Spy Apps VS Parental Control Apps


The article is related to signifying the difference between a parental control app and a spy app. First of all, we need to define both comprehensively.

Spy app: A spy app is basically a software program that seeks to track all the activities performing over the target device, over digital space. It is used by the individuals who seek to keep a watch on their target individuals.

The most common users of the service are the employers who look to spy on the activities of their employees to ensure the productivity and performance of their business.

Parental control app: A parental control app is a software application or a program that keeps a check on the digital activities of the kids. They are used to restrict access to inappropriate content, or to reduce screen time, and for many other purposes.

The parents in this digital age excessively look forward to using a parental control app over their kids so that they may be protected from all kinds of evils all the way.

The pressing questions

There are a few questions that are excessively getting hype that

  • Are spy apps and parental control apps work in the same manner?
  • Do they offer the same set of features?
  • What is the main difference between them?

The experts look forward to answering these pressing queries of the individuals because the clarity of thought in this aspect is pretty much necessary.

Answers to the questions

A number of experts from both the technical and behavioral domains have come forward to answer these questions. The answers to the questions are as follows.

  1. Are spy apps and parental control apps work in the same manner?
  2. The answer to the question is a big YES. The experts established that, more or less, one way or the other, the spy apps and parental control apps work in the same manner.

Both of them look to track and monitor the communication between individuals over the target devices. So, there should be no confusion about this at all. Both of them have the same working capacity.

  1. Do they offer the same set of features?
  2. To answer this question, the most reliable and authentic opinion is of technical experts i.e. the software programmers. They established that spy app and parental control apps, in one way or the other, offer the same set of features that are used most commonly.

Both of them have location tracking, social media monitoring, email, and SMS monitoring, surround recording, screen recording, and other features of the same kind.

  1. What is the main difference between them?
  2. The main difference among both of them, as established by the researchers and experts, is the intention of usage of the service. The only difference between spy apps and parental control apps is the intention of the end-user that for what purpose the end-user wants to use the service.

If the parent is using a spy app, then it is a parental control app at the same time and vice-versa. Both of the words can be used interchangeably in certain dynamics.

There is a supplementary argument in addressing this question as well.

According to this, the experts suggest that the use of spy apps and parental control apps should always be within the prescribed boundaries of legitimate monitoring. It should be respecting certain limits of privacy.

The use of such apps much be with consent or at least adhering to public and state laws of monitoring.

The decisive argument

The decisive argument with all the above discussion is that the use of spy apps or parental control apps must be for legitimate or justified purposes. It must be within certain limits.

The justified use of these services is the parents tracking their kids and employers monitoring their employees for augmented performance and productivity.


The parents look to use the service to protect their kids from cybercriminals who try to harass and bully the kids for their personal gain.

The parents want to restrict the kids’ access to the adult and appropriate content as well, using the parental control service.

On the other hand, employers look to track their employees’ activities to ensure performance and productivity.


The article signifies the difference between spy apps and parental control apps. It is established that both of them work in the same manner, one way or the other.

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Top 7 Coding Apps To Learn To Program

As a developer myself, I am often asked how I could get too good at coding? Well, the answer lies, first of all, in hard-earned practice, and secondly, I can give credits to the Android applications, which have helped me a lot to code on my own. Coding is a tough job, and to master at it, you need to dedicate all your time, effort, and money. 


Going to fancy institutions will surely help you to have a professional touch and a sense of management attached to it, but it is entirely up to you at the end of the day, as per how you want to learn.

How Can Apps Help You?

The key to code is to understand the underlying problem and write a solution that will work. Honestly, it can become hard to code on your own, especially if you are learning for the first time. You need not worry since there are some beautiful apps on the Play store and other platforms, which can help you to teach the entirety to code.

Top 7 coding apps to learn to program 


You can call it our top pick. Grasshopper is a particular coding platform that teaches you how to code and generalize the concept of coding, while it helps you understand the basic or root of the issue and solve it. It forms at the top of this chart because of the UI and UX interface, which is a particular point that makes this app so amazing to use. 

This app teaches you the fundamentals of coding. It comes with a variety of participating competitions and events so that you can get certificates and awards printed on your name. It is a wonderful app for a novice who is beginning to code. 

Solo learn

Solo learn is one of the biggest coding apps which you will ever come across. There are around 900+ coders who have registered with this app and are still going strong. The thing about Solo Learn, which helps it to earn such a high place, is because of the simplicity of the app. It teaches you how to code, understanding the primary issue and cause of the problem, and come with variability of solutions. This excellent app helps you learn its and bits of coding to master it probably.



