeds at the end, a planter and herb seeds will be the perfect gift for greenery lovers. The package will also have products like a recyclable notepad that can be turned into compost for the nourishment of the plants. So by the time all the items have served their purpose, your employee will have a herb garden of their own to remind them of your admiration.

3. Foodie’s Favourite hamper-

What can be a better way of making someone’s day than sending universally loved as well as healthy snacks to munch on? A delicious collection of cookies, tangy bites, dry fruits and power-packed granola bars with zero preservatives will impress not just you employees but their families too. All the eatables are packed in pretty, plastic-free, reusable containers that will indeed look great on their kitchen shelves.

Not only will these Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts be beneficial to your surroundings and cause infinitely more minor damage to the planet, but they will also send out an inspiring message for other companies to follow. If you’re confused as to where you might be able to get your hands on 100% sustainable gifting products, check out Loopify for a pleasant surprise!


Why You Should Consider Ordering Neon Light Signs Online

So finally, you have decided on the neon sign you want for your place but can’t decide the method of purchasing? It can be a tough decision as a customer because you want the best value for money. Well, with the kind of benefits that we have brought for online shopping, it will be easy for you to make up your mind. Here’s why you should get custom-led signs for rooms from an online website. 

Premium quality

As a customer who is about to invest in neon signs, you will definitely lookout for things like the durability and quality of the product. If you want your neon light signs to work efficiently for a long period of time, you need to invest in premium quality products. That brings us to the first advantage of buying neon signs online. You get the best quality when you shop online. Online neon signs come with a warranty that clearly states their life span. Also, neon signs are mostly available on online portals, so the competition forces them to provide quality products in order to survive. 

Doorstep delivery

Another big advantage of ordering online neon signs is the free doorstep delivery. Who would mind a free delivery that is dropped right at their door, right? This means you can have any time delivery, midnight delivery as well in any corner of the world. So, if you want to send gifts to your loved ones, avail of online delivery of these pretty neon signs. Whatever you like, just place the order and forget about it. It’s upon the portal to deliver the product at the comfort of your couch. Whatever part of the world you are situated in, you can still buy any neon sign. 

Endless variety

A buyer is never satisfied no matter what variety is available. They always want more and more. So, here comes an endless variety of neon signs for you to explore day and night; it will never end. The benefit of online stores is that there is no space limitation in the virtual world so that they can display an infinite number of products. Whether you need indoor neon signs for your home or it’s your bar that requires a revamp, you can explore through tons of neon signs till you find the perfect one. 

Customization available

When you buy neon signs from an online portal, you get the service of customization. Yes, online websites are totally open for customization where you can just get any imagination come alive. Whether it is your favorite quote or artwork you have always admired, you can get the same in a neon version. Basically, now you can make your own neon sign in premium quality and enjoy free doorstep delivery. What more can you ask for? 

Easy to install

When you are shopping online, each neon sign comes with a little description of its installation. You can choose the best method that you find easy to work with. 

These are some reasons why you should buy neon signs online. 


Home Decor Lifestyle

How To Start And Turn Your Photographs As Home Decor


You just got home from an exciting trip with your friends, or spontaneous lunch out that turned into a momentous one, or maybe from a celebration of a memorable life milestone. And, the first thing you do is look at all the pictures that you’ve taken from those moments. You can’t help but scroll through your phone and look for ones that you can share immediately on your social accounts. 

Even days after that certain event, you still can’t help but reminisce about those shots. It’s as if you want them to be seen but don’t exactly know-how. So you gather all your digital files for photo printing and wonder how do I decorate them and where do I start? 

If you’ve ever felt like this and want to use your photos as home decor, here are some ways to start and spice them up. 

1. Start with the ones you find most memorable

When deciding which photographs you would like to see in your home, look for the ones you want to be reminded of. These can be shots of your loved ones, friends, mentors, and even self-portraits. From there, narrow down which events or moments you find those people to be looking at their best. Choose snaps of them that you’d want to see every day. 

You can also bring old memories back to life with film processing. If you happen to find some old films from your parents’ house, have them checked in professional photo printing shops for film processing. This assures that your family’s treasured moments are well taken care of.

