Healthy Ways to Ground Yourself during Times of Uncertainty


To ground yourself during these times, allow yourself to feel your anxiety or fear. The feeling will pass, so allow it. Try to focus on the present moment, take a deep breath, and acknowledge that you can’t predict what will happen next. Uncertainty is a natural part of life. Here are some tips for grounding yourself during times of uncertainty:


As we move through uncertain times, we often become concerned about the future. Whether it’s about our relationships, finances, health, or our families, we often feel a sense of apprehension.

In these uncertain times, it’s imperative to keep your feet firmly planted to avoid spiraling into a cycle of anxiety and stress. One of the most powerful benefits of meditation is that it allows you to connect with your breath, which helps reduce the stress response and bring balance back into your life.

You can do this anywhere and anytime, but the most effective method is to set aside a set amount of time each day to practice meditation. Whether you’re meditating for a few minutes or an hour a day, meditation can help ground you in a time of uncertainty.

Identifying Uncertainty Triggers

Identifying your triggers of uncertainty is a critical first step in developing a more proactive approach to coping with the effects of unpredictability. According to the World Health Organization, uncertainty exacerbates depressive feelings and exaggerated concerns, which can paralyze us from taking action.

Instead, try focusing your thoughts on the present moment and your breathing. By focusing on the present moment, you can interrupt pessimistic predictions and assumptions. While identifying your triggers for uncertainty is not easy, it’s essential to develop an action plan to deal with your anxiety when it arises.

This will calm your body and allow your mind to travel the trigger to the rational part of your brain. By practicing this technique, you’ll be able to deal with the symptoms of uncertainty more effectively and cope with stress better.

Regular Practice of Breathing Exercises

Using breathing exercises to ground yourself when you feel unsure of what to do or think can help you focus your attention. Try taking a long slow breath and holding it for several seconds. Focus on breathing deeply into your stomach and exhale slowly.

When you’re feeling uneasy, anchoring your feet to the ground can help you feel more grounded in a room. The idea is to focus on your breath and body to feel calm and focused. To help your students learn the technique, have them draw or print out images of triangles.

Star breathing uses a different visual without the need to draw a triangle every time. Coping Skills for Kids has several examples of star breathing. You can also draw your star breathing image, and you can also draw your triangle or star. This exercise is excellent for children because they can focus on the breathing exercise without the distractions of a physical object.

Embracing Uncertainty

Embracing uncertainty as a healthy form of grounding yourself is possible for us. Our brains tend to interpret uncertainty