Encode is a Javascript-based Android coding app, a fantastic tool to help learn to code for beginners. It ensures that for the first-timer, coding becomes a subject of fun to learn. Many videos are enlisted on this app and help you know the basics of coding from the start. 

The online videos are detailed and even come with problem-solving portions that help a kid understand the art of coding in just a few days. Plus, you can also appear for written programs and exams which are conducted by this wonderful site.


Mimo is another app that comes with multi-learning paths for enthusiastic kids. This fantastic application comes with tracks duly converted to real-life projects and used in basic coding methods. It has a lovely but straightforward interface, so you don’t have to worry if you are a first-timer. The wonderful thing about Mimo is the short videos present on this platform and helps every kid learn coding right from scratch. 

Code Murai

As the name suggests, Code Murai is one such app that dwells in many machine learning languages, including JavaScript, HTML, Python, TypeScript, etc. There are many mini-lessons you can get from this app, which can help you understand the basics of coding. Plus, Code Murai has a robust interface that offers the student the idea to learn through graphics and text simultaneously. This is the reason why this app is a much-loved one among students and especially beginners. 

 Khan Academy

If you are into the world of online learning, then you must have heard about Khan Academy. This excellent app comes with many learning platforms for its students, and coding is such a niche present here. If you are looking for flexible learning programs, then this application is no such exception. This app is entirely free, so that you can get it from Android and even on your ios store. 

Programming Hero

Programming Hero is one such app that brings you to master the idea of coding and to learn new tricks and techniques every day. The emphasis of this app is to help you teach coding at the same time and even help you to build your game so that you can launch and share it with your peers. The programming hero comes with prizes and competitions held among students to check and see who is doing their best. 


These coding apps are fantastic and exceptionally knowledgeable if you are starting as a beginner. Know more about them with TechyHost. These apps can help you to know the basics of coding so that you can learn and increase your chances of mastering the art of developing games. While you can learn a thing or two from these apps, it still depends on how confident you are and how much practice you hold for everyday coding.


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6 Best Supply Chain Management Software

In today’s business world, whenever it comes to integrating your suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, transporters, and customers so that at the right time, a particular product/service is delivered to a specific place with maximum efficiency, Supply Chain Management Softwares come to the rescue. 

They provide you with a collectively integrated platform where complete planning across the supply chain network can be done using real-time analytics systems. So if you are looking to make each step in your supply chain network to be maximum practical such that your system-wide cost is minimized, here are a few Supply Chain Management Softwares for you. 


Logility SCM Software is known for its optimization in terms of planning, supply, demand, inventory, to name a few. Logility is always there to provide you with one of the smartest and advanced solutions so that you can definitely gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

At present, Logility has come up with “AI-Based Supply Chain Planning Solutions,” which leverages Algorithmic planning to model and inspect business opportunities while mitigating the associated risks. 

The mindset of getting smarter over time with Machine learning to handle large amounts of data with maximum efficiency and focusing on a new vision for the business makes Logility one of the best Supply Chain Management Software.

Oracle SCM

Oracle SCM provides the users with a great platform where one can easily visualize the picture of the company’s finances and operations. To help you find anomalies, predict the possible outcomes, and make recommendations, this software also uses advanced techniques of AI and Machine Learning. Proactive responses that support the user to make faster decisions is also one of the critical factors of this software. 

Oracle SCM has “Oracle Cloud’s integrated applications suite,” which is in short ‘One cloud’ for seamless organizations. It offers smooth functionality across the supply chain, finance, HR, and customer experience. It also offers a Supply chain planning schema so that you stay ahead of marketplace changes.


SAP SCM manages relationships with suppliers, partners, and contract manufacturers across your supply chain – in real-time. It allows us to collaborate with global partners across processes for forecasting, quality, inventory, and a lot more. Like if one has a chain of restaurants and wants to manage them all together then, this article on managing restaurants can help you solve your issue.

The key feature of this SCM is “Real-time collaboration.” It uses “Digital Twin Technology” to synchronize the virtual, physical, conditional, and commercial definitions of assist and products in real-time to help you to optimize operating performance conditions and predict service requirements.

SAP SCM divides itself into flows, namely, Information Flow, Finance Flow, and Product Flow.

Its Advanced Planner and Optimizer Tool makes it one of the best softwares for Supply Chain Management.

Perfect Commerce

Concerning one of the press releases, the proposed acquisition of Perfect Commerce has significantly accelerated PROACTIS’ strategy. So Perfect Commerce is now “Proactis.”