2. Categorise your photos

After you’ve decided which photos you’d like to be decorated at your home, start categorising them. Put labels such as what, where, and why of each photograph. It would help you understand why you’d like those specific shots to be displayed. Some of the categories that might help would be: 


Birthdays happen every year and it is something that is most celebrated by the majority. No matter how special each aging year may be, there will always be one that would stand out. This may be a birthday where your entire family was there to celebrate it with you, a surprise party that you’ve never seen coming, or even just celebrating an age you’d never thought you’d reach. 


Regardless of what level or degree, being able to graduate and honor one’s hard work and effort matters. Photos of your formal graduation shoot, graduation day with friends and family, or a photo of someone you were able to help achieve that momentous milestone is something to be celebrated. 


There’s a saying that ‘firsts’ always hit differently and it’s mostly true. These moments are not only unique, but they’re also significant. They can be photos of your first concert, first family picture, first baby photo, first date with your partner, or can be a shot of your first pet! 


If there are firsts, there are definitely ‘most moments’ in your life. Moments when you felt most loved, laughed the most with your friends, most favorite travel getaway, most visited place, etc. Anything that reminds you of your most is definitely worthy to be seen.


Now, here’s the category that your Instagram-worthy shots have been waiting for. You might want to include landscapes, self-portraits, food, or historical and monumental shots in the creatives. You can fill this category to enliven a dull space in your home.  

3. Come up with a design theme  

After you label and decide the photos you appreciate the most, it’s time to visualise where you’d like to place them. This would help you envision how the area that you’d like to be decorated would look like with the photos that you’ve chosen. If you like to start in the living room, consider what type of vibe you would like to emanate once guests enter your house. 

With a theme in mind, you get to mix and match the colors of the frame, image resolution, and type of photographs you’d like to include. Helpful questions to ask when coming up with a theme might be: do I want collage-style photo-framed decors? Do I want the room to be centered with colored photographs? Or would it suit my living space’s palette if I have it professionally printed to monochrome? 

4. Decide where you’d like the photos to be printed on

Now, it’s time to finally have those files printed and be brought to life. Finalise the colors of the frames that you want to use. You might want to have a special photo printed on canvas if you’d like to go for a captivating vibe.

For a more sophisticated style, you might want to go for Acrylic products. There are different styles of photo printing for Acrylics that are available. These are float panels, classic acrylics, acrylic blocks, box framed, or shaped ones. If your home’s design is leaning towards the minimalist and sophisticated type, professional photo printing on acrylics would neutralise the area.

Another type would be the Aluminum photo panels, which are quite similar to Acrylic. The difference is that, with Aluminum photo panels, your photos are more refined. The printing adds an element to the photo making it look sleek, even without any structured frame.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have it your way

If you have better ideas as to where your photographs can be printed, don’t be afraid to style them your way. After all, your home represents who you are. You’re the only one who gets to master which style would perfectly fit to enhance your home. If you have more photos that you’d like to display and not store digitally, having them printed and collaged in a photo book style would be a great idea too.

After all, some photos are worth being spent on and celebrated. It all depends on your choice and style. If you’re someone who likes to keep it digital these days, would you consider having your photos printed as home decoration? Share your thoughts with us today!

Author Bio:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services to aid every photographer’s need. She is a massive lover of Japanese cuisine and enjoys binge-watching comedies or variety shows.


Top Handbag Brands to Amp Up Your Fashion Game

A handbag is counted as one of the essential items in a woman’s life due to countless reasons. An accessory that makes a huge difference in your look for any occasion, handbags hold the power to make or break your look. Not only do all the varieties in types and designs add to the style factor of any outfit, but there is also nothing as convenient as handbags when it comes to carrying your things. Ever since handbags have become an important part of any woman’s wardrobe collection, many top handbag brands have cropped up, but only a few have managed to constantly stay at the top of the game. Listing the top handbag brands down for you, here are the ones you can rely on without any worries:

  • Ginger By Lifestyle: This is a fashion brand by Lifestyle known for its efficiency at keeping up with the latest fashion. Having gained the trust of high profile celebrities like Deepika Padukone, this brand is one of a kind in terms of colours, embellishments, quirky zippers, detailings, styles and its range.
  • Caprese: Caprese has stood as one of the top handbag brands for a very long time. Known for its collections of sleek, stylish bags advertised by celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor, Caprese shows versatility like no other.
  • Baggit: Luxury handbags are notorious for often being out of budget for many, but Baggit solves those problems for you. In regards to materials, durability, style and design, Baggit offers you the best of all worlds at affordable prices.
  • Code By Lifestyle: This is another line of handbags launched by Lifestyle, mainly known for its professional handbags. Minimalistic designs on monochromatic solid colours being its signature; this is one of the top handbag brands to go for if you’re looking for the perfect mix of functionality and style.
  • Allen Solly: Allen Solly is one of the oldest handbag brands that has been a favourite for a long time. Durability is an aspect widely appreciated in handbags, and Allen Solly surely delivers. Sophisticated handbags made out of synthetic blends always keeps them classy.
  • Hidesign: When talking about top handbag brands, Hidesign is bound to come up due to its wide range of high-design and superior quality products. Hidesign’s reliability makes it a must-have for everyone, so go ahead and invest in one of these to make a lifelong friend.
  • Lavie: This is one of the top handbag brands that are famous for its versatility. Tote bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, handbags, and more – you name it, Lavie will have the best options for you. Lavie’s fancy and elegant handbags make it a go-to option for every young woman.

A good handbag stays with you for a long time, so you have to make sure you choose a timeless one. Giving you just that, these top handbag brands are extremely convenient and accessible through Lifestyle stores. Take advantage of the excellent customer service along with the vast collections, great prices and high-quality products provided by them and start stocking up on your favourite handbags!

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From Torn Swimming Caps to Swimmer’s Ear, See These Drowning Struggles Only Swimming Enthusiasts Understand

From ripped swimming caps to treating an irritating swimmer’s ear, swimmers deal with struggles that only swimming enthusiasts like them would understand. For non-swimmers, swimming as a sport or career is merely a piece of cake – but it’s ultimately not. 

Swimming, whether it’s competitive or recreational swimming, demands a person’s fullest concentration, coordination, proper breathing, and an extreme amount of energy. It might not seem like it, but swimming is one of the most calorie-burning exercises or sports alongside cycling, jogging, and running. 

To ditch the idea that swimmers live on cloud nine for choosing swimming as a choice of sport or career, we listed these usual struggles that only swimming enthusiasts can relate to deep from their hearts. So, whether you’re a non-swimmer or a swimming enthusiast yourself, read further and see if we got it right by scrolling through the next pages. 

  • Dealing with ripped or torn swimming caps

Swimming caps are one of the pieces of swimming equipment that swimmers have with them most of the time. Without swimming caps, swimmers won’t be able to reduce the drag in the water. The drag forces in the water hinder swimmers from swimming faster and smoother.

That’s why waking up to a ripped swimming caps or seeing their swimming caps torn or not in good condition is probably one of the worst nightmares they could ever have. Aside from reducing the drag forces in the water, swimming caps benefit swimmers in so many ways. 

See how swimming caps work for swimmers in this article: What You Need to Know: Find Out Here How Swimming Caps Work For Swimmers.

  • Getting up very early in the morning to train

If you’re fortunate enough to get more sleep or take a quick nap after pressing the snooze button when your phone alarms, well, you better know that swimmers can’t do that unless they’ll be late for their training.  

An ordinary day for swimmers means waking up very early in the morning to condition themselves for their regular morning swim training. And for sure, most swimmers also wish to get a chance to press the snooze button when their phone alarms. 

  • Trying the best they can to not miss out on their classes after exhausting training

If you think that swimmers only swim all day, you’re getting the wrong idea. It’s because in the case of student-athletes engaged in swimming, the hardest part of the day is to go straight to their classes after an energy-consuming training in the morning. 

