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Try out These 3 Online Slots Tricks That Online Casinos Never want You to Know

If you’re figuring out some ideas to beat online casinos on their online slots games, you must’ve crossed a hundred mountains, and swam the deepest seas for answers. Sometimes, you’re probably fortunate enough to find great pieces of advice, but there are chances when you get not-so-helpful online casino tips, right?

With that, we came up with the idea to help you out on your online slots concerns. That’s why we gathered some of these tips and tricks that online casinos never wish you to know. 

As you give this read some time, you’ll start to discover the answers you’ve been searching for so long. And as you play online slots games again, you’ll know how to boost your win! 

So, don’t wait for the full moon to show up, look no further, and continue through the pages instead.

1. The no-deposit online casino bonuses

The first thing on our list of online slots tips and tricks is the no-deposit online casino bonuses. If you’re wondering what this online slots tip or trick means, know that it’s close to free money. 

The no-deposit bonuses come with a package of bonus funds that don’t require any deposit. So, when you get a £10 no-deposit bonus on your next online slots game after signing up, take the chance as it will boost the opportunity for you to play online slots for free!

2. Choose the best online slots to gain wins.

When betting on a game with your money, you must be careful with every move you make. And when it comes to playing online slots, you must go with the online slot game that’s worth your time and money simultaneously.

Here’s a tip that for sure works – no matter how long you’ve been obsessed with or no matter how much you like an online slot game, as long as you haven’t gained wins, then you better leave it behind and seek for other online slots that are worth it. 

One online slot game’s RTPs (return to player) may be better than the other online slots. However, playing online slots with higher RTP doesn’t guarantee consistent winning, okay? 

What’s more important is to consider the random number generators when choosing an online slot. It’s because it’s not how big the money you invest in that will boost your chances to win in an online slot game, the random number generator guarantees that every spin you make has fair shots of winning. 

3. Free spin rounds.

Another tip or trick you shouldn’t miss when playing online slots is to take advantage of the free spin rounds. Free spins are one of the many ways online casinos use to lure both old and new players to their online casino website. 

So, take this chance not only to play without spending a single cent but also to gain wins. Free spins are also a good opportunity for you to test the waters of online slots. Now that you know how it works, then you shouldn’t let this chance slip out from the palm of your hands.

Whether you’re an avid fan of online slots or wishing to try them sooner or someday, these tricks will surely help you gain wins more than you could ever know. So, before you give online slots a shot, make sure to keep these in mind to guarantee your chances of earning money! 


Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for TopSlot Site. It gained prominence as the best slots sites for many gamers in the UK and across the world. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watching on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.

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Benefits of Hybrid Applications

The number of mobile users is rising every day. With that, digital marketing on smartphones has become a predominant marketing strategy. Therefore brands who are trying to engage and charm more consumers should adopt this global trend. Otherwise, they will be out of the competition.

Companies can think or create their platform specifically for native applications or hybrid apps to serve better. Hybrid apps can be used on both platforms, including Android and iOS.

What is the difference between Native and Hybrid Applications?

There are differences between native and hybrid applications. Few of them include:

Native Applications

It uses language that is specifically for the platform, such as Objective C or Java. It interacts with all the native characteristics of mobile devices of users and standard UI elements.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications resemble web apps’ features and have native qualities and web view experienced through the native browser of users. A web developer with knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS can create high-quality hybrid applications.

What are the benefits of hybrid applications?

There are many advantages of hybrid Mobile App Development Solutions. However, here are the top benefits of creating hybrid apps compared to native applications.

Low cost and easy to develop

Now, businesses do not have to invest separately in creating various versions of applications for multiple platforms because of unified Mobile App Development Solutions of hybrid mobile apps. Rather than that, hybrid frameworks enable web developers to create a single version, write and maintain separate code bases for multiple platforms. This hybrid framework approach saves a remarkable amount of money for small brands that want to invest less and generate more revenue.

Offers the same experience as native along with simple backend

The native application delivers the best user experience, but a hybrid application also provides the same experience and keeps the backend structure comfortable. You can choose comprehensive development frameworks to create a hybrid app UX that meets the device-specific characteristics. The User experience remains seamless even during operating on fixes and updates across all platforms.

Creative ideas to meet the expectations of the target audience

Common and ordinary web apps don’t connect with the operating system and built-in environment of the device. They are not as intellectual as evolved applications of today’s era and fail to emulate much polished native apps.

Hybrid applications are smart and sophisticated as they stay in touch with device OS with their inherent features without much overhead. It allows web developers to dig more into ideas of more creative concepts. It is how hybrid applications capture more attention of the target audience.

High speed and performance

Native applications have set a benchmark in terms of speed and performance. However, when we talk about hybrid applications, there is no need to worry about speed and performance. On a practical basis, if we compare other smartphone development apps, hybrid development apps are quicker than responsive websites or mobile apps.

Hybrid apps don’t rely much on network communication; a hybrid development app is always about to operate quickly on the device screen when users are more than one.

Twitter is the best example of a hybrid web development app. It handles an incredible amount of traffic every day.

Eye-catching UI/UX designs

There are two major core elements of any web development process; consistent experience and attractive design. With the help of the hybrid custom mobile app development process, you can be assured that your mobile app provides excellent user interface experience and seamless performance to audiences.

