Five Tips to Make Invisalign Easier


Gone are the days of those ugly looking, metallic braces that caused so much trouble into your mouth. Invisalign or aligners are virtually invisible and removable braces to help you get rid of those crooked teeth without being noticed. If you are considering Invisalign to straighten your teeth without the trouble of dealing with shiny wires and braces, we are here to help you make it even more easier for you. Consider the below mentioned reliable tips coming directly from the dentists in Cork while getting along with your treatment to adjust easily with Invisalign and remain comfortable with that “thing” in your mouth.

  • Wear Them Regularly: The fact that Invisalign can be removed easily makes it vulnerable to the fact that you might forget wearing them back. Unlike metal braces, you are free to remove these when you eat or drink, so that you need not alter your eating habits. But once you are done eating, do not forget to put them back. Make it a habit to clean your teeth after your every meal and put those aligners back into their place.
  • Keep Your Aligners Clean:

Take proper care of your aligners as if they are a part of your mouth. It is necessary that you clean them regularly to avoid any sort of discoloration, odor or bacteria build up. Practice cleaning your trays along with your teeth, at least twice a day. It’s advisable to rinse them thoroughly to get rid of plaque and dry saliva deposition on them. You can even consider using some clear anti-bacterial soap to keep your tray clean and crystal clear. Other hygienic practices should include brushing your aligner with soft bristles brush and soaking them in either an Invisalign cleaning crystals or some denture cleaner. Make sure there are no cluttered food particles or anything else stuck into your teeth when you put back those trays as it may cause you unwanted dental issues.

  • Keep Them Safe And Covered:

When you are not wearing your aligners, put them into the case provided to keep them protected from external dust and bacteria buildup. Carry the case always with you, no matter where you go, add it to your routine. If by any chance you forgot them into the open, rine and clean them carefully before putting them back.

  • It Takes Time To Adjust, Don’t Panic:

Most of the Invisalign dentists in Cork report that patients visit them with concerns of soreness just after they began the treatment. It is to be kept in mind that adjusting to your aligners take some time. Your mouth will respond with pain and discomfort during the initial days. Try some general remedies such as swishing warm water with a pinch of salt, around in your mouth for a few minutes or taking some anti-inflammatory before you put on a new aligner. This could help you deal with the initial pain.

Besides, you will also need to adapt to speaking with aligners on, and the act of putting them in and out of your mouth each time you eat. In case the problem looks severe, feel free to visit your orthodontist and get some genuine Invisalign tips to get some extra help with adjusting to these plastic trays.

  • Avoid Using Toothpaste To Clean Your Aligners: Most of the patients who opt for Invisalign make this mistake. Although they are worried to keep the trays clean and clear, they often use their regular toothpaste to on them. To your surprise, the toothpaste contains some abrasives to keep your teeth clean, and this can damage your aligners and lead to their discoloration. This will result in a noticeable color on them.

Apart from toothpaste, dentists highly warn you not to use any scented or colored soaps as these might cause bad taste when put back into your mouth, along with the obvious discoloration. It’s better to stick to Invisalign crystals or denture made especially for this purpose.

These were some of the basic suggestions that can help you with your Invisalign treatment and make it more comfortable. Besides these, one of the major thing that you might need to consider before getting started with the treatment is choosing the right orthodontist with a fair amount of experience and skills. For instance, there are a large number of dentists in Cork, but only a few of them are able enough to help you with the Invisalign process. Look into various available options, and choose the one best suited for your requirements.


Dr. Cliona Fergey from University College Cork in 1998. She has several years of experience dealing with different dental issues. She keeps her updated with the latest developments in dentistry, which makes her a preferable choice among dentists in Cork.



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