Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Crash

how do you fix an app that keeps crashing

One common problem with mobile apps is occasion crashing. In fact, most apps crash at least once in month. The only difference is that some of them crash more often than others. This does not really have to do with the competence of the app developers because most successful apps also crash. Facebook app is one of the most successful mobile apps and it is built and closely monitored by highly experienced app developers but it also crashes albeit not often.

So this article discusses why mobile apps crash. When several app developers were interviewed, the reasons below were given. 

  1. Too much code

Most of the app developers interviewed agree that too much code can cause frequent crashes. So, they advise that it is better to use a set of codes that are already written and used by many other app developers. You can only add little codes of yours for some unique functionality. Don’t write your codes from scratch if you can avoid that.

  1. Poor error and exception handling

Errors will always occur. That cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, without proper exception handling, many errors will cause a crash. Users may enter an incorrect response or there could be a temporary loss of connectivity, or an impatient issuance of the same command repeatedly. Without a proper error management function in place, this will lead to a complete crash. So, experienced app developers pay close attention to error and exception handling.

  1. Low internet connection

Some apps require Wi-Fi or fast speed internet to function properly and when the user suddenly moves to a low-connection area, it is possible for the app to slow down, hang for some minutes and eventually crash.

  1. Incompatibility with an OS update

Some apps may not be able to handle a new update. Such apps may hang or crash often after updating your OS. Some may not even launch at all.

  1. Poor memory management

Many people allow several apps to run at the background of the phone thereby draining their battery and memory. If the memory left is not adequate for proper launching of a mobile app, it may not respond, it may hang, or it may crash while trying to launch itself.

These are 5 major causes of frequent app crashes so if you have to develop your mobile app, put all of them into your consideration list.

How to improve the ranking of a mobile app on Google’s SERP

Many organizations do not carry out search engine optimization on their mobile app because they feel everything should end in app stores. While it is necessary to promote your app on app stores, it is also important to promote it on Google search. After all, your app is meant to solve a problem. Many people may not even be aware that there is an app that solves the problem. This is why your app also needs search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest and most effective digital marketing techniques and it is even more effective now that buyers are smarter. More people carry out several hours of research on Google before making any purchase. It means that SEO does not just bring traffic to your website but ready buyers.

This is why many organizations now adopt different tactics to improve the rankings of their app and website on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). Of course, some techniques are more effective than others. This article discusses some effective ways to improve the rankings of your app and website on Google.

  • Hire an SEO Expert
  • Go for simple structures
  • Google loves videos
  • Use of the right keywords
  • Provide fresh and relevant content
  • Optimize your website for voice search
  1. Hire an SEO Expert

You may decide to handle your SEO campaign yourself but you will get a better result when you hire any SEO Exper. This is because an SEO expert already has the expertise, tool, and experience to deliver great SEO services. It is important to remember that Google’s ranking rules and algorithms keep changing and only an expert will be abreast of the changes. One more thing, hiring an expert will give you more time to focus on your core business.

  1. Go for simple structures

Google now pays so much attention on the structure of websites so you should make your website easy to navigate without any assistance. When your website is too complicated, it will turn visitors off and it will be more difficult for Google bots to crawl. With such a website, you will be running your SEO campaign on a leaking bucket.

  1. Google loves videos

You must have observed that the number of videos on the internet has increased tremendously. It is because digital marketers have realized that videos pass more messages than pictures and text, it attracts viewers more, and Google ranks websites with videos higher than the ones without relevant videos with other qualities being equal. 

  1. Use of the right keywords

You need to find out the most searched keywords within your niche and provide content around those keywords. Using ineffective keywords can slow down your ranking progress. Speaking of content, this leads to the next tip.

  1. Provide fresh and relevant content

Many organizations now have a blog on their website. The blog is for two main reasons – to educate their customers/subscribers and to rank higher on Google. This is because Google ranks your website for fresh, educative, relevant, and easy-to-read posts. You may not necessarily start a blog but you can ensure that you post fresh, relevant, and educative content on your website regularly as this can improve your ranking gradually. 

  1. Optimize your app and website for voice search

More and more people use voice search technology on Google now and a reliable study revealed that half of searches will be voice searches by the end of 2020. So, the best time to start optimizing your website and app for voice search is now.

In conclusion, strategies to improve you ranking on Google will continue to change as Google’s algorithms change. So, you need to be abreast of these changes. In the alternative, you can hire an SEO expert so that you don’t have to bother about every other tip. Experienced SEO experts are aware of all the tips and they usually apply them.

Author Bio: 

Ricky Brown is an energetic content strategist and marketer at App Development Companies, the platform that helps you to find best IT Partner for your app, web and software requirements across the globe.



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