Hybrid applications can enter the app store quickly because of its un-compromised operation and look on each platform. Users do not feel the issues of noticing low performance or loading time when using the various OS. All these things make it a preferable option for businesses that require maximum engagement on both iOS and Android device audiences.

Offline support

One of the most rewarding characteristics of any hybrid application could be offline support. It is perfect for the users who:

  • Don’t have unlimited data plans
  • Live in non-urban or underdeveloped areas
  • Have interruptive data connection
  • Are always on the go

Pure web applications are beneficial for the audience in developed areas with high speed and seamless internet connection.

Hassle-free integration with other apps

A traditional or native app runs only on the same OS. It makes it difficult for users to make it integrate or work in harmony with some other apps. There is very little inter-app interaction.

Hybrid mobile applications are free from such kinds of problems. It can seamlessly integrate with other apps, which is an excellent benefit to hybrid app developers who would put extra effort into integration. Apart from that, users will not feel even slight friction while using hybrid applications because they effortlessly connect with the device’s system algorithm the same as native app operations.

Final words

It is crucial to take advantage of the hybrid apps that provide excellent speed and comparatively lower mobile app development costs. Hybrid mobile apps resolve the issue of targeting every platform, which we face with the native apps. With the guidance of custom Mobile App Development, it will be easy to collect the quickest spot in the online app store market.

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10 Best App Development Ideas For 2020

A startup is based on an idea and, if the concept is excellent, the chances of reaching the peak of success increase in multiples. In this era of tech impressions, getting your hands on a mobile app and digitizing your startup is a smart move.

This article will provide you with information about startup application trend ideas that will help you filter the best proposal for your business and add more value to it.Let’s take a look at some of the unique mobile app ideas that can transform your business if successfully adopted:

1.  Medical app: offer delivery of medicines to sick people

The field of medicine is another important sector that has witnessed a considerable jump in the number of applications. From searching local pharmacies to reviewing your medical bills, many mobile apps offer all mobile drug related services.

And if you’re forced to enter the medical industry, you should package your app with some additional features that are lacking in other similar apps.These are some of the features that you should include in your application:

  • List of nearby pharmacies.
  • List of the best doctors in the respective fields.
  • Client’s medical summary.
  • List of medical terms and their meanings.
  • Record of all possible diseases and their symptoms.
  1. Augmented reality (AR) app: Real world connections

Augmented reality has a wide reach and in the case of mobile applications and developers have already begun to take full advantage of it. AR (Augmented Reality) superimposes computer-generated images on the view of reality, resulting in a composite view that increases the imaginations of the real world.

AR apps include virtual showrooms and interactive map overlays. If you look at the app stores, iOS has the ARKIT and AMIKASA apps, while Google users can make use of Google Photos, WALLAME, HOLO and much more.

Here are some great app ideas you can implement in your next mobile app:

  • Virtual interior design application
  • Shopping center navigation application
  • Clothing application
  • Makeup test application
  1. Grocery apps: the next household name

Each of us has to go shopping at least once a month. For the most part, people tend to choose their things on the first ten days of the month. Therefore, an application that can help the user add products to their cart throughout the month and schedule it for a set date will be helpful and conducive. Also, a supermarket app will help retailers overcome challenges with ease.

Various grocery apps have already hit the market and already offer many benefits to various users. To stand out, you need to add some USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and make your app stand out from the crowd.

This is what you can offer:

  • There’s no minimum order
  • Cash back on every purchase
  • Zero cancellation fee
  • Price comparison between stores
  1. Student Aid Application: Facilitate In Assignments

In a student assistance app, there can be many features that you can fill out. For example, an application that can help students write projects or essays will be of great help to students.

Here are some examples of the main application ideas:

  • School Project Mobile App – A school project app will allow students to search for group members to complete team projects and other academic projects that require students to collaborate.
  • Bookstore app: This type of app can help students find the closest stationery and bookstore, and even compare book prices before leaving. You will save time and money.
  • Mobile application for student management: an application where parents are aware of their children’s attendance, grades, homework and evaluations. All this admitted by the educational unit.
  1. Daily Planner app to relieve stress

In this whirlwind world, it is difficult to remember all your daily tasks and manage them all at the preferred time. Sometimes we also miss our meals and medications amidst all this juggling.

So, a productivity app that can plan your day will solve all this mess and can save you time in organizing your daily activities from your first alarm to your last goodbye message to your loved ones. Also, sending reminders at regular intervals about established activities will eliminate the additional user burden.

The following are some of the applications you can refer to:

  • do: To-do list: calendar, reminders and planner
  • Planner Pro: personal organizer
  • Microsoft Planner: plan it
  1. Kitchen guide app: for smart housewives and mothers

Many people have cooking as their favorite hobby and an application that can instruct the user with various recipes and ingredients can work wonders. Therefore, investing in such an application will be quite fruitful.

Be sure to add a USP to your application so that it can have its own reputation. These are

  • Jamie Oliver’s Recipes
  • com
  • Yummly
  1. Meditation application

Make 2020 the year you find your inner peace! If we look at the statistics for the past few years, there has been an increase in mental health related issues, and this is where effective meditation applications come into play.

