Eye Shapes and Eyelash Extensions- Which is the Most Effective Option for You?

Eye Shapes

Getting a new pair of lashes that matches your face may completely change your appearance. Finding the right style for your eyes may be difficult with so many different eye shapes and lash lengths.

Finding the ideal eyelashes for your eye shape has an equation that helps you create a gorgeous look and brings out the finest of aesthetics.

Get a mirror to identify your eye shape. Ready?

Doll Eye Shape.

Shorter lashes are put on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, while longer lashes are positioned around the center of the eye. This is a fantastic style for monolid, hooded, and almond eyes because it opens up the face and gives it a more youthful appearance.

Almond Eyes.

The most frequent eye shape is almond. They’re nearly twice as long as they are tall, and they’re the most style-friendly form! Clients with almond eyes may wear almost any style they choose because the doe eye, natural eye, and textured maps all look well in pictures and person. As a consequence, deciding on a map is based on the effect your customer is looking for.

Round Eyes.

Round eyes appear more open and brilliant than other eye forms, but the incorrect lash map might make your client look like they’re in a state of shock all the time. Instead of a doe or open eye map, go for a natural or cat-eye map. Concentrating the length toward the outer corners will assist to lengthen the eyes and give the appearance of a more almond eye shape.

Deep-Set Eyes.

When you think of deep-set eyes, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian come to mind. Curly eyelash extensions give your lashes more flair and body shape. If you have a deep-set eye shape, adding extra length to the lash extension will make your eyes seem stunning. The curling lash that elevates a deep-set eye is the best eyelash based on eye shape.

Cat Eye Form.

A lash classic, the cat-eye style comprises shorter lashes on the outer corners of the eyes that progressively extend to long lashes on the inner corners–mimicking the shape of a winged liner! The cat balances out the eye shape and provides a seductive effect, which is ideal for individuals with round eyes. However, those with upturned or downturned eyes should avoid the cat-eye since it can make these eye types seem smaller and unflattering.

One of the most creative and exciting components of lashing is choosing lash maps and curls that compliment your customers’ natural characteristics. These are just a few of the different eye forms you’ll come across in your lash artist profession. Interested in learning more? Consider signing up for our Basic Online Training, which covers all of these forms and more!



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