How to Keep Your Teeth White After Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Your Smile Is Precious as are your teeth

Modern technology incorporated with medicinal science has gifted many miraculous wonders to mankind. From laser aided surgeries to x-ray machines to ultrasonography, modern medicine has truly benefited from technology. Any successful therapy that exists in the present day and age is a seamless blend of technology and medicinal science. In the area of oral healthcare, advanced technology has been integrated with such precision that many people with deformed or distorted oral health can restore their teeth to its original state. Teeth whitening is one such revolutionary corrective treatment that allows discoloured or infected teeth to be reverted back to their original state. The reason why this is a remarkably admirable step in science is because the smile has always been the most timeless and original fashion accessory for any person. A damaged smile for the sake of bad teeth can hamper any person’s image considerably while a beautiful smile can work wonders in the converse direction. Such wonderful miracle cures are very much welcome as they give a lot of people a second chance at life. A great smile is a permanent asset and can prove to be a real winner for progress in professional as well as social life. A nice warm smile is always amplified with great teeth and provides a comforting and pleasing effect on the onlooker. It instills the necessary confidence contributing to success and development on all fronts in life.

Contributing Reasons for Teeth Whitening

The apparent natural colour of one’s teeth depends on the reflection of light off the enamel layer combined with the colour of the dentin layer below. When the enamel has worn down to a thin layer, more of the paler dentin colour below shows through. Tooth enamel is susceptible to accumulating stains. Sometimes due to neglect or bad oral hygiene these stains accumulate to form a thick hard coating on the teeth result in a worn and unpleasant colour to the teeth. The main three reasons for discoloration in teeth are due to:

  • Consumption of tobacco combined with bad oral hygiene
  • Consumption of beverages such as tea and coffee in large volumes
  • Aging is also a major reason for the teeth losing their shine.

How to Keep Your Teeth Whiteness Long Lasting  

In order to ensure that the effects of teeth whitening are long lasting and remains for as long a period of time as possible, there are some precautionary measures that need to be addressed. Before proceeding for a Wellington teeth whitening procedure, the supervising surgeon will ensure that any existing anomalies, infection or irregularities in oral issues are addressed first. Existing oral disorders may result to be an obstacle or an impediment for any new corrective measure to take shape. Cavities in teeth, for instance, are infections that need to be cured first before one can proceed for a teeth whitening procedure. This is extremely crucial as otherwise the whitening effect is not rendered to the core of every tooth. A proper diagnosis of the complete set of teeth and oral cavity would be performed prior to any succeeding procedure or corrective measure. The operating dental hygienist in adherence with protocol and prevailing norms will do a complete preliminary check-up of teeth before the procedure for whitening is initiated in all cases.

Wellington Teeth Whitening Procedures 

Wellington teeth whitening procedures are a revolutionary technique to revert your teeth to their original colour. Our corrective treatment is long lasting and does not employ the use of bleach or any harmful chemicals for short term whitening effect on teeth.  Before you decide on teeth whitening procedures it is very important to know the intrinsics of the same. Teeth whitening services which use chemicals like bleach and other such material substances to achieve an end result will not only have a short term effect but also damage teeth adversely. Thus, it is very important to have complete knowledge of any procedure or treatment before you opt for it.

At Wellington teeth whitening one can go for a complete teeth whitening treatment for both sets of upper and lower teeth or our special in house whitening treatment which comprises of only the visible front eight upper and lower teeth. This procedure, on completion of preliminary formality check-up of teeth can be implemented even from the privacy and comfort of one’s home. It is not absolutely necessary for the treatment to be performed in the clinic environment unless it is a complete teeth set whitening procedure. The effects of whitening are usually committed to last for a year but depending on subsequent oral hygiene and care, it could be extended for a longer period or a shorter frame of time. Good dental hygiene and care to follow up a tooth whitening procedure can increase longevity of the whitening while poor subsequent dental care and conditioning could lead to the early demise of the whitening effect.



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