Meditation practices are known to reduce stress and calm people, making it one of the best ideas for a startup.These are some of the best meditation apps:

  • The Mindfulness App
  • Headspace
  • Calm
  1. Music app for everyday hustle

Music is one of those fields where there can be many related applications. If you are thinking of getting some of the other music apps, you can ponder the main app ideas mentioned below:

  • Google play music
  • Apple music
  • YouTube Music
  • Spotify
  • Shazam
  • Amazon

We recommend for this sector to study ideas such as:

  • Band Members App – An app that can help you find band members.
  • Playlist app – An app that can allow user to create their own playlist and also suggest user latest song playlist.
  • Music Share App: It would also be great if there can be a dedicated app that allows user to share their favorite song on the go.
  1. Maps and navigation app with some extra features

Google Maps is one of the best applications to search for navigation. Google Maps is not limited to maps only; It also shows nearby places like ATMs, fuel stations, restaurants and more, says Page Traffic, one of the top SEO agencies.

Some of the ideas that we can indicate for this sector are:

  • Live Vehicle Report: Many of us face sudden hiccup problem while driving and this is due to prolonged monitoring of vehicle condition. Therefore, an app that can track vehicle health at regular intervals can prove to be a boon for all vehicle owners.
  • Speed ​​Tracking App – In this app, you can put a limit on a particular speed digit, exceeding, which can turn off the ignition.
  • Commercial Parking App Idea: Finding parking in a crowded location is a chore, so an app that can fix this will be beneficial to users. In addition, indicating the distance and the availability status of parking will add the desired value to your application.
  1. Restaurant reservation appfor special nights

Going out and getting a table on the weekends is simply an arduous task in some cases. Some may want to go to dinner and others may opt for rock parties, and if an app allows the user to reserve the table early enough, it will only be great.

Currently, many of these applications offer similar services, so it would be advisable to start an application that does more than just reserve the table. For example:

  • Adding discounts and money back will benefit the user and add more value to the application.
  • Find unique and great way to promote a restaurant.


If you want to implement any such app creation ideas, then you have two options for app development. Either you go for an app development company but that costs a lot more than expected and takes time. On the other hand, you can use an app builder to lower the costs and creation time.

For example: APPSTYLO is the best free app builder which allows you to drag and drop the components to create app designs. We hope you liked our top 10 best app development ideas for 2020. If you have any queries do let us know in the comment section.

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Features and Costing of creating eLearning Mobile apps

With everything going online, learning has also gone digital.  eLearning mobile applications are the latest trend in electronic media. Though the term e-learning was first used in October 1999 at a CBT Systems Seminar in Los Angeles, the idea gained momentum in India after the introduction of smart classes. The providers of smart classes launched personalized applications for students focusing on the K-12 group. But now, you can even pursue an MBA from a top-notch college, in India or abroad, with the help of an application.

If you own an educational institute, the idea of creating an application for your institute must have crossed your mind. But with great ideas comes great responsibilities and so you must know what the features required for a good e-learning mobile applications are.

Features of a Good eLearning app:

Features of a Good eLearning app

A good E-Learning app must have certain features on which users can rely. Also, the costing of the app depends on the number of features added to the eLearning application. Let’s discuss how.

Basic or must-have features:

The following features are the most basic ones for any eLearning mobile application.

  • Ask for review:

Asking users for their reviews is an essential feature that your eLearning app must-have. This feature helps in SEO as well as in making strategies for your future business. Also, if we talk about customer psychology, most of the mobile app users read reviews before buying any subscription.

  • Ask for signup:

The signup feature again adds a sense of customer loyalty. It also helps in personalizing the app for the users. In an eLearning app, you can add different signup profiles too. Such as student profile, tutor profile, college/school profile, etc.

Creating individual profiles also helps in tracking users and working on the app updates accordingly.

Differentiate your app from others:

If you add the following features to your eLearning mobile application, then your application will stand out of the league.

  • Camera accessibility:

Since eLearning mobile applications involve students and tutors, giving camera accessibility will help in providing a much better-personalized experience for users. Also, if a user is paying to buy a subscription, he/she will expect such things.

  • Help parents in monitoring:

If parents can keep a check on the progress of their child, they will love your application. This can be thought practically like when our parents send us to tuition; they do visit the institute from time to time to keep a check on our progress. This feature will work in the same way.

Features you can add for better user experience:

  • Multiple Payment gateways:

Allowing users with multiple payment gateways is always a positive thing to do. This is because everyone uses different payment modes. You can also give discounts based on these payment modes.

  • Chat Boxes are always cool:

When it comes to query solving, video calling is not always the best option. Here, chatbox comes into action. Chat Boxes can help in 24×7 query resolving. Another feature can be added here of turning on or off the chat option, i.e., online and offline. This way, it will help in maintaining the privacy of the tutors too.

Category wise panel distribution:

Certain features can be added according to the panel, which means different features for student panel or tutor panel. By categorizing the key elements will also make the app look clean.


The unique features of the student panel can be as below:-

  • Course selection
  • Downloading resources


Tutor need some best in class features as:-

  • Upload resources
  • Go Live
  • Chat with users


Providing these great features to parents will help your business up to a great extent:

  • Monitor the child’s progress
  • Voice/video calling with the tutor


The admin needs special care. The following features will help:

  • Manage subscriptions
  • Manage content

Technologies that can be used to develop eLearning mobile application:

Out of all the technologies present in the market, the top technologies that must be used for developing an eLearning mobile application are:

  • Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality will create better content and an environment for users.

  • Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality develops an artificial graphical projection in the physical environment.

  • Cloud Storage:

Amazon Web Services or AWS provides you with cloud storage to store all your content. This helps in accessing the data anytime, anywhere.

The number of hands required:

  1. A great team leader
  2. An excellent UI/UX developer
  3. Smart Quality Analysts
  4. Responsible System Administrator
  5. Cool Project Manager
  6. An intelligent Program Developer

Cost so formed:

Now we come to the costing part. So pick your cart!

The costing is directly proportional to the features you add in your eLearning mobile application. And the quality of the application is directly proportional to the number of features.

The cost also depends on the platform for which the application has to be developed.



For Android app platform  23k
For iOS app platform  28k
For Windows app platform  18k
Hire developer  USD 15 per hour

Know your competitors too:

Before you step into an industry you must know about your competitors so that you prepare well.

  • Unacademy:

Founded in 2010 by Hemesh Singh, Unacademy is India’s largest eLearning app. It is being loved by users because of its live lecture feature.

  • Toppr:

Toppr was founded in 2013 and it has always focused on after school personalized learning. As per FortuneIndia, E-learning app Toppr eyes 8 million users in a year.

  • Vedantu:

Vedantu is an interactive online tutoring platform that was founded in 2011. Here, teachers provide online school tuitions to students, using a real-time virtual learning environment named WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment). WAVE is an in-house technology of Vedantu.


The cost of creating an eLearning mobile application completely depends on the features you want in your app. A top mobile app development company will help you with the best solutions. Also, if you have any other idea regarding the features that an eLearning mobile application must have, then you can hire mobile app developers for your personalized touches.

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Challenges Faced By Your Taxi Businesses without A Taxi Booking App

We can’t imagine those days where we used to wait for hours on the roadside to hail a taxi. It was very difficult, especially during late-night hours, to travel from one place to another place.
This was totally changed with the emerging taxi booking app like Uber, Ola. They made a remarkable change in the taxi business industry, and the challenges faced by a taxi business without the taxi booking app were vanishing one by one.
You may like to know the challenges faced by the traditional taxi business to know how the taxi booking app made a revolutionary in the whole taxi business industry.
In this article, you will be able to find the challenges faced by a taxi business without a taxi booking app.
Important Challenges Faced By Taxi Business Without a Taxi Booking App
1. Time leveraging to hire a taxi

time leveraging

Nowadays, almost all are on a tight schedule, and they want to use their time for any long or short commute efficiently. The riders are always in search of high-speed ride-hailing service, and the driver partners of the taxi business are looking for the nearby customer location.
The bridge to connect both parties is an effective taxi mobile app. These mobile apps will help to reduce the time to hire a taxi when compared to the traditional way of hiring a cab.
2. Business productivity at stake

business productivity

In the traditional taxi business, it was very difficult to track the driver’s productivity. The driver may sit idle for the whole day and the management will not be able to track their efficiency or number of ride services provided by the driver. Still, the driver may receive the monthly income from the taxi business owner. Gradually the business productivity will be at stake.
With the development of the taxi mobile app for the driver, it is easy to track the real-time activities of the driver and simple to evaluate the efficiency, the overall business productivity by tracking the number of ride services offered to customers.
3. Route optimization and location tracking

route optomization

In the traditional taxi business, drivers or the customers may not know the exact location to be reached and they may need to enquire on the way to reach the place. But with the taxi booking app, it is very simple to track the location by enabling GPS features in the app.

The advanced features in the taxi booking app will enable to optimize the route by selecting the shortest and traffic-free route. This will reduce the fuel cost, the operational cost of running a taxi. This feature will be cost-effective when compared to the traditional method.

4. Maintaining the fleets

maintaining fleets

Maintaining fleets play a major role in the taxi business. In the traditional taxi business, this factor was not considered as a priority. No measures were taken prior to maintaining the fleets. It was taken care of or serviced only during the breakdown of the fleets.
But with taxi mobile app, it is easy to maintain the fleets by optimizing the fuel usage with route optimization features and this will be able to prevent avoidable breakdowns.

Effective monitoring and tracking of the vehicles in real-time will enable the management to take timely actions. Overall, it will help to optimize the time and money for the successful future of the taxi business growth.

5. Coordinating with real-time customer feedback

The customer is the king of any business. For proper taxi business growth, real-time customer feedback is very important. When the taxi drivers misbehave with the customers, it is not noticed or managed by the taxi business owners in the traditional taxi business. It becomes difficult to coordinate with real-time customer feedback without a taxi booking app.
But with the taxi booking app, it is easy for the customers to provide real-time feedback and score the rating based on the ride experience with the driver. This will help the management to tackle the real-time issues and provide the best services as per the customer feedback.
In this article, you will be able to find the real-time challenges faced by the taxi business without a taxi booking app. The taxi booking app is accompanied by advanced features to track the location, optimize the fuel usage, customer feedback, and maintain the fleets. The traditional taxi business faced all these challenges.
The taxi booking app provides more convenient for the customers to have a safe and fast ride to their desired location.
Always choose the best taxi dispatch software to build and advance your taxi business growth.
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How are Mobile Devices and Apps Helpful for Healthcare?