Perfect commerce SCM is known for Simplifying source-to-pay and maximizing ROI. It has essential features of implementing services and tail spend management. Tail spend management enables the user to save strategic resources on tactical categories.

If you are looking for a specific Perfect Commerce solution, they have a list for you to find the best solution that suits your needs.

Proactis suite is widely used across millions of users due to its Spend management and eCommerce solutions.

IBM Watson SCM

As their name suggests, Watson’s supply chain software uses Watson technology, whose main aim is to predict and mitigate disruptions. And this is done using data analysis and keen observation of historical trends. If system requirements are considered, the cloud-based solutions are compatible with both Mac and PC/Linux environments.

The critical factor of the software is transparency and end to end supply chain visibility. They reduce time, cost, and risk even in the time of crisis. In the global pandemic of COVID 19, it analyzed the disruptions caused, and are working to make the enterprise supply chain effective.

Manhattan SCM

Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions are designed in such a manner that they adapt and serve the final spectrum of needs, capabilities, and budgets. They have keen insight into the network and use it; they optimize all the transportation and distribution operations. They have cloud-native distribution solutions that help us essentially in warehouse productivity, automation in the industry, and make things compatible if in case the sector faces fluctuations in demand. 

Their key feature is that all Manhattan Active solutions are cloud-native and designed entirely from microservices, and they automatically scale to meet performance demands. They are version less and designed in such a way that they never need upgrading. They are designed on Microservices Architecture and not Monolithic Architecture. 

I hope that this article was useful, and the reader enjoyed it.


How to Recover Data from SSD Hard Disk

The solid-state drive has gained a bevy of popularity over the years due to their speed, performance, and reliability. Nowadays, a lot of people use the solid-state drive in their PC or laptop for storing crucial files for quick access. However, the risk of data loss is there and if it dies, users will need to recover data from SSD hard disk. In this post, we will discuss these things so, let’s start the article.

What is SSD

SSD (Solid State Drive) offers a lot of benefits over the traditional hard drive. The primary advantage of SSD is that they use non-volatile memory chips that improve performance and loading speed. It uses less energy and is more compact, making it perfect for computers, laptops, and mobile devices that require more lightweight storage options.

Common Reasons for SSD Data Loss

There are several reasons for SSD data loss few reasons mentioned below:-

  • Failure of electrical components
  • The problem is the controller chip
  • Because of capacitor damage
  • Bad sectors
  • Virus attacks
  • Firmware updates
  • Corruption of the flash chips
  • Short-circuit
  • Human errors like intentionally and unintentionally deletion of data files or formatting of solid
  • state drive
  • Solid State Drive Failure
  • Application corruption etc.

Can we Recovered Data From SSD Drive

SSD drives data recovery is complicated for normal users. Who don’t have technical knowledge but, With the help of Data Recovery Software users can recover deleted, corrupted and formatted data from SSD drive. This software has simple GUI with this non-technical users can also use this utility without any hassle.

Recover Data From SSD Hard Disk With Reliable Software

Accidental deleting of files, formatting the SSD hard disk, a virus attack, OS failure or file system failure – These are only a few issues that can be solved with issues by SSD Recovery Software. Users can recover shift deleted data from the SSD drive. It supports recovering data in multiple languages from installation setup. The tool supports to recover SSD data from internal and external SSD drive. It supports lost files recovery from dynamic SSD. It provides advance search options users can find specific data by using this option. Provides an option to recover deleted data from SSD hard drive from exFAT, FAT (16, 32) & NTFS systems.

Steps to Recover Data From SSD Hard Disk

To perform this software users have to follow a few simple steps, that listed below to implement the procedure to recover data SSD hard disk.

  1. First of all, download and install the SysTools SSD drive data recovery software to recover data from SSD disk.
  2. Now, you have to choose Scan option when the software provides you two options such as Scan and Formatted scan.
  3. The tool provides the refresh view option to view attached documents
  4. After completion of the scanning procedure, the application will display all the restored data in the right panel of the software.
  5. Finally, hit on Save button from the top panel to store complete recovered data from SSD hard disk


What exactly happens when users lose their important data? It might stop them from breathing. But, do not worry! Here, we come up with this flawless article to let users know. How to recover data from SSD hard drive. Mainly, we had disclosed the perfect technique for the same. With the help of this handy software, users can quickly recover deleted files from SSD disk. Moreover, users can get and check this tool by visiting its official website.

