Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry covers all aspects of dentistry that work to improve the aesthetics of a smile. Most dental practices will offer a smile makeover service, which will assess your entire smile, and offer solutions to help you achieve a final look. At Spa Dental Sydney CBD, there are many options available for dental cosmetics, all of which will target a specific aspect of your smile.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

There are few direct medical benefits to cosmetic dentistry, however it will provide you with several benefits that can greatly improve your life. Self-confidence can be helped by a new smile, particularly for people who may have been self-conscious in the past about the way they looked. In terms of medical benefits, a poorly aligned jaw can have serious complications for the teeth, including jaw problems and tooth erosion, which in turn can cause cavities and decay.


As fixed braces are not the most invisible option, there are options available to straighten your teeth, without being overtly visible. Invisalign provides a solution to crooked teeth by using transparent braces, that are replaced every two weeks. This means that while receiving the dental treatment, it will be extremely difficult to tell that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign also works to make some acute corrections, so if you are looking to make a minor adjustment to your teeth, without the commitment of fixed braces, then this is the treatment for you.

Teeth Whitening

One common form of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is achieved by placing a bleaching agent on the teeth, and letting it soak into the enamel in order to target the discoloured areas. This treatment is extremely safe and can even be administered in the comfort of your own home, however a dentist will be able to administer the treatment as efficiently as possible in their dental practice, due to their qualifications and experience.

Cosmetic Bonding

If your teeth are broken or damaged, as well as discoloured, then teeth whitening may not be an effective option. Cosmetic bonding uses a special tooth coloured resin to fill in cracks and chips, in order to leave a smooth finish, and will protect your teeth from future damage. The tooth will be slight abraded prior to the treatment, in order to make sure that the cosmetic bonding sticks to the tooth and looks natural.



Another method that uses a similar technique of covering the enamel are veneers. Veneers are small, teeth shaped plates of porcelain, that fit to the surface of the tooth to resemble real teeth. As veneers are made from porcelain, they are extremely durable, and so will provide a good-looking finish to your teeth. Like cosmetic bonding, veneers require a slight chipping away of the enamel, in order to ensure they stay rigid on the tooth. If veneers are well kept, and good dental hygiene is maintained, then they can last for a lifetime. If they do not last, however, they can also be easily replaced.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified practitioner.



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