Smartphones are now common in healthcare settings and we have seen an instant growth in the healthcare applications development for different platforms.

Many different types of mobile applications are available for healthcare professionals to do essential tasks like maintaining patients’ records, communications and consulting, patient management and monitoring, medical education and training, and so on.

The most significant advantage offered by mobile devices and applications is that they allow access to point-of-care tools that enable healthcare professionals to support better clinical decision making and patient outcomes.

The healthcare industry needs to to establish better standards and validation practices about mobile apps in order to ensure the proper use and integration of such tools into medical practice. Implementing such measures will raise the bars for the medical app market, enhance app quality, and increase the safety of using such applications by professionals.

5 ways mobile technology is transforming healthcare

1. Enhanced patient safety

One of the best things about digital applications is that they can give patients tools to manage their own health. Today, no one can remember each and every thing discussed during a doctor visit, but people can add details from these conversations in their personal app and gain a huge advance regarding patient safety.

2. New business models

The explosion of inbound data from sensors and devices offers healthcare professionals new possibilities for patient care. However, healthcare business models are not well suited for systems that bring in an influx of patient data. Managing all of this inbound data could be done by new companies that focus on data management.

There are many call centers staffed with nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals who can manage and respond to all of this inbound data. Additionally, digital health apps allow providers to handle and coordinate patient care in difficult environments.

3. Superior access to care

In this digital era, patients and doctors no longer need to always be in the same location. Patients with chronic diseases, living in rural areas, or with limited local access to doctors can get treatment on time with ease thanks to mobile health technology.

4. Minimize Medicare fraud

Medicare is concerned about the potential for an explosion of costs from digital interactions because of the increased patient access to care. Medical applications can reduce about 60% of fraud and increase profit to healthcare centers. The reason is because digital applications enable healthcare professionals to track people and transactions in effective time. Medicare can acquire location and time data from these digital health apps in order to check for fraud.

5. Better patient engagement

Long lines, poor service quality, complexity, and other factors discourage patients from engaging more with the healthcare system. Many of these factors are unnecessary. Why should you wait for doctors in their clinic? Applications can notify patients in real time via text if a physician is running late, or remind them that it’s time to take their pills. Apps can help people reduce difficulty.

3 advantages of mobile devices and apps

1. Convenience

Mobile applications give healthcare professionals the convenience of flexible communication, portability, rapid access to information, and other things. Now healthcare professionals don’t have to carry reference books around because they can access information through mobile devices.

2. Better clinical decision making

Mobile devices integrated with medical applications become invaluable tools to support clinical decision making, including supporting the practice of evidence-based medicine, at the point of care. Mobile applications can provide information about disease diagnosis and management from medical textbooks and other clinical evidence. Additionally, they can help pharmacists with instant access to medical references and multiple drug information sources.

3. Increased efficiency

Mobile devices can enhance the wholeness and precision of patient documentation. They can enable more accurate diagnostic coding, documentation of side effects, and attention to medication safety, all of which can minimize medical errors.

It can also be easier and more effective for doctors to prepare high-quality clinical documentation, including detailed descriptions of clinical findings and proper progress assessments, on a mobile device versus using paper records.

Future trends for mobile devices and apps in healthcare

There will be many predictions about trends in the use of mobile devices and apps. However, applications must help achieve the ultimate goal of the healthcare system: prevention and management of chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Patient care management and compliance is complex and applications can successfully address these issues. An application that enables excellent communication among physicians, patients, and other resources will be recognized as an important asset.

Many healthcare app developers are building remarkable applications that consider future needs. If you are planning to develop mobile apps for healthcare, make sure to include larger databases and clinical decision support prompts that help in clinical decision making.

Mobile Apps Technology

7 iOS Apps that can Support the Students in Improving their Educational Workflow

This new age is all about technology and its best usage. These up-to-dated gadgets in use today have proved the proposition at its best.  However, some apps are designed and developed to safeguard the wellbeing of the students. These iOS apps turn out to be the best pal for the students, along with improving their productivity. Several apps are profound for the maximum efforts and student’s progress. All these apps encompass the students’ affiliated problems and generate better solutions. Have a look at these 7 iOS apps that perform in a great deal for the students.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an editorial app that signifies the importance of a well-written sentence. It helps to construct a good post or help you in completing your assignments. This technology is widely known as a keyboard-friendly application. Often, when you are in a hurry or having difficulty to structure a decent sentence, this is where Grammarly strikes in. In fact, the tagline of Grammarly is all about, ‘type with confidence, pumping the courage to initiate your task. It’s a keyboard, which is synchronized with all your apps, whether it is an Instagram caption or a college application. You can now do it with the little help of your keyboard instructor. With just $29.99 per month, you will have the comfort and confidence in your writing.

  1. Oxford dictionary

The learning pioneers, Oxford dictionary, is said to have 350,000 words stored with meanings and sentences. It has 75,000 audio pronunciations available with the experience of 150 years and optimized search tools for the betterment of students. It is also free to use and the best feature is that this application is ad-free. Now, you can learn without having distractions. Also, it works in offline mode too. If a difficult word pops up, you can safe it in your dictionary to have its meaning, origin, and sentence to use it later. It also snaps the photo of your assigned word for you to go through it later on.

