5 Best Exercise that Help You in Weight Loss

weight loss exercise

Have you always wanted to fit into your favorite outfit? Do you want to cut off extra calories and get a slim yet healthy body? It is neither those strict 1200-calorie diet plans that can help you curb your over-weight issues nor does that slimming belt can reduce your belly fat. The only possible way to gain a healthy and a fit body is by practicing fat-burning exercises. Yes, you read it right! A few push-ups, weightlifting, and crunches burn your calories and help in weight management.

Ever wondered why exercise is often considered to be a challenging task? Of course, no one would like to get tired stretching their muscles, doing pushups and sit-ups, or simply practicing quads, will you? Hence, to overcome this mental challenge, practice the below-listed 5 weight loss exercises to get a fit and your desired body:

A majority of the people believe that weightlifting exercise leads to weight gain, however, the perception isn’t true. Instead, weightlifting not only helps you burn extra calories of your body but it plays a crucial role in building up your muscle.

So if you’re tired of performing the usual low-intensity interval exercises, it is a time to switch to the workout which involves weights. What’s more? Studies suggest that strength training has proven to be effective enough in cutting down approximately 10 calories per minute.

  • Go for a walk

If you’re looking out for some easy exercises to burn your fat without needing to undergo a strict diet routine or lifting those heavy dumbbells, you should aim to add a 20-40 minute walk in your regular regime. Though walking is a low-intensity exercise, it can burn over 100 calories of your body a day. Plus, it is one of the easiest weight loss exercises. For the beginners, it is highly recommended to add 30 minutes walk to your routine and practice it 3-4 days in a week whereas the experienced individuals should aim to walk 40 minutes a day for all 7 days in a week.

  • Swimming

Swimming can be a hobby for thousands of professional swimmers out there. But, do you know the real benefits of this exercise? Swimming can help you cut off excess fat, help you lose additional pounds, and strengthen your body and muscles. Whether you opt to practice freestyle swimming or you’re taking it to the breaststroke, this thrilling activity is all that you need to burn 600 calories in an hour.

  • Squats

Do you find it troublesome to get rid of the excess weight of your belly and thighs? Don’t worry. If you perform squats right, you can reduce extra thighs and belly fat. You may find it a bit tricky in the first few trials but once get used to, you can speed up the practice, try out the latest variations including pistol squats, barbell squats, and a lot more.

  • Push-ups

Being one of the simplest exercises, push-ups perhaps helps in burning excess fat of your body and helping you in weight management. You don’t need to join a gym or buy additional exercising equipment to practice push-ups. In fact, this exercise just triggers your arms, shoulder, chest, and lats simultaneously.


Indeed the above-listed exercises are one the top-most remedies that burn your excess calories and strengthen your muscles. Though following an appropriate diet plan may help you to reduce weight to some extent, it will only work if practiced together with regular exercise.

So what are you waiting for? Add at least 2-3 exercises in your daily regime and get ready to observe amazing results. All the best!

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