The Role of Good Dental Marketing in the Combat of Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Good Dental Marketing

Dental anxiety and dental phobia affect over a third of the population and most patients admit to feeling slightly nervous before a dental appointment. Many people avoid the dentist unless they are experiencing a dental emergency, and some people avoid the dentist altogether. Avoiding regular appointments with the dentist can have serious repercussions on a person’s dental health and result in the need for specialist dental care. Avoiding the dentist altogether will result in an array of dental issues which with time will result in irreversible damage and tooth loss.

Dental anxiety and dental phobia do not only affect one’s oral health but it can also affect their overall well-being. Poor oral health has detrimental impact on all aspects of life and it is important that as a dentist you are able to help people to face their fears and encourage them to visit the dentist in person so that you can begin to address their dental needs.

By understanding the concept of dental anxiety and dental phobia you can implement techniques and strategies through dental marketing which help combat the fear of the dentist. You can encourage people to approach you online, over the phone or hopefully visit you in person so that you can ease their nerves and educate them on the importance of visiting the dentist so that they can enjoy better oral health and a better quality of life as well. Speak to a digital marketing team to find out how you can do this.

The advantages of digital marketing for nervous patients

nervous patients

Digital marketing has made it easier than ever before to engage with patients, both existing and prospective, without them having to make any commitments to you. They are able to remain anonymous if necessary but they are also able to tell you their details so that you have the opportunity to encourage them to visit you in person. Through digital marketing you need to address nervous patients directly, creating a separate section on your website or social media page for them. Through good marketing techniques, if you are able to encourage these people to face their fears and visit the dentist once and experience gentle and effective dental care, then you may find yourself a loyal patient and promote better oral health for someone who may have otherwise suffered in silence.

Dental patients show greater loyalty than other businesses therefore each patient is a great asset to boosting the success of your dental practice. It is important that your dental marketing campaign addresses conversion rate optimisation or CRO which involves encouraging as many visitors on your website as possible, including nervous patients, to leave their details with you, sign up to your mailing list or make a call to book an appointment and visit you in person. Speak to your digital dental marketing team today and ask about CRO and the other techniques and strategies which they can put in place to make sure that you have a successful dental marketing campaign that is attracting visitors, including nervous patients, who are likely to become new patients at your dental practice very soon.



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