  1. Photomath

Having trouble in learning and understanding math? ‘Fear not! Your Photomath is here’. It’s an educational app built to learn math. The best feature of the application is that it can be used without connecting it to data.  From the basic math problem to pre-calculus and trigonometry, Photomath can handle everything. This app is launched for the ease of students and given the accessibility to use anywhere.

  1. Mybib

Mybib is a Harvard citation application. This app can cite any link by using URLs and helps in managing your assignments within the due date. From your journals to assignments, it caters all your homework essentials. Be it videos, images, or quotes, just cite it with Mybib and you are good to go. It’s free of cost for all its users. The aim of Mybib is to project productivity to the students.


  1. StudyBlue

This application holds 10 million plus students with even greater number of the flash cards. This app is used for creating notes at any given time. It help the students to prepare themselves on the topic that they just covered. StudyBlue can also create test for revision purposes. Creating and sharing of flash cards with your friends or peers was never this easy.  Now, group studies can be more compelling with the use of an innovative app. You can create an account for free on StudyBlue for which, internet connection is a must. The best feature it provides is the sharing of flash cards and finding different ones from all over the world.

  1. Forest

This app not just connects you with your task at hand, but also with the nature. The app’s objective is to set your task and focus on it. The step one requires to optimize the timer on it and with each half an hour, the tree grows. If you use your phone before the given time, your tree will die. It demands you to prioritize your work and spend less time on your phone. It also urges you to be productive with the task at hand and use your time wisely.

  1. Class Timetable

For students, the most appropriate gift used to be watch that screams, be on time! But, as the world progressed, the techniques have changed and in the digital world, the apps are much more entertaining. Class Timetable is the best app for the students where they can have their routine, classes, and the events planned beforehand. It has multiple schedules for the week to ease the students. With the fun and colorful interface, it has attracted almost 5 million students. The app has multiple languages for all the students in the world. In addition, it is free for all its users.

With the help of this amazing insurgence in the technology every student is deemed to get an output from it. Each app is designed in a way that works for the welfare of the students; from their learning to organizing. Now, everything can be done and said on the mobile phones. When needed a little push to study, use the app to detour yourself from your phone. All these innovations are working for a better and easier environment.

Students having any problem regarding math or any other assignment can be directly connected to the world through these apps. They can get the multiple solutions for a problem. But, still if you are having trouble, use University Coursework Assistance, which is here to help and give you support regarding any challenges. Remember, an organized student is ready to tackle anything.

There are times when a student has to face many problems but, they also create many memories with it. All the chaos and uncertainty students face; these apps provide an essence of comfort for its users.

Education Mobile Apps

How does the Education App is Connected with Future Technology?

Education is a tool to enhance a person to do their work with every technical aspect. The technical aspects of the educational app must be well known to the reader. Due to the increase of internet users, most of the enthusiastic person looks out for the source to gather information and apply for their practical thinking.

Many online sites have developed their visitors due to their user’s requirements. Most of the education sites were getting high traffic than other professions. Even the technology has updated and increased the visual strategy to make the reader get to understand the concept easily. Technology such as virtual and augmented reality is booming in the education industries.

Many schools and institutions have adopted this technology for educational purposes. It creates an interactive approach with the readers. Top companies have invested their one of the sources to the online education platform because they know that this is going to be the future of education. It changes the whole tradition way to learn a concept. And even the learners get increased due to the compact and interactive manner of approach. Thus I have mentioned below the impact and interact of education apps via technology.

Why does the online tutorial app reach beyond its surface?

The online tutorial app is getting enormous height in the sense of getting engaged with the learners. Many reasons might be threading between them. It may be due to its wide range of course availability. It plays with an interactive approach.  Even the tutorial app is started to earn money due to its familiar method to teach than a particular teacher to teach stuff. There are many tutorial apps around the play store to support the students in means of interactive sessions.

And also it offers a certification course, some might be paid and some might non-paid, it’s a free version course. The top tutorial apps are Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, edX, etc. It offers certification by joining a top university. The certification will be valid and worth more than the free version certification type. The above-mentioned tutorial app is famous among the students with their interactive level of coaching. The lectures were selected from the most admirable institution.

Many MNC companies have started their sessions using the tutorial apps. This tutorial app helps by resuming the session when you require taking a break. Some of the apps are paid versions, with a powerful certification and training level. It enhances the learners to learn in a more practical approach. Consider if you want to learn the programming language such as python, the apps will give you a platform to code and learn practically by supporting when the error occurs. These kinds of features have raised the tutorial apps to get invested by the top investors like Bill Gates and more.

Virtual Reality with more fun

Virtual reality is the busiest technology among app developers. It engages their users in a more interactive way. Most of the companies in any field were started to adopt this technology. It creates an artificial view of the process by using the coding and the sensors. Many students were getting interested in virtual reality. It emphasizes the student to engage with the subjects due to its features that it can give you an informative solution than which has been at the historical level.

