Social Media Strategies that are Guaranteed to Drive Traffic

Social Media Strategies

Social Media has become a popular platform over the years. More than 3.78 billion people, almost equal to 48% of the global population, use social media. This figure keeps on increasing as more and more people are introduced to smartphones, the internet, and social media platforms.

Other than this, more than 73% of digital marketers have found social media as an effective medium to strengthen their business. Having an effective social media marketing strategy helps in driving quality traffic, lead generation, and conversion.

But how to formulate an effective social media strategy to drive more traffic. Here are several ways to drive traffic through social media!

1) Make your content easily shareable

Your content must reach more and more people. It is only possible when people can share your content easily. When this content goes more people know about your company, it helps create a strong brand image.

You can make your content sharable by adding share buttons to your blogs, post, and videos. You can use essential plugins on your website or blog, making it easy for people to share the content.

More than 41% of people analyze the influence of a social media platform in terms of likes, comments, and shares the forum gets. The higher the number of these metrics, the stronger is the brand credibility. It is also a measure of your strong credibility.

You can also share your insights related to likes comments and share them with your audience to know the popularity of the content. You can even hire a digital marketing firm that can make your content more reachable to people.

Pro Tip: You can use a plugin such as ShareCounter or AddThis, which shares these metrics with your audience. Your viewers can share your content with just one click with these plugins.

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2) Complete your profile properly

Whenever we land over a page, we scroll through the brand’s social media platform or blog. Does the profile speak a lot about Who you are? And What do you want? It would help if you kept all your profile intact with good information and your business.

If people who land our page or website like your content, they will like to know more about the brand and how you operate your business. You should also add links to your other handles so that people can reach out to whichever platform you want.

3) Add visuals to your content

Visuals are an innovative way to represent your content. Visuals have a higher retention capacity, as high as 65%, compared to written content. You should invest more time in making your content more visually interactive.

The visuals must use good HD images, a good color theme, designed layouts, and tell stories. Your blogs should always provide quality information that helps your audience in solving their day-to-day problem. Did you know that tweets that have images are shared 150% more than those without pictures?

You can share visuals links of your picture on a platform like Pinterest, Flickr,, which helps get more traffic on the website.

Pro Tip: You can use Canva to create these graphics for your social media platforms to drive more traffic on them.

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4) Promotion of your content

If you write a good piece of content, it won’t matter unless you have an ideal audience to read it. If you a new bee or you have a small fan base, months will pass by, and you will realize that only a few people have read your content.

You can promote your content through various social platforms, which can fetch you a good audience. Studies have shown that brands that publish more than 15 articles per month and share them on their social media platform generate more than 1,200 leads every month.

You do not have to share the new content consistently. You can share old content as well. You can share your old content in an innovative manner, such as quoting a portion of your article. You can even conduct a poll and ask your audience about the content they want on your platform.

It would help if you shared a piece of content, whether new or old, innovatively and uniquely every time.

Pro Tip:  You can add an internal link in your post to drive traffic to an old post and creating more interaction on old content.

Last few words

Apply these methods, and these methods will produce a good result. It would help if you also kept in mind that social media is a dynamic environment, and their algorithm keeps on changing, and no one can crack it.

You should trial and run various methods and see what works best for you. You can even hire a good digital marketing company that can help you in building a solid social media image.



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