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Challenges Faced By Your Taxi Businesses without A Taxi Booking App

We can’t imagine those days where we used to wait for hours on the roadside to hail a taxi. It was very difficult, especially during late-night hours, to travel from one place to another place.
This was totally changed with the emerging taxi booking app like Uber, Ola. They made a remarkable change in the taxi business industry, and the challenges faced by a taxi business without the taxi booking app were vanishing one by one.
You may like to know the challenges faced by the traditional taxi business to know how the taxi booking app made a revolutionary in the whole taxi business industry.
In this article, you will be able to find the challenges faced by a taxi business without a taxi booking app.
Important Challenges Faced By Taxi Business Without a Taxi Booking App
1. Time leveraging to hire a taxi

time leveraging

Nowadays, almost all are on a tight schedule, and they want to use their time for any long or short commute efficiently. The riders are always in search of high-speed ride-hailing service, and the driver partners of the taxi business are looking for the nearby customer location.
The bridge to connect both parties is an effective taxi mobile app. These mobile apps will help to reduce the time to hire a taxi when compared to the traditional way of hiring a cab.
2. Business productivity at stake

business productivity

In the traditional taxi business, it was very difficult to track the driver’s productivity. The driver may sit idle for the whole day and the management will not be able to track their efficiency or number of ride services provided by the driver. Still, the driver may receive the monthly income from the taxi business owner. Gradually the business productivity will be at stake.
With the development of the taxi mobile app for the driver, it is easy to track the real-time activities of the driver and simple to evaluate the efficiency, the overall business productivity by tracking the number of ride services offered to customers.
3. Route optimization and location tracking

route optomization

In the traditional taxi business, drivers or the customers may not know the exact location to be reached and they may need to enquire on the way to reach the place. But with the taxi booking app, it is very simple to track the location by enabling GPS features in the app.

The advanced features in the taxi booking app will enable to optimize the route by selecting the shortest and traffic-free route. This will reduce the fuel cost, the operational cost of running a taxi. This feature will be cost-effective when compared to the traditional method.

4. Maintaining the fleets

maintaining fleets

Maintaining fleets play a major role in the taxi business. In the traditional taxi business, this factor was not considered as a priority. No measures were taken prior to maintaining the fleets. It was taken care of or serviced only during the breakdown of the fleets.
But with taxi mobile app, it is easy to maintain the fleets by optimizing the fuel usage with route optimization features and this will be able to prevent avoidable breakdowns.

Effective monitoring and tracking of the vehicles in real-time will enable the management to take timely actions. Overall, it will help to optimize the time and money for the successful future of the taxi business growth.

5. Coordinating with real-time customer feedback

The customer is the king of any business. For proper taxi business growth, real-time customer feedback is very important. When the taxi drivers misbehave with the customers, it is not noticed or managed by the taxi business owners in the traditional taxi business. It becomes difficult to coordinate with real-time customer feedback without a taxi booking app.
But with the taxi booking app, it is easy for the customers to provide real-time feedback and score the rating based on the ride experience with the driver. This will help the management to tackle the real-time issues and provide the best services as per the customer feedback.
In this article, you will be able to find the real-time challenges faced by the taxi business without a taxi booking app. The taxi booking app is accompanied by advanced features to track the location, optimize the fuel usage, customer feedback, and maintain the fleets. The traditional taxi business faced all these challenges.
The taxi booking app provides more convenient for the customers to have a safe and fast ride to their desired location.
Always choose the best taxi dispatch software to build and advance your taxi business growth.
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MS Office 2010 Key – Ways to Activate

With a plethora of features and characteristics the Microsoft Office 2010 is really a software with a difference. This is probably the reason that even though subsequent versions of the MS office software have been released, people still continue to be loyal to the MS Office 2010.  There were some firsts which were introduced in this Office productivity suite like:

  • It introduced the world to certain user enhancements like the Backstage view which helps to consolidate all document managements tasks in a single location thereby making it easier for the user to access them.
  • MS Word became fully customisable in this version of MS Office.
  • It also offered certain other unique features like an extended support for file formats, features related to co-authoring which enabled multiple users of this software to edit and share documents simultaneously, integration of SharePoint and OneDrive etc.
  • Security improvements were also facilitated with the help of the Protected View which presented an isolated, read-only sandbox type of environment so that users are able to stay protected from contents which can be potentially harmful and malicious.
  • The Office Online, a collection of the web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, also debuted with the Microsoft Office 2010.

The Microsoft also recognised the different needs of a 32-bit and a 64-bit system for the first time thereby having 2 different versions of Office 2010, the IA-32 and the x64, to cater to their individual requirements. It also introduced the concept of product activation especially for editions which provided for volume licenses.

