Myths About Used Cars that One should Never Believe

Used Cars

A lot of people look down upon buying a used car. This notion surfaced due to a lot of myths, aka incorrect assumptions about second-hand vehicles. Your relatives or friends may bombard you about someone else’s bad experience without actually verifying the same.

In recent years, the used cars market has picked up significantly. Even affluent people are not shying away from the market of used cars in Delhi. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s debunk a few myths associated with used cars.

Cash Payment Will Get You A Good Deal

The market for used cars in Delhi is vast. You may encounter a notion that paying in cash will get you a better deal with more discounts somewhere. This is not true at all. In fact, you might not get a credible dealer if you keep looking for this option. Many dealers provide financing options, and it is on you to decide according to your budget. Even the government does not support hefty payments in cash. So run away from any person who claims to get you a better deal in cash.

Used Cars Don’t Have A Resale Value

A well maintained used car could reap a good resale value irrespective of the manufacturing year. Resale value depends on the year of manufacturing and the current condition of the vehicle. Many used cars in Delhi are being resold for the second time without any issues. Let’s say you have to choose between two vehicles with different manufacturing years and conditions. One is well-kept but slightly older, and the other is a newer model but is in poorer condition. Always select the one that is in better condition.

Used Cars Need Repeated Maintenance

Whenever we think of buying anything secondhand, we assume that it will either run out soon or need more care. This assumption has invaded the used cars market as well. But if you do your research while looking for used cars in Delhi, you will find how untrue this is. Go for a seller that has kept their car in a satisfactory condition for your convenience. Make an effort to get your vehicle checked beforehand by a trusted mechanic. This will ensure that your running experience is smooth even after the delivery.

High Mileage Means Wear And Tear

This is a funny myth that has no practicality behind it. In reality, a car that has covered long distances must be more dependable. You might think that high mileage is a sign of excessive wear and tear. Again, it all depends on the car’s condition. A lot of dealerships for used cars in Delhi ensure that a vehicle with considerable mileage is in a suitable condition. In some cases, such as the online platform Spinny, there is a massive 200-point inspection list in place to ensure the vehicle is in optimal condition. Even repair and maintenance costs in these cars are just as low as with newer vehicles. So, second-hand cars with huge mileage are worth your attention.

So, buying a used car is not a waste of time and money. All you have to do is find good dealerships for used cars in Delhi. Research online and make a checklist of your needs. Most importantly, keep these myths aside and go with an open mind.



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