Features and Costing of creating eLearning Mobile apps

With everything going online, learning has also gone digital.  eLearning mobile applications are the latest trend in electronic media. Though the term e-learning was first used in October 1999 at a CBT Systems Seminar in Los Angeles, the idea gained momentum in India after the introduction of smart classes. The providers of smart classes launched personalized applications for students focusing on the K-12 group. But now, you can even pursue an MBA from a top-notch college, in India or abroad, with the help of an application.

If you own an educational institute, the idea of creating an application for your institute must have crossed your mind. But with great ideas comes great responsibilities and so you must know what the features required for a good e-learning mobile applications are.

Features of a Good eLearning app:

Features of a Good eLearning app

A good E-Learning app must have certain features on which users can rely. Also, the costing of the app depends on the number of features added to the eLearning application. Let’s discuss how.

Basic or must-have features:

The following features are the most basic ones for any eLearning mobile application.

  • Ask for review:

Asking users for their reviews is an essential feature that your eLearning app must-have. This feature helps in SEO as well as in making strategies for your future business. Also, if we talk about customer psychology, most of the mobile app users read reviews before buying any subscription.

  • Ask for signup:

The signup feature again adds a sense of customer loyalty. It also helps in personalizing the app for the users. In an eLearning app, you can add different signup profiles too. Such as student profile, tutor profile, college/school profile, etc.

Creating individual profiles also helps in tracking users and working on the app updates accordingly.

Differentiate your app from others:

If you add the following features to your eLearning mobile application, then your application will stand out of the league.

  • Camera accessibility:

Since eLearning mobile applications involve students and tutors, giving camera accessibility will help in providing a much better-personalized experience for users. Also, if a user is paying to buy a subscription, he/she will expect such things.

  • Help parents in monitoring:

If parents can keep a check on the progress of their child, they will love your application. This can be thought practically like when our parents send us to tuition; they do visit the institute from time to time to keep a check on our progress. This feature will work in the same way.

Features you can add for better user experience:

  • Multiple Payment gateways:

Allowing users with multiple payment gateways is always a positive thing to do. This is because everyone uses different payment modes. You can also give discounts based on these payment modes.

  • Chat Boxes are always cool:

When it comes to query solving, video calling is not always the best option. Here, chatbox comes into action. Chat Boxes can help in 24×7 query resolving. Another feature can be added here of turning on or off the chat option, i.e., online and offline. This way, it will help in maintaining the privacy of the tutors too.

Category wise panel distribution:

Certain features can be added according to the panel, which means different features for student panel or tutor panel. By categorizing the key elements will also make the app look clean.


The unique features of the student panel can be as below:-

  • Course selection
  • Downloading resources


Tutor need some best in class features as:-

  • Upload resources
  • Go Live
  • Chat with users


Providing these great features to parents will help your business up to a great extent:

  • Monitor the child’s progress
  • Voice/video calling with the tutor


The admin needs special care. The following features will help:

  • Manage subscriptions
  • Manage content

Technologies that can be used to develop eLearning mobile application:

Out of all the technologies present in the market, the top technologies that must be used for developing an eLearning mobile application are:

  • Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality will create better content and an environment for users.

  • Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality develops an artificial graphical projection in the physical environment.

  • Cloud Storage:

Amazon Web Services or AWS provides you with cloud storage to store all your content. This helps in accessing the data anytime, anywhere.

The number of hands required:

  1. A great team leader
  2. An excellent UI/UX developer
  3. Smart Quality Analysts
  4. Responsible System Administrator
  5. Cool Project Manager
  6. An intelligent Program Developer

Cost so formed:

Now we come to the costing part. So pick your cart!

The costing is directly proportional to the features you add in your eLearning mobile application. And the quality of the application is directly proportional to the number of features.

The cost also depends on the platform for which the application has to be developed.



For Android app platform  23k
For iOS app platform  28k
For Windows app platform  18k
Hire developer  USD 15 per hour

Know your competitors too:

Before you step into an industry you must know about your competitors so that you prepare well.

  • Unacademy:

Founded in 2010 by Hemesh Singh, Unacademy is India’s largest eLearning app. It is being loved by users because of its live lecture feature.

  • Toppr:

Toppr was founded in 2013 and it has always focused on after school personalized learning. As per FortuneIndia, E-learning app Toppr eyes 8 million users in a year.

  • Vedantu:

Vedantu is an interactive online tutoring platform that was founded in 2011. Here, teachers provide online school tuitions to students, using a real-time virtual learning environment named WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment). WAVE is an in-house technology of Vedantu.


The cost of creating an eLearning mobile application completely depends on the features you want in your app. A top mobile app development company will help you with the best solutions. Also, if you have any other idea regarding the features that an eLearning mobile application must have, then you can hire mobile app developers for your personalized touches.



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