Top Tech companies in the world

top Tech companies

Technology is nothing but how a person wants his/her future needs to be fulfilled by modifying the current scenario. It’s a process in which scientific and practical knowledge is used simultaneously to make a product that makes life simpler to live. Tech world is a multimillion-dollar business and multinational company.

The money always keeps flowing in and out. The students are so attracted to technology that most of them pursue a degree in technology, and for placements, there are many companies that provide huge amounts of salary packages. The top 20 tech companies in the world, starting with the famous Apple Company based in California, is a giant player in the space of technology, followed by Microsoft, which has made immense growth from past few years and is headed by Satya Nadella.


Many of us always come across the famous question of whether Apple is better or Microsoft. To be honest, it’s quite a difficult question to answer, but Microsoft is in the long run now. The 3rd largest tech company is Google. It is the most familiar and savior company known by almost every person on this planet because of the Google search engine. Google also owns many subsidiary companies such as YouTube, Fitbit, Android, etc. It is headed by the famous IITian Sundar Pichai, who also owns the parent organization Alphabet Inc.And you can always learn more about this company by going to this site. It’ll help you learn new business strategies and brush your facts.


China has also been emerging in the tech race, having the 4th largest tech company called Tencent. It is a Chinese multinational technology company that serves products of entertainment, Artificial intelligence, and other technologies. The popular PUBG (Players unknown battleground) game is developed and marketed by Tencent.

International Business Machines Corporation

Now coming on to the company that makes us connect to each other on a social level, i.e., Facebook connecting friends and family. It has the largest network of people who happen to connect with known and unknown as well. It also owns subsidiary companies such as Whatsapp and Instagram. The next big company is IBM, i.e., International Business Machines Corporation, a computer hardware company that operates across 170 countries. The main competitors of this company are Accenture and Wipro technologies.

System Applications Products

SAP is a German multinational software company and is especially known for its ERP software. SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is the number one cloud software company.  Facebook being the 5th largest tech company, has its subsidiary company Instagram in 8th position with respect to brand value, experiencing faster growth in the upcoming generation and the millennials. It is an American photo and video sharing app connecting all kinds of people across the world and also helps them to generate revenue for their personal growth and desires.


Accenture is an American Irish fortune 500 global company. Has many employees working in India, America, and the Philippines. The Koreans are also not behind in the race, and they have the Samsung group in South Korea started as a trading company and now emerging as a technology used by millions of people.

Other companies

Then there are many fortune 500 companies in the top leagues such as Oracle, Adobe, Dell technologies, HP Inc., Intel, Paypal, Mi, etc.  Indian top 10 Tech companies include Tata consultancy services, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, L&T, Capgemini, etc. The technology companies almost generate 40% revenue alone in the market. Due to tech companies expanding, growing, and research, the employment rate also increases, which decreases the unemployment rate in the country.


Demand and supply of  IT industries are so high that the whole world is working its brain out to attain a high level of success and revenue in this field. On the other hand, it’s the best way for any country to develop and rise so that the world becomes a better place to live. In conclusion, it can be said that the past, present, and future has been and will be affected by the tech industries more in positive aspects and hopefully less in negative aspects.



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