How can a Restaurant Finder App Development Company build its Own Spankin’ New App Like EAT24!

Restaurant Finder App

Want to build an app like Eat24? All about how a restaurant finder app development company can build its own restaurant finder app.

Today, mobile applications have become a remedy for everything. From online shopping to food delivery, mobile apps have revolutionised the way we live our lives. But, if you are thinking of building an app like Eat24, you must know the features you need to include in your app. Besides, it has become difficult to survive in the highly competitive market today. So, it is vital to know those unique functions that your restaurant finder app can use to help customers. Well, how are apps like Eat24 and Yelp performing? What are the present trends? How can any restaurant finder app development company build an app like these? Let’s have a detailed look.

According to SimilarWeb,  Eat24 forms 14.84% of the referring sites of Also, forms 3.81% of GrubHub. Further, GrubHub stands at a global rank of 1856 and the country where it is most popular in the United States. Moreover, the total visits from June 2018 to November 2018 is a whopping 17.02 million.



It is clear that food ordering apps like Eat24 or Yelp are doing well in the market today. However, if you are thinking of developing such an app, what are the prerequisites? Why should you even opt for development of a food ordering app? What are its advantages?

What are the benefits of a restaurant finder app like Eat24?

Well, food ordering and restaurant finder apps have always brought all the deliciousness as soon as you need it. Also, they are one of the foremost industries that have come up with their mobile apps very quickly. This includes delivery of custom web and mobile solutions across different platforms too. So, what are the advantages of developing an app like Eat24? Let us know more about how food ordering apps can be a boon for all.

  • Customization options: A food ordering app must always have options for customization and must be scalable too. This is vital for extending various categories and adding various features according to the needs and wishes of the users.
  • Efficient in time and cost: The time taken for the development of an app must be less. Also, the app must be highly efficient in its performance. Besides, the cost of building the app must also be within one’s budget.
  • Integration of third parties: A food delivery app is nothing without the integration of third parties for business. This includes the various restaurant owners and the booking agents too. Moreover, it is necessary for proper handling of logistics and service providers in an area.

restaurant finder app

  • Global acceptability: If one asks why apps like the Eat24 are popular today, the sole reason is there global acceptance. Thus, a food delivery app must be launched in multiple regions with multi-currency and different languages.
  • Accepting of Payments: A good food delivery application must have the feature of being able to accept payments everywhere. Besides, an option to add payment gateways is a necessity for any app. This also includes other modes of payments like cash on delivery, net banking etc.
  • Ease of Use: A food delivery application must be easy to use and any new user must be able to use it without any issues. An interactive and intuitive UI also has the potential to attract new customers.

Having seen that, let’s take a look at some must-have functions of any restaurant finder app. But, if you are thinking of building something like the Eat24 app, then your app must stand out from the crowd.

Functions of a restaurant finder app

Registration via social networks

An easy registration process is the most important thing of any app. Moreover, an integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. will be helpful for this. This is because people can then use your app in minutes.

social networks

Besides, registration via social networks will encourage the usage of real identities of people. However, you need to register a Facebook Developer account and add Facebook SDK for enabling this feature in your app.

Restaurant profile

The restaurant profile feature can make you gain loyal customers. Besides, the users of your app can learn more about the closest restaurants too. In fact, people can actually know about the quality of food served in the restaurants.

Also, users will be able to see all the important data related to restaurants at a glance. This includes restaurant ratings, working hours, menu, cuisine type etc. But, one must not forget to add images of the restaurant too on this screen. This is because images are very important both for finding a place sign and choosing the right ambience.

Admin panel

The admin panel is the place where one can manage and moderate the content for a restaurant finder app. The admin panel is a very important part of a restaurant finder app too. This is because it is the admin panel that decides whether you grant restaurants access to page administration. Also, it helps in deciding whether users can add restaurants manually or if it can only be possible by an admin who handles the services.

Admin panel

Location-based search and suggestions

The location-based search and suggestion features are one of the core functions of a restaurant finder app. Besides, data also forms a part of the core of a food finder app. For this purpose, you will need a database of all the local cafes, diners and other eating places in a specific locality. This is where the Google Places API works as a blessing for getting those places. However, Google doesn’t allow the usage of their services for creating your own content unless you specify where you get it from. So, you must be ready to gather and process the data yourself.

Another important part of any restaurant finder app is the suggestions feature. If you can provide your users with recommendations of good nearby places to eat, it will make their jobs easier.

Calling from the app

The easier it is for users to book a table in a restaurant, the better your food finder app will be. So, it is necessary for users to be able to seamlessly book a table in the restaurant they like. Besides,  adding a call button via Intent will also be a great choice for making the process smoother and more efficient.

Calling from the app

Rating and reviews

The facility of allowing users to leave their ratings and reviews on your app is beneficial for other new users. Also, it can give you an idea about how you can develop your app and provide the services more efficiently.

Well, reviews and ratings have the power to convince users. So, honest reviews of the best restaurants nearby can not only make your app more popular but also give a chance to the restaurant owners to develop. Besides, a lot of small and new restaurants who don’t have much reach can grow through your app. However, the review screen of your app must also be very intuitive and must encourage people to leave reviews/ add pictures:

Adding photos or Instagram integration

Well, images attract everyone. Moreover, the human brain processes images in a fast manner. They also add an additional appeal to your food application.

Further, the restaurant and food photos posted by users may look like a simpler solution. But, it will definitely increase the amount of storage you will need for your app. Also, you must allow users to add restaurant and food photos from their Instagram profiles. For this, you will have to register with an Instagram API Platform.

Instagram API Platform

Signing off…

To sum up, finding an exact set of features for a restaurant searching app like Eat24 or Yelp depends on a lot of factors. These factors include the scale, monetization model and the techniques you opt for adding new aspects to your app. Besides, one must be aware of the fact that users come to your app for reviews and photos of interior/food of the restaurants. Thus, if you want to be a restaurant finder app development company, you must prepare a good amount of content. That is how your restaurant search app will provide high value to its new users.



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