If you think that they could make up with their sleep after every training, well, you’re wrong. It’s because, after swim training, swimmers have to be a student as well, mostly in the afternoon. And how they wish they could go home and sleep for the rest of the day after getting worn out from their morning training.   

  • Unintentionally swallowing the swimming pool’s water

Another struggle that most swimmers understand, both competitive and recreational swimmers, is the disturbing moments of swallowing the swimming pool’s water. Most swimmers have to dwell on the thought about the nasty bacteria, germs, and other floating things that the swimming pool water has. 

Unintentionally swallowing the swimming pool’s water feels sickening both mentally and physically. Not to mention that some swimmers don’t mind peeing in the pool – eew!

  • Having constant tan lines, even if it’s not summer season

Having tan lines is probably the best things about the summer season for non-competitive swimmers or seasonal swimmers. Well, competitive swimmers don’t have to wait for the summer season to get tan lines because they already have most of the time. 

From the very early morning training to an afternoon workout, swimmers will indeed get constant tan lines. At least, they don’t have to fake it or wait for the summer season to arrive, right? 

The drowning but fulfilling struggles swimming has in store for swimmers.

Aside from the heartbreaking moment of seeing ripped swimming caps, dealing with disturbing swimmer’s ears and forgetting the swimming pool’s water most swimmers accidentally swallowed, swimmers experience more struggles thank anyone could think. 

So, for our readers who engage themselves in swimming, did we get it right? For our readers who happen to be recreational or seasonal swimmers, do you think that swimmers have the most relaxed career after reading all these? Well, we hope knowing all of these will change your mind.

Before exiting the pages, you might want to open and read this another fascinating piece:  4 Swimming Essentials You Shouldn’t Share With Anyone and Why.


Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with a Bachelor of library and information science on the side and now writes for Swimprint UK, known for its premium quality swimming caps and custom swimwear offers. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watch on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.

Cake Food Gifts Shopping

4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend Who Loves Baking and Cooking So Much

Are you off for a last-minute Valentine’s day gift-shopping for your girlfriend whole loves baking and cooking? If so, know that we’ll make your gift-shopping a lot more bearable by giving you some of the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for anyone who’s into baking and cooking so much. 


It’s because as you scroll through this article, you’ll pick up some tips as to what to get for your girlfriend, who has a big love for turning baking and cooking ingredients into a delicious delicacy. And if you only love eating most of her homemade treats or meals yet not familiar with the possible baking supplies to get for her, then you better not leave these pages.  


So, take a look at the following Valentine’s day gift ideas below and see what you can get for your girlfriend as you for a last-minute gift-shopping!


1. KitchenAid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer in Pink

First on the list is the KitchenAid KP26M1XPK 6 Qt. professional 600 series bowl-lift stand mixer in the colour pink. Of course, every baker dreams of having KitchenAid products as part of their baking supplies collection. Adding this KitchenAid bowl-lift stand mixer to your girlfriend’s selections of baking supplies will indeed make her heart flutter. 


The bowl-lift stand mixer comes in many colours such as empire red, cobalt blue, green apple, onyx black, and more. But getting it in the colour guava glaze is the perfect choice for you. 


2. Cuisinart Mini-Prep Food Processor in Pink

Next, we have the mini-prep food processor from Cuisinart, of course, in the colour pink. This food processor has an auto-reversing smartpower blade for two powerful processing preferences as some of its best features. 


The mini-prep food processor also includes stainless steel blades with sharp edges, a spatula and an instruction or recipe handbook. There’s no need for you to worry since all its parts are dishwasher-safe. What makes it one of the best choices of baking supplies to give to your girlfriend as a gift for Valentine’s day is that it’s portable enough to leave on the kitchen counter or put in a small space in the baking zone.  


You may also read this one: 5 Inexpensive But Sentimental Gifts for Valentine’s Day That Could Make Your Special Someone Jump Out of Joy.


3. Aprince Silicone Baking Mat Set of 2 Half Sheets

Bakers need silicone baking mats to survive the struggling baking or cooking processes, whether there’s no need or oil or spray. The Aprince silicone baking mats are premium non-stick mats that your girlfriend can use about 4000 times. 


