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Why Exercise Won’t Make You Lose Weight


Everybody agrees to the fact that exercising is the best method to lose weight. But sometimes, even after persistent efforts, it may not bear any fruit. Ever wondered why? Going through this article may help you make some sense about the ineffectiveness of your exercising regime. Before we go ahead, it is important to understand that out of all the food we consume, energy received from it depends on 3 major factors - basal metabolic rate, physical activity, and diet-induced thermogenesis. Consequently, these 3 factors determine the result of your efforts when you are exercising regularly. Let’s know about them briefly. Basal Metabolic Rate  It basically refers to the number of calories which your body functions with, when at rest. You can substitute the

4 Rules for New Moms to Accomplish the Fitness Goal

New Moms

Setting a goal is the first step to achieve a healthy and fit body. But even with a goal in mind, you will still not be able to build your motivation and continue to reach for it if you are not going to push yourself. Many people want to accomplish their own fitness goal but their schedules, their other priorities and other things are going in the way. If you are a mom, it would be a bit more difficult for you to reach your fitness goal because of the new responsibility that you have to add to the existing ones. The challenges and the demands of being a mother is one of the reasons why some women gain more weight.

An Informative Guide – Types of Weight Loss Surgery in India

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery helps you in loosing excess weight and also helps you in keeping far away from the diseases which are caused due to obesity. Overweight or weight gain is a matter to consider as this can lead to a big problem if continues for a long time. If you are over weighed, you need to think of ways to remove it and gain a normal weight. If you are still unable to lose weight it is good to opt for the weight-loss (bariatric) surgery. This can best help an individual to lower the risk of medical problems that are associated with obesity and lose weight. Weight Loss Surgery in India Contributes in Two Ways: Malabsorption This surgery is used to shorten