Protect Business Secrets and Data with Spy Software for PC

Spy Software for PC

Since the business organizations have become dependent on the PCs connected to the internet, data and business secrets are at stake. Therefore, every employer worldwide always looks forward to protecting the business and as well as the confidential data stored in the company’s owned computer machines such as windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices. Today the bombardment of the technology in the shape of computer machines, especially at the corporate sector, has led most of the business owners to take steps to protect their business. Most of the employers want to monitor each and every single activity of their employees happens on the company’s owned computer desktop devices. But thinking about it is enough you have to have the best spy software for PCs. Now the question arises how you can get the computer monitoring software to protect your business data and secrets.

How to get spy software for PC to protect your business secrets & Data?

First and foremost, you need to visit the official websites of the computer spy software. Then you need to subscribe to the windows and MAC monitoring app. Finally, you will receive an email that contains credentials such as passcode and ID. Now get physical access on the target computer laptop device and get started with the installation process. Once you have ended up with the installation process you need activate it on the target desktop computer machines running with MAC and Windows operating system. The end user dealing with the activation process you will have a pop – up message on the screen that enables you to hide the icon of the PC surveillance app. Moreover, use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the spy app for computers. Now visit the windows and MAC tracking features to protect your business secrets and data. Let’s discuss the spy app features for both MAC and windows in the following.

Windows & MAC spy software features

Windows spy software features

Website blocking

You can block all those websites where employees can get in touch with the malicious links that can hack your company’s owned devices and steal data and secrets remotely. You simply can put the URLs into the filters and block the access of the particular websites.

User –friendly reports

You can get to know the friendly reports about your employee’s activities all day long on the company’s owned windows monitoring app. You can get the reports of activity logs, alarm logs, visited websites, visited apps and Mouse clicks as well.

Mighty Alarms

You can set the alarms on the particular activities that you don’t want your employees do on the company’s owned data such as to get access to private data of the company. Once you have fixed the alarms then you will get the instant alerts once someone has got unauthorized access to the target desktop Windows device.

Real –Time Monitoring

You can get access to all the activities of your employees in real –time.

Invisible Mode tracking 

You can secretly spy on your employees company’s owned windows desktop devices.

On –Demand screenshots

User can remotely capture screenshot on demand of the target windows device screen.

MAC monitoring software features

Block websites

The user can block the websites that spread viruses and employees usually get access to the websites. Just put the URLs into the filters then no one will get access to the websites.

Camera Bug

Remotely get control over the target device camera and get to know who is up to the device when and why with the complete time stamp.


Remotely hack the MIC of the MAC laptop computer and you can listen to the surround conversation of your employees.

Screen Recording

You can perform screen recording and can make short videos of the screen back to back and send to the control panel and can view what employees are doing at their devices.


Remotely capture screenshots of the target desktop computer and get to know what is happening on the company’s owned MAC devices screen and stay updated.


TheOneSpy computer monitoring app is the greatest when it comes to protecting the business secrets and data stored in the company’s owned devices. Because it allows the user to create their own data backup using online control panel.



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