Another best thing about these silicone baking mats is that the flavours or odours won’t permeate. Everything will come out evenly-cooked or baked and surprisingly delicious every use. 


4. Hyzrz Women Apron in Pink

Aside from baking supplies and tools, a women’s apron in the colour pink is also a perfect choice. Of course, your girlfriend probably still want to look pretty, even how busy she’s while baking or cooking her favourite recipes. 


The Hyzrz women apron in the colour pink is the best choice for you to get as a gift for your girlfriend this coming Valentine’s day. Made of polyester-cotton material and comes with a pocket, the apron is indeed comfortable, wearable and fashionable all at the same time.  


Anything but the best for your girlfriends this Valentine’s day


Valentine’s day is almost here! So, with this list of baking supplies and equipment that you might get for your girlfriend as a gift, we hope that you would come up with the best choice!


Here’s another article for you to check out: Busy Baker’s Guide: 5 Ways Bakers Can Survive a Busy Valentine’s Day.



Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with a Bachelor of library and information science on the side and now writes for Mauri, an Australian-based baking supplies and baking ingredients provider. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watch on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies. 


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5 Possible Gifts for Christmas That are Worth Sharing with the Whole Family

Hello there! Did you accidentally click this article or you honestly opened these pages on purpose? Either way, let us welcome you here as we’re about to discuss some ideal gifts for Christmas, but not the typical ones.  

Since Christmas is a season of love, gift-giving and sharing, we thought about gathering and recommending potential Christmas presents, which are ideal for sharing with either friends or family. And we’re dropping some of the ideas that we believe are the best and priceless.

So, if you’re here to pick a gift for Christmas of your choice, then you better start reading through the pages and browsing through the following key points below right now. 

1. A customised family illustration

While there are a lot of options to choose as gifts for Christmas, only a few are perfect for sharing. And some of the few selections as gifts for Christmas is a custom family illustration. 

You only need to choose from a ton of photos you would want to send over for illustration, make sure to pick the best one, okay? 

So, if you think it’s a mind-blowing concept, then you better start counting the number of families you’ll be giving a custom family illustration as gifts for Christmas. And don’t forget to ask for their family photos without compromising your surprise gift plan.  

2. Airbnb gift card

Another unique and worth sharing gift for Christmas is an Airbnb gift card. Of course, travelling and going out of town is one of the best ways to celebrate the season. So, might as well take the chance to make their Christmas travel a lot easier by giving them an Airbnb gift card. 

Don’t worry because this gift is also perfect to surprise your family. You better make sure that they won’t get a hint of your surprise Christmas gift, okay?  

3. Personalised family mugs

Mugs or cups are probably some of the classic choices as gifts for a Holiday, especially when you can’t think of the best gift idea. So, if you’re going for this option, you can always level up your gift by opting for personalised family mugs instead of the basic ones. 

With personalised family mugs, you can have their illustration on it or have their names printed on it. And voila! You now have a worth sharing and truly satisfying gifts for Christmas.  

Read also: It’s a Holiday! See These 5 Rules Before Buying Gifts for Christmas

4. Christmas-themed pyjama collection

Giving you a glimpse of our next gifts for Christmas suggestion, do you know that every Christmas, a lot of clothing brands are releasing their versions of Christmas-themed pyjama collection? And that’s why we’re telling you to buy this next idea we have for you, that’s none other than a Christmas-themed pyjama collection for the whole family. 

This Christmas gift choice is perfect for spending the Christmas eve together with the family and waking up to see that you’re all wearing the same Christmas-themed pyjamas. If it’s not a cute idea, then we don’t know what is. 

5. Magnetic wall photo collage

Say goodbye to the traditional picture frames for a while as we’re recommending you this magnetic wall photo collage that’s beyond perfect as gifts for Christmas. Whether you’re giving it to your family or somebody else’s family, they’ll feel flattered and satisfied for sure.

So, what Christmas gift idea do you think you’re buying? Let us know your pick by sharing your thoughts below. If you have more tips or suggestions, which you would like to share, don’t think twice of jotting them down below. 


Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for The Home of Gifts. It supplies the best wholesale gifts for any occasion and home collections. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watching on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies. 

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5 Frequently Asked Question About Using a Vape and Their Answers

If you’re here because you’re dead-curious as to what vaping is and how it works or you’re a long-time vaper who simply wants to know more about using vapes and everything that comes in between, let us welcome you with open arms. 

In this article, we’re going to unfold some of the frequently asked questions about vaping provided with answers. 

The following key points might somehow help understand more about vaping as a habit and some factors you might not know about in your years of vaping. 

So, cut to the chase and proceed to the next pages instead. 

1. What is vaping?

Vaping is known as a cheaper, healthier, and a more convenient alternative to smoking. Today, the use of vapes or vaping as a habit is gradually becoming a trend.

It’s way cheaper since the prices of cigarettes are becoming more expensive, right? It’s also said to be a healthier way to smoke since you get to choose the nicotine level depending on your preferences. And lastly, it’s more convenient than the traditional cigarettes since you have a range of choices such as the e-cigarette, pocket vaporizer, pen vaporizer, and box mod. 

2. What is an e-liquid?

E-liquid, also known in other terms as e-juice or vape juice, is the flavourful solution that vapers do inhale and exhale when they vape. E-liquid comes with a variety of flavours, as well as different nicotine levels. 

E-liquid works through placing it in the vape or e-cigarette’s tank. When heated up, the e-liquid evaporates and turns into a vapour that gives vapers the flavourful punch as they inhale. 

3. How do I choose the e-liquid to buy?

The mere satisfaction of the vaping experience mostly comes from the perfect choice of an e-liquid or the vape juice’s flavour. So, when choosing an e-liquid either for your e-cigarette or vaporizer, go for your preferred e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength. 

It’s better if you can test or try the e-liquid flavours first before purchasing one. Another thing you have to make sure of is that you’re not allergic to the contents that the vape juice has. 

4. What are the ingredients of an e-liquid?

E-liquids commonly consists of four main ingredients such as the distilled water, flavouring, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), and nicotine. Although flavouring and nicotine are simpler to understand, you may want to take a look at the key points below to learn more about PG and VG.

Propylene glycol (PG) 

In vaping, this petroleum by-product gives vapers or e-cigarette smokers the ‘throat hit’ or the same sensation you may get in tobacco smoking. Carbonated drinks, prescription drugs, and other household items also contain PG ingredient. 

Vegetable glycerine (VG)

In vaping, vegetable glycerine, a natural chemical gives a ‘thick’ sensation for vapers or e-cigarette smokers to vapour. Compared to PG, VG is thicker and has a slightly sweet taste. 

5. Are there any rules to keep in mind when vaping?

Like traditional smokers, vapers must also consider some simple rules or etiquette. It’s because some people around you might not still be familiar with vaping, and may not find the smell acceptable.  

Unlike secondhand smoking, secondhand vapour has no health risks. Yet some people might not still be aware of it and may feel uncomfortable when you vape near them. 

So, ask people around you before you start vaping. Also, avoid vaping in private corporate buildings, restaurants, and even bars.

There’s so much more to know about vaping. But these are some of the first things you might want to know before trying it. If you have informative ideas about vaping or vaping accessories, feel free to share it in the comment section below. 


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What You Should Know about Birthstone Gifts and Presents

The Definition of Birthstones

Birthstones are lined to their sphere, which is unique. As stars and planets work in collaboration with some of the heavens’ energetic aspects to give us a comfortable life, and besides guide us all through our lifetime, gemstones already exist in galaxies and earth with their inborn active infusion.

The Origin of Birthstones

For several years now, birthstones have grown into being a tradition in many countries across the globe. All through history, the use of birthstones was associated with healing, performing magic, and carrying out actions that involved the intervention of spiritual forces. Additionally, in most traditional communities, birthstones were kept as treasures or riches. Commonly, birthstones are mined from the beneath surface of the earth where they exist naturally. In the ancient period, gemstones were gifted during birth to symbolize the kind of person the community presumed a child to be in the future.

