Top 5 Workwear Shoes for Women

Workwear Shoes

When it comes to formal footwear for women, they always used to go with high heeled pumps or stilettos. While those pictures used to be the reality once upon a time, luckily, times have changed. In the new world, most banks or corporate offices or workplaces have given the strict dress codes a rest, allowing women to take a sigh of relief, be creative with their outfits and switch things up while keeping the overall vibe formal.

If you’re a working woman who commutes every day to reach your workplace, there are a wide range of women shoes made mainly to offer maximum comfort and support to your legs and feet that you should definitely explore. These footwear options are also chic, elegant, classy and excellent ways of bringing all of your dream work outfits ideas to life without any discomfort.

Here are 5 women shoes that you should definitely have in your collection of go-to work shoes:

  • Mules- If you’re someone who is not very fond of tacky and complicated straps or buckle closure, these backless slip-ons are just what you need. The formal collections include mules in sturdy, long-lasting and comfortable soft leathers, synthetics and suedes. Make sure to go for the right fit and the flexible options as they are easy to style and will also keep your feet relaxed at all times.
  • Platform sandals- As the name suggests, these women shoes have soles that start from the tip and go back to the heel. Unlike other types of heels, platform sandals do not put the entire weight of your body on the ball of your feet but offer even elevation, so your feet are relaxed and in no pain while you carry out your daily duties. Pair one of these with a pencil skirt, cropped trousers, or even a kurta and leggings, and they will instantly brighten up the look.
  • Block heel pumps- For days when you want to spice things up a little or on casual almost weekends when you have plans of joining your friends for dinner after work, having these in your shoe rack is a must. Block heels are something that fit right in with formal attires as well as fun/party attires. You can find these simple yet sophisticated shoes in black, browns, greys and many other striking colours.
  • Women’s loafers- Buying these women shoes is the best decision you will ever make for your feet. Made out of the most breathable and the softest materials with cushioned insoles, loafers are also exceptionally flexible and will always fit snugly around feet, making them the most suitable for everyday use. Not only are they a 10/10 on the comfort front, but they are also available in hundreds of different designs and patterns that go perfectly well with all types of ensembles.
  • Formal slippers- Among the most versatile footwear, slippers are something we all own and use for casual occasions. However, the more formal options in brown and black leathers and sturdy builds will elevate any outfit you decide to wear to work, be it a saree, kurti, trousers, skirts or even a solid dress.

So, if you’re someone who has been sceptical of switching to fancier workwear shoes, this is your cue to let go of old notions about what formal footwear is supposed to look like, stock up on these elegant women shoes and style your best outfits with them!



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