But in order to gain access to all of these unique features, every MS Office 2010 purchase requires activation while installation. This is generally done with the help of a 25 character code or an MS Office 2010 key, which is alphanumeric in nature. They are grouped in sets of 5 and also need to be input in the same sequence as given using the same type of formatting. Once the activation is done, the Microsoft server sets up a unique hardware signature which enables the user to take advantage of all the features that are present in this office suite.

Activation of MS Office 2010

However, if the user is unable to activate the MS Office 2010 while installing for whatever reason, but has the MS Office 2010 key with him, he can use it to activate the software within 30days of the installation. Microsoft provides every user with this grace period wherein users are able to use a trial version of the software with limited features and the activation, once done, opens up all the features of the premium version.

In order to get the activation done after the installation, there are 3 options to choose from. The user can choose the process as per his discretion and ease of use. The options also include certain steps all of which are mentioned below.

  • With the help of the internet: The processes involved in the same are:
    • MS Office 2010 application needs to be launched on the computer.
    • After selecting the option “File”, one has to navigate to “Help”.
    • Clicking on the “Activate Product Key” tab opens up the activation wizard. It is necessary to note here that if the “Activate Product Key” option is not displayed then it means that the product has already been activated.
    • The option to activate on the internet needs to be chosen.
    • After this the activation wizard guides the user through the next few steps and the user is prompted to enter the MS Office 2010 key after which the produce gets activated and can be used without any hassles.
  • Using the phone: For people who do not want to activate over the internet or are facing problems with it, also have the option of activating it using the phone. The steps involved in this process are the same till the “Activate Product Key” option comes up and the activation wizard opens up. After this the following steps need to be taken to ensure proper activation of the Office 2010 software:
    • The option for to activate the software over the phone needs to be selected.
    • The country or regional location of the user needs to be provided so that the telephone number of the closest activation centre can be generated by Microsoft.
    • The user then needs to call up the activation centre.
    • An installation ID needs to be input into the Activation wizard when prompted. This Installation ID will be made available on the screen of the telephone after the user connects with the activation centre.
    • The MS Office 2010 key then needs to be entered as and when prompted by the automated system on the phone.
    • The confirmation ID is then provided by the Activation centre which the user needs to write down and type into the relevant field in the Activation wizard. After Enter is pressed, the process of activation of the Office 2010 using the telephone gets completed.

Changing the MS Office 2010 key

There are times wherein the user might need to change the MS Office 2010 key. In such instances the same can be facilitated with the help of the following options:

  • Using the backstage view,
  • Using the Regedit option,
  • Using Microsoft Word,
  • Using the Control Panel,

Irrespective of the method used, the change can only be considered a success if a message stating the same gets displayed on the screen. If the same is not displayed, the user should try to change it using a different process.

The MS Office 2010 is one of the best software to be developed by Microsoft. Even though it has now been replaced to some extent by the advent of the subsequent versions of MS Office, the Office 2010 still remains a landmark in the development of the new age Office productivity suites. In fact it would not be wrong to say that the MS Office 2010 laid the foundation for a number of technical as well as security enhancements and developments which were present in the subsequent MS Office versions developed.So, click for more and take help of the methods mentioned above for the best MS Office 2010 experience.

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Payroll Software: Growth Hack Your Organization With Millennial Technology

Technology is like a boon when considering its benefits. Today technology has been an integral part of almost everything including the organizational management system. The systems are no more standalone and restricted to particular devices. Companies are now getting more aware of the benefits of using technology in human resource management and payroll processing due to the need for optimization and automation. It is not preferable to use the outdated system as they are likely to do more harm to the company than benefit it. The need to keep the company adapted with the latest technology has escalated the requirement of software for human resource management. The employer is getting acknowledged about the need to be more efficient by reducing the repetitive task and nurture the employee’s potential for the growth of the organization. Technology also has a lot to contribute to the organization growth let us see how.

AI in Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the crucial process as the talent acquired will contribute to the growth and upscaling of the organization; not all the individual even with the knowledge may be fit for the job. While fetching out the resume of the individual who seems to satisfy the requirement, it is possible that HR may miss out a resume. It can be an unintentional loss for the organization due to a lack of skilled employee. There may be questions popping in your mind, how AI is helpful in talent acquisition? Your HR can leave the task of resume screening in the system as AI makes the system capable of fetching out the employee who is best suited to the requirements of the post, the employer can optimize the criteria to fetch the best resume in the system. It eliminates the time consumption of HR in resume screening and improvises the process to get the best results. the HR then have to conduct the personal interview to select the best out of the fetched resumes.

