Cool Tricks to do with your Vlogging Camera

Vlogging Camera

Do you have a vlogging channel or planning to have one? Well, we are here with some amazing tips and tricks that you can do with your vlogging camera. It doesn’t matter whether you have a vlogging camera with flip screen or not, these tips and tricks will work on any.

Here are some tricks every vlogger should know about. 

Tricks to do with your Vlogging Camera

Trick No. 1 – Make Both your Hands Free and Still Camera Records 

This trick is super amazing, thanks to Peter McKinnon, he is a YouTuber who performed this trick live on this channel. Where he vlogs holding the camera in his hands and suddenly makes his both hands free from the camera, the camera records further footage like someone is holding it in hands. But later he shows that no one is there to hold the camera.

The secret behind the trick is the person who holds the camera when he makes his both hands-free. And later on, when he shows the place, he asks that person to sit down so that camera does not cover him/her.

This trick just looks like magic, as you can anytime free your hands and the people will think that your camera is automatically walking behind you and recording your footage.

If you want to watch the complete video demonstration of the trick then you can watch it here.

Trick No. 2 – Fix your Camera in the Back Side of Vehicle 

This trick will give you amazing drone-like effect, but at the landscape level as vehicles can’t roam in air. It will give you a cinematic effect just like you take with drones. It will act as a cherry on the cake if you ask your friend to operate that camera if he does the little moves, the shot will go more interesting. This trick is also from Peter McKinnon’s YouTube channel. You can watch his complete video by  searching on YouTube – 3 camera Tricks No One will Suspect! 

Trick No. 3 – Whip Transition Trick 

Another super cool trick is here, the Whip Transition Trick. In this trick, vlogger merges the two shots amazingly. Now, How you can do the same? Here are the steps –

  • Start recording the first footage and at the end just whip the camera with speed and press shutter to stop recording.
  • Take next shot and this time start the camera with the same whipping speed where you ended the last footage.
  • Now, beautifully merge both the footages and enjoy the transition effect you have got in your video.

Some Tips for Vloggers

When you are a Vlogger you should also focus on the content of your videos so we are here with some cool tips for the vloggers. These are just basics. Let’s take a look. 

Set a Goal Before Shooting

Whenever you are shooting a vlog, set a goal or a theme. Wherever you are, get the complete insight of that place and tell your audience the complete information about the place.

This strategy will make your blog interesting, ultimately it will boost your watch time on YouTube. It is something which is required to grow a blogging channel on the popular social media site which is second-ranked search engine globally.

Understand your Audience

What does your audience want from you? It is required to understand your audience, these are the people who will take you to the top. Do some live sessions to get on top of the minds of your audience.

If you will create the content of the choice of your audience then they are more likely to share your video. So, this tip will act as a subscriber boost for your vlogging YouTube channel.

Follow Trends

Follow the trends, it will give your channel a hike in both subscribers count and watch time. Just like the recent #JCBKiKhudayi trend, even Mumbiker Nikhil covered the same in his YouTube Channel, who is one of the biggest Vloggers in India.

Focus on Quality, not on Quantity 

When you are into Vlogging, this is the thing you have to focus on. On YouTube, where a lot of competition is there, it is the reason why quality works here. Put a few videos in a month instead of putting a video daily. A lot of disadvantages are there when you put daily video content like a sudden decrease in the interest of the audience, No fresh content and more.

So these were some vlogging tips and tricks you can do with with your camera. There a lot of secrets in Vlogging to be on the top of your audience. As you gain experience, you discover more.



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