Gifting a kid gemstone during birth in most communities symbolized that the kid would grow to be influential and powerful. Besides, most people believed that gifting a child gemstone represented luckiness. Also, there is a belief that jewelry made from gemstones are associated with given thoughts and feelings. For instance, Amethysts were linked with power, while Garnets were associated with wealth and luck. Birthstones are worn according to one’s birth month or the zodiac signs related to the birth month. Also, one can select his or her birthstone according to the week they were born.

Why Birthstone Rings are Popular Gifts.

From ancient times, birthstones were used as popular gits since they were believed to bring healing and restore lost energy. Besides, these stones were known to symbolize people’s fortune and well-being, and thus people often gifted them to their loved ones. Gemstones were believed to be a perfect gift as they solved health and mental problems boosting one’s self-esteem, creating a pathway for success. Birthstones are found in different types in the contemporary world, which can be matched to various birth months and weeks.

The Use of Birthstones as Engagement Rings

In the modern world, it is very trendy to select an engagement ring with a birthstone that matches your partner’s birth month. Most couples prefer birthstones to diamonds. The preference makes an engagement ring logical, appealing, and affordable and meets the couples’ needs. Moreover, most people like having their rings made of birthstones as the main gemstone and diamond engraving it. One can personalize the ring depending on the month of birth to fit his or her unique style. You should know what your ring size is.

Understand the Amount You Would Wish to Spend

Gifting friends and loved ones with birthstones is a popular trend in the modern world, with people preferably giving their loved ones with birthstone rings. For anyone planning to buy a birthstone ring for someone close to their heart, the budget should be a significant factor of consideration as the rings are available in a wide range of prices. Besides, finalizing the budget before purchasing a ring is essential as it helps one find the best ring, having budgeted for it.

Why do Birthstone Rings Symbolize Wealth and Wellness?

For a long time now, birthstones have been used in representing unique feelings since they are popular items that can be used in gifting anyone. Even though the stones are appealing to look at, they are believed to bring happiness and luck to humans. The history of these precious stones can be traced back to the biblical age when people valued and had a lot of faith in them. Besides, the stone is known to be accompanied by extraordinary power for people who put them on.

Emerging Trends in Birthstone Rings.

In today’s world, birthstone rings have been availed in different shapes and forms. Traditionally, Birthstones were only available in the way of rings, while in the contemporary world, the gemstones can be molded into pendants and other types of jewelry. The accessibility and affordability of birthstone rings have increased the number of users who use them in meeting their various needs. Buying birthstone rings has thus become flexible, easy for anyone willing to acquire them. Another significant factor is that the rings are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, creating a variety for customers to choose from.

Types and Designs of Birthstone Rings

The rings are available in different colors and shapes. The most common types of metals used in making rings include gold, silver, and platinum. The type of metal used in making a ring and its shape or size are the major determinants of its cost. The most outstanding feature of rings made from birthstones is that they are made from metals with a beautiful texture and elegant stones. The rings come at a different cost, thus reaching a big target market all over the world. With the increasing number of buyers, these rings’ significance has been changing significantly with the rapid change in their demand.

Birthstone Rings for Babies

Nothing is fancier than a sparkling ring on a baby’s finger. Collections on babies’ rings come in small sizes that fit them properly to prevent them from losing the rings while playing or making them uncomfortable. Besides, baby rings are well equipped in genuine special metals with no sharp edges. The wide selection of baby rings includes traditional styles and adorable looks adorned with teddy bears, the heart, etc.

Couples Birthstone Rings.

These rings are usually made of a pair of stones representing the male and female partners. They are then set in the finest precious metals with various personalized designs. Some of the features used in the rings include romantic statements and touching inscriptions. These kinds of Birthstone rings are usually a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Family Birthstone Rings.

These rings include a stone used in representing each family member’s birth month and are usually arranged in a unique setting made of precious metals. The lineup makes it easy for one to choose a ring based on its beauty and color, from where the family members name may then be engraved on it.

Birthstone Rings for Men

The rings come in different designs that carry a masculine appeal whose emphasis is based on the gemstone’s color with the ability to impress any time of gentleman.

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