4 FAQs about Invisalign


Invisalign has become one of the most popular treatments for straightening teeth. It has proven to be a very effective way of improving the look of people’s smiles who are struggling with mild misalignment. This treatment can help to improve an array of issues that you may be having with your teeth, such as overcrowding, gaps, crookedness, underbites and more.

What is it?

The Invisalign treatment involves the use of clear, plastic, removable aligners that can move your teeth into a straighter position over time. You will be given multiple of these, and each one is different, which causes your teeth to move into their new position.

Am I eligible?

Invisalign is a very dynamic treatment and can be used by both adults and teenagers. There aren’t many factors that will stop you from getting Invisalign, all you need to have is good oral hygiene for your teeth to move successfully. If your oral hygiene isn’t very good and your teeth aren’t healthy, then this could negatively affect your results as your teeth may not move in the right way.

How does it all work?

To start your Invisalign journey, you will first need to have a consultation with your dentist Welwyn Garden City. This is a vital part of the process as your teeth must be examined and scanned so that your dentist can plan for the treatment. The scan results are then sent off to aid in the creation of your custom aligners, which usually takes a couple of weeks. Your dentist will explain everything you need to know before you receive your aligners to ensure that you are knowledgeable on what you need to do.

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When you’ve got your aligners, you can truly start your Invisalign journey. It is recommended that you wear your aligners for around 22 hours a day to get the most out of the treatment. You can easily remove your aligners whenever you need to, such as when you eat or brush your teeth, which comes in handy. Once you’ve had one aligner in for 2 weeks, you must change to the next one. The next aligner will be a slightly different shape, which is how they gently move your teeth. The treatment time for Invisalign all comes down to your particular case, but generally, people will reach their desired result anywhere between 3 months and 1 and a half years of using the aligners. During this time, you will only need to visit your dentist for a checkup every 6 to 8 weeks.

Once you have completed the Invisalign treatment, it is highly recommended that you use a retainer. Retainers are used after any teeth-straightening treatment and can prevent your teeth from moving back to their original positions, which they will naturally try to do.

What are the benefits?

Invisible aligners

The main and most obvious benefit of getting Invisalign is the fact that the aligners are pretty much invisible to others. The combination of the clear material used and them being custom-made for your teeth means it would be difficult for your peers to notice the aligners being worn. This is great if you don’t want to draw any unwanted attention to your teeth whilst you are straightening them.

Easy process

Another aspect that appeals to people about getting Invisalign is how easy the process is. There are no invasive surgeries, no constant dental appointments, and you change between the aligners in the comfort of your own home, so it fits into all types of lifestyles no matter how busy you are.



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