  1. Google Translate: A conventional way to approach the translate method for languages by Google which is not like a VR but the feature it uses will function as a VR with a Camera. It can translate 30 languages by aiming their camera at Students and helps to watch in real-time as the text is translated. It is more useful to know a subject which is related to the subject but the language is different and cannot understand. It just translates the language and help the students to gather knowledge easily.
  2. Quiver: To view the images in 3D with the help of virtual reality, this app will be more useful.
  3. Earth AR: To view the Earth with every possible angle in a movement to create more interactive with the geographic content this app can be used.
  4.  Cleanopolis: To learn about greenery science this app is a powerful approach in means of learning with engagement and interactive manner. It will be more fun to learn in the classroom about carbon dioxide. It allocates their minds about the world to be saving by cleaning it.
  5.  Public Speaking: Those have fear with the stage to speak out; this app will be more helpful in stage experience. It helps the students to prepare for any discussion without any hesitation.
  6. Boulevard: Arts lovers can be benefited from this app. It has been used to interact with the museums and engage with the famous artworks. The art students can improve their creativity with live virtual images.
  7. Unimersiv: History can be made again by the usage of the Unimersiv app. It creates a virtual historic moment which will help to know the history with more live and interesting to learn.

Augmented Reality

This technology can be used in many useful ways for engineering and interior design students. It allows the user to use the app such as for in terms of engineering. Civil engineers were using this app for AutoCAD. It eliminates the overtime to be consumed by creating the design using desktop. And those who are studying the interior designs, the augmented app will be more useful to judge the suitable design without any cost of time and bucks.

Final Words

Education is a very important role in every human. The technology must be used in an appropriate method that can leverage the future. The online tutorial app was growing faster to enhance students with multiple platforms. It makes it easy for them to grasp the knowledge without the classrooms. The virtual reality and augmented reality apps are increasing in the play store for educating learners with a more interactive solution. The future has to be performed practically, so society can be benefit from the educators.

Mobile Apps Technology

4 Must-Know Reasons Why Most Apps Fail On App Stores

In the complex world of mobile app development / Android, iOS, creating well-built and downloadable apps is quite an achievement, especially for independent developers. But after launching the app, goes on to garner lots of downloads and become a hugely successful app could feel like an insurmountable feat that only a few programmers have been able to achieve, as about 75 percent of apps are only downloaded once and abandoned on app stores even though mobile apps are time-consuming to create.

Worse off, the competition for the top spots in app stores is fierce as many apps owners employ complex marketing strategies to give their app a fighting chance (to get lots of download and, hopefully, have active usage). But this is impossible if some certain important strategies are not implemented. In other to do that, you need to know what the strategies are.

And listed and discussed below in the article are 4 must-know reasons why most apps fail on app stores.

  1. Improper market research

After the concept of the app is birthed, what comes next is extensive market research. This is a tedious and lengthy process to understand the current nature of the market. It is a much-needed step that will shot you to success after the mobile app development / Android, iOS process.

Market researched techniques covers techniques that are quantitative in nature (Secondary data analysis). And techniques that are qualitative in nature (Ethnography, in-depth interviews, and focus groups). Specifically speaking, you are gathering information about your;

  • Industry and market environment
  • The target audience – prospects and customers
  • Market demographics – market size and trends, business regulations, sociographies, marketing channels, and marketing channels.
  • Your competitors, especially major players in the industry, and so on.

At the end of your research, you should be able to identify your customer precisely and be able to evaluate their needs and the best ways to reach out to them through online marketing means.

  1. Inadequate mobile application testing

High-quality UX is now the norm of the day as many smartphone users today expect the apps in their phone to be more intuitive and spruced up with the relevant contents that are suitable to the users’ needs. A programmer cannot achieve this feat without adequate mobile app testing. In fact, mobile app testing is a crucial part of the mobile app development / Android, iOS efforts. That is why it is a huge mistake to exclude it from the process. That being said, mobile app testing is a complex process.

And there are different types of mobile app testing you need to know. Here are 6 types of mobile app testing that are integrated into the process.

  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Interruption testing
  • Installation testing
  • Security testing

As you can see, each type of testing listed above is done to test a specific function of the app. All of them must be carried out effectively.

  1. Poor user experience

Apps were meant to be used by humans. That is why good user experience (UX) is incredibly important. Nobody will use an app that it is a struggle to perform basic functions. Or it is difficult to figure out core functionalities. It cannot be emphasized enough that your app user interface should be build so it enables easy navigation time. To have a great user experience, you should fix these issues;

  • Slow loading time
  • Clumsy registration process
  • Clunky, dysfunctional, dated or just bad user interface
  • Crash issues
  • And make sure you do not make users shout at the top of their lungs because your app is insufferable. That is why you need to consider it in your mobile app development / Android, iOS process
  1. Lack of proper personalization

Every successful app on the market has this in common – they are relevant, very useful and valuable. And the only way these apps were able to achieve this feat is by providing their users personalized experience. This will inevitably increase the app retention rate, enhances the experience and improve engagement. However, to effectively personalize your app, you need to do this:

  • Customized onboarding experience
  • In-app and push notifications
  • Artificial intelligence
  • In-app community
  • Rewards and incentives (if you can afford it)
  1. Inefficient marketing campaigns

In other to build a successful app, you must learn to plan, execute, create and analyze successful marketing campaigns. The truth is, creating a well-built app is only one part of the problem. The other part is an effective marketing campaign (this is how important it is). Nobody will know that your app has been launched on app stores if there is no promotion except family, friends and some acquaintances.

That is why you need to run effective marketing campaigns to get the news to as many people as you possibly can. In other to do this, you need to do social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, direct marketing, and run other types of advertising campaigns, especially through digital channels.