Cloud Technology for Easy Accessibility

Till the introduction of cloud technology, the data was stored in stand-alone systems. The employer, employee, and HR were restricted to use the data from those stand-alone systems. Those systems were not efficient as they were incapable of fetching the real-time data and also of easy foundation in data. The data is fetched into the system manually; hence it is prone to human errors; this data is not preferable for effective planning and policy-making or updation. Cloud technology is here to rescue you from the web of limitation and chaos. Cloud technology makes it feasible for employees to access their data without time and place boundaries. It has also simplified the work of HR as the employee self-service portal which is provided to the employee which make them efficient to self on board themselves, download various reports and even get the assistance of the queries.

It creates transparency in the company as employees can quickly know the current status of their application form ESS; they can also notify the manager of change in their data. The employer does not have to worry about the compliance as the cloud technology makes it feasible for the vendor to give their clients auto compliant software. The vendor keeps track of the change in the government statutory regulation and in case of updating they can directly modify the regulation in their system and due to cloud technology this modification will be reflected in all the software provided by the vendor.

Chatbots for assistance

Bots are the newest evolution of the technology; they are said to replace humans for some of the repetitive tasks and save much of the company’s money. HR’s most frustrating task is resolving the queries of employees. They need HR’s intervention in many tasks due to inadequate knowledge of the system or process. HR amid the other functions have to assist the employees. Some companies have a person to help employees with their queries and difficulties. It is an extra expense for the company, by eliminating it the company can have more investment for the development strategies. payroll software comes with a chatbot which can be trained due to facilitated artificial intelligent to assist the employees; the chatbot is fed with the frequently asked queries of the employees and their solution to support the employees instantly and any time. Chatbot also collects the data of the questions asked by the employee for better analysis of the manager to optimize the employee assistance. It eliminates a lot of HR intervention in laborious tasks.

Software Technology

QuickBooks Tricks and Tips for the Non-Tech-Savvy

QuickBooks is a software package by Intuit but there are also best alternative to quickbooks online. It is an accounting application developed towards the management of small and large scale businesses. It calculates sales, tax, tracks products and updates transactions automatically in sales register. QuickBooks offer different features like;

  1. Managing financial information of the business. That is, savings, dividends, balance sheets and journals. It also keeps information on the business account number and contact details.
  2. Management of business incentives. QuickBooks keeps a list of customer, vendors and sales inventories.
  3. Provision of detailed reports on all inventories including profit and loss statements of the business.
  4. Management of bills like paychecks, liabilities, salaries, tax and even limits your expenses.
  5. Provision of billing and invoice statements or receipts.

Using QuickBooks can be a little difficult and complicated especially if you are not tech oriented. I’ll be providing a few tricks and tips on how to run the QuickBooks and also best alternative to quickbooks online.

  1. You can easily calculate figures, say you want to sum the total value of commodities a customer purchases, you can do that easily on QuickBooks. First thing you do is insert the price of the first item followed by the plus sign, then the second to nth value. After that, click on the TAB KEY. It is very easy and the best alternative to quickbooks online provides a receipt for your customer and another for you.
  2. After generating your business receipts, QuickBooks can help you save your receipts saving you the energy of organizing printed out receipts. It also helps to prevent you from losing the receipts.  All you have to do is take a photo of the receipt and attach it to QuickBooks expense. It helps you keep a proper record of sales and you don’t have to worry about arranging or losing the physical receipts.
  3. You can separate aspects of your business into different sections and give them different background colors for quick identification. This makes it easy to organize your business and access files easily. You can do this by clicking on the Company item on the menu bar and choosing create another company. After this, go to the edit Menu> Preferences> Desktop View> Company File Color Scheme. You can then choose your preferred color and click on Save Account Desktop then OK. It is done.
  4. If you want to find any item, bill or cheque on your business, just go to the homepage, click on the search bar and input the name of the item you are searching for. QuickBooks can search and retrieve your documents within seconds.
  5. You can create a company To-Do-List with best alternative to quickbooks online. This would help you run an organized business. On the menu bar, select Company> To-Do-List. With this, you can prioritize certain operations and set reminders.
  6. You can also connect your QuickBooks software to Microsoft office applications like Excel, Word or Access to generate output.

In choosing accounting softwares, one has to consider the features each software has to offer. In cases where your business is service oriented, you can use the QuickBooks alternative “FreshBooks”. FreshBooks offers expense features which focus on invoicing and payment collection. While QuickBooks offer these features too, FreshBooks offer a special tracking feature that keeps a full track record on all your inventories. There are so many questions that arise from time to time as to the best alternative to QuickBooks online.

Here are several best alternative to quickbooks online that can get the job done.

  1. As a small business owner, the ZipBooks software offer some features similar to that of QuickBooks including some exclusive listings all for free.
  2. MyBooks offer business analytics and multi-currency transactions. It is a cloud-based accounting software for small businesses and also connect to the business bank account. This software also enables you to view your transactions as they happen.
  3. ZohoBooks offers client log in services, inventory tracking and automatic connections to the business bank accounts.
  4. Billy Accounting is a FreshBooks Alternative that focuses on invoices and cash registering.
  5. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that works just like QuickBooks.

Other best alternative to quickbooks online accounting softwares include Wave, SlickPie, ONE UP, OFFICE WISE and Kashoo.

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Best Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from SSD Easily

Have you accidentally deleted your data from Solid State Drive? Are you looking for a reliable way to rescue your files? If yes, then do not worry about losing the precious SSD data. Just relax and keep reading this blog to protect and rescue your files in SSD. In this blog, you will get complete information about Solid State drive, common reasons that cause the SSD data loss issue, and all the possible solution to recover permanently deleted data from Solid State Drive.

How to Recover Deleted Data from Solid State Drive?

You can restore deleted files from Solid State Drive by using various solutions, which are discussed in this section. But make sure the TRIM function is disabled before performing the recovery process. Because, if the TRIM function is enabled and you delete the SSD data, then it becomes impossible to recover the information from Solid State Drive. Hence, first, let’s discuss the process to disable the TRIM functions.
Steps to Disable TRIM Function for Solid State Drive

  1. First, open the Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. Then, type the fsutilbehavior query disabledeletenotify & press Enter key.
  3. After that, type fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 1 & click on the Enter key.

Note: – After disabling TRIM function lets move to the methods to recover permanently deleted files from solid state drive.

Technique # 1: Recover Permanently Deleted Files from SSD Using Software

If the files and folders get deleted from solid state drive permanently, then you need a professional solution like SysTools SSD Data Recovery software to retrieve the deleted SSD data items. This utility is capable to restore the permanently deleted and formatted files easily. For this, you just need to download and install this tool on any of the Windows 10, 8, 7 or below versions. Perform the below-mentioned steps:

  1. At first, run the Solid State Drive Recovery Tool.
  2. Select the partition from SSD which you want to recover deleted data and click on Scan.
  3. Then, preview the deleted files and select the required files to restore.
  4. Finally, save the selected files & recover the permanently deleted files.

Technique # 2: Steps to Restore deleted files from Recycle Bin

If you accidentally delete the files from SSD, then the deleted data directly moved to the Recycle Bin. In this case, the recovery process is quite easy and simple. You can directly recover the lost or deleted SSD files from Recycle Bin with ease:

  1. First of all, open the Recycle Bin and find the deleted SSD files.
  2. After that, select and right-click on the deleted SSD files then press on the Restore button.
  3. Then, you can locate the recovered SSD files at the original location.

Note: – The utility suggested in technique 1 is all in one solution. Simply own just one software and tackle all the situation of data loss from SSD. Technique 2 is a free solution, but it will be applicable only for normal deleted files. For permanent deleted files recovery you should use the software. Let’s understand something more about SSD.

What is Solid State Drive (SSD)?

SSD (Solid State Drive) made up with solid-state electronic memory chips such as DDR RAM or Flash Memory. It is a non-volatile storage memory to read and write data. The functionality, size, usages, specifications etc. of SSD is similar to Hard drive. Solid State Drive has resolved the physical constraints issues and now it is widely used to replace hard disk drives due to its high-speed circuitry. It offers many features such as wide operating temperature range, low power consumption, shock and drop resistance, and fast reading and writing speed. Its all about SSD and in the above portion you looked up for how to recover permanently deleted data from solid state drive.

Why Does Deleted Data Restore From the Solid State Drive?

  1. There are some situations where SSD might stop working and lead to data loss:
  2. Failure of electrical components
  3. Virus attacks & software corruption
  4. Accidental deletion of data by human
  5. Damage due to natural disaster
  6. Controller and flash chip failure
  7. Corruption in the capacitor
  8. Data lost due to Short-circuit

Summing Up

In this era, people are having a huge amount of data, so they use different techniques to store information. Solid State Drive is one of them but SSD data items are prone to be corruption. Therefore, it is required to keep safe the SSD data. Hence, this blog covers the top two solutions to restore lost solid state drive data items. These are the efficient solutions, which can recover permanently deleted data from Solid State Drive in a quick and safe manner. Also, you can go for hard drive deleted data recovery software. Apart from this, we have also discussed many situations that cause data loss in SSD.

Software Technology

How Taxi Management Software Upgrades Your Fleet Business

Booking a taxi nowadays has been made easy, simple and convenient thanks to the availability of taxi management software. This is a highly advanced system that allocates jobs to taxi drivers. Customers are mapped in the system with available drivers based on the given distance and client pick up location.

The system is reliable, and it has been specially designed to provide ease of movement. Therefore, irrespective of the time you are travelling, you can be sure to book for a taxi conveniently. Besides the convenience to clients, the software helps a taxi management company to keep client data for enhanced safety.

How the software operates

The software comes with different applications to make it easy for a client to book for a ride. It is incorporated with different apps including;

  1. Driver app.
  2. Passenger app.
  3. An admin panel for ease of use.

With the flexibility of a taxi booking software, there are many ways in which the app enhances your fleet business. Since its inception, the app has been widely used and loved by people across the globe. It allows for fully automated and enhanced operations. The software empowers your business by;

  • Allowing for reliable booking

The software is a highly advanced taxi system that increases bookings for your transport services. It offers room for a real-time location to the nearest taxi driver. This is done through GPS trackers that map out the location of a client and the drivers within. As a result, it inspires more people to book within the comfort of their homes or workplace.

With the convenience of accessing a taxi service, more and more clients are tempted to use the service. With time, customer occupancy rate in your fleet business increases thus, enhancing your productivity.

  • Efficiency in your operations

It is no secret that fleet management can be a daunting task. It is even more challenging in an environment with high competition, more clients to handle, and complex dispatch systems to deal with. Customer safety is paramount and the quality of service delivery is very crucial.

With the management software, you can easily keep track of all your cars; improve on different aspects of your business including getting feedback from clients, timely updates and reports, among other services. The software ensures smooth operations for more efficiency in service delivery.

  • Enhanced safety

With the software, you can assure your clients of their safety. This is attributed to the availability of an online ride reservation system that has been enabled in the software. This means that you can keep track of the vehicle, driver and pick up or drop off location of a client.

The app simply helps you to deal with safety anxieties that have been witnessed in the industry. What’s more, there has been an increase in safety awareness and measures that industry leaders have employed. For this reason, you can assure your clients of their safety and in return, you will build a loyal clientele.

  • Increased ROI

With the software, you can also increase the ROI of your fleet business. Drivers can pick up clients in different locations, as it allows for quality service delivery and reliability. This further attracts more clients and higher returns on investment. It also increases revenue from your fleet business.

  • Increased brand visibility

When clients are satisfied with the kind of services you offer, they are bound to make referrals as well. This increases the number of people who will learn about your fleet business. You can also take advantage of the app, its digital reach, and even assist more target clients to use the app. It plays a significant role in promoting your brand across global borders.

Similarly, you will be in a better position to connect more with clients from different parts. When your drivers drop off clients, they also get a chance to pick others. You will have more locations to explore while enhancing your brand recognition.

  • Quality vehicle management

The taxi dispatch software also provides reliable solutions to help you manage your fleet. It systemizes all operations and offers room for professional tracking/management of your vehicles. With an advanced GPS facility, it has become easier to ensure the safety of the vehicles.

Research also shows that cases of accidents due to driver misconduct have been greatly reduced thanks to the app. This is as a result of an open platform where clients review taxi drivers. As a fleet owner, you will be able to learn which of your drivers is serving your clients right and who is not.

  • Improved service delivery

With the admin panel, you can always improve the quality of your service delivery. You can always retain only the performing drivers based on client reviews. This is important as it translates to high standards of service delivery to clients. What’s more, it is an easy and efficient way of building trust and loyalty amongst your clients to the benefit of your brand.

  • Customer satisfaction

When dealing with a large number of clients, it can be hard to ensure everyone is pleased with your services. However, with the app, clients can have access to your services whenever and wherever. This kind of convenience in booking for your services leads to customer satisfaction. It further attracts more clients that help in increasing the profitability of your fleet business.

Therefore, with the advancements in technology and with the increasing number of people who own smart-phones, you can only keep up with the trends. Give your clients what they deserve, easy access to taxi services. With a responsive fleet business, you will definitely reap more profits. The taxi management software simply helps you to maximize your bookings and improve your fleet business.