Final Thoughts

It is clear the rapidly increasing demand for better apps has caused a lot of interest in professional mobile app development / Android, iOS using the proper tools and expertise. But it takes more than that to build a successful app. In fact, there are a lot of things that needs to be put into consideration before you start the building process.

Also, it is crucial to get your online and offline marketing strategies on point too, among all the things discussed in this post. These will definitely increase the odds of your app succeeding when it is launched on app stores.

Author Bio: 

Elena Randall is a Content Creator Who works for Top Software Companies, provides a top 10 list of top software development companies within the world. She is passionate about reading and writing.

Mobile Apps Technology

Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Crash

One common problem with mobile apps is occasion crashing. In fact, most apps crash at least once in month. The only difference is that some of them crash more often than others. This does not really have to do with the competence of the app developers because most successful apps also crash. Facebook app is one of the most successful mobile apps and it is built and closely monitored by highly experienced app developers but it also crashes albeit not often.

So this article discusses why mobile apps crash. When several app developers were interviewed, the reasons below were given. 

  1. Too much code

Most of the app developers interviewed agree that too much code can cause frequent crashes. So, they advise that it is better to use a set of codes that are already written and used by many other app developers. You can only add little codes of yours for some unique functionality. Don’t write your codes from scratch if you can avoid that.

  1. Poor error and exception handling

Errors will always occur. That cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, without proper exception handling, many errors will cause a crash. Users may enter an incorrect response or there could be a temporary loss of connectivity, or an impatient issuance of the same command repeatedly. Without a proper error management function in place, this will lead to a complete crash. So, experienced app developers pay close attention to error and exception handling.

  1. Low internet connection

Some apps require Wi-Fi or fast speed internet to function properly and when the user suddenly moves to a low-connection area, it is possible for the app to slow down, hang for some minutes and eventually crash.

  1. Incompatibility with an OS update

Some apps may not be able to handle a new update. Such apps may hang or crash often after updating your OS. Some may not even launch at all.

  1. Poor memory management

Many people allow several apps to run at the background of the phone thereby draining their battery and memory. If the memory left is not adequate for proper launching of a mobile app, it may not respond, it may hang, or it may crash while trying to launch itself.

These are 5 major causes of frequent app crashes so if you have to develop your mobile app, put all of them into your consideration list.

How to improve the ranking of a mobile app on Google’s SERP

Many organizations do not carry out search engine optimization on their mobile app because they feel everything should end in app stores. While it is necessary to promote your app on app stores, it is also important to promote it on Google search. After all, your app is meant to solve a problem. Many people may not even be aware that there is an app that solves the problem. This is why your app also needs search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest and most effective digital marketing techniques and it is even more effective now that buyers are smarter. More people carry out several hours of research on Google before making any purchase. It means that SEO does not just bring traffic to your website but ready buyers.

This is why many organizations now adopt different tactics to improve the rankings of their app and website on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). Of course, some techniques are more effective than others. This article discusses some effective ways to improve the rankings of your app and website on Google.

  • Hire an SEO Expert
  • Go for simple structures
  • Google loves videos
  • Use of the right keywords
  • Provide fresh and relevant content
  • Optimize your website for voice search
  1. Hire an SEO Expert

You may decide to handle your SEO campaign yourself but you will get a better result when you hire any SEO Exper. This is because an SEO expert already has the expertise, tool, and experience to deliver great SEO services. It is important to remember that Google’s ranking rules and algorithms keep changing and only an expert will be abreast of the changes. One more thing, hiring an expert will give you more time to focus on your core business.

  1. Go for simple structures

Google now pays so much attention on the structure of websites so you should make your website easy to navigate without any assistance. When your website is too complicated, it will turn visitors off and it will be more difficult for Google bots to crawl. With such a website, you will be running your SEO campaign on a leaking bucket.

  1. Google loves videos

You must have observed that the number of videos on the internet has increased tremendously. It is because digital marketers have realized that videos pass more messages than pictures and text, it attracts viewers more, and Google ranks websites with videos higher than the ones without relevant videos with other qualities being equal. 

  1. Use of the right keywords

You need to find out the most searched keywords within your niche and provide content around those keywords. Using ineffective keywords can slow down your ranking progress. Speaking of content, this leads to the next tip.

  1. Provide fresh and relevant content

Many organizations now have a blog on their website. The blog is for two main reasons – to educate their customers/subscribers and to rank higher on Google. This is because Google ranks your website for fresh, educative, relevant, and easy-to-read posts. You may not necessarily start a blog but you can ensure that you post fresh, relevant, and educative content on your website regularly as this can improve your ranking gradually. 

  1. Optimize your app and website for voice search

More and more people use voice search technology on Google now and a reliable study revealed that half of searches will be voice searches by the end of 2020. So, the best time to start optimizing your website and app for voice search is now.

In conclusion, strategies to improve you ranking on Google will continue to change as Google’s algorithms change. So, you need to be abreast of these changes. In the alternative, you can hire an SEO expert so that you don’t have to bother about every other tip. Experienced SEO experts are aware of all the tips and they usually apply them.

Author Bio: 

Ricky Brown is an energetic content strategist and marketer at App Development Companies, the platform that helps you to find best IT Partner for your app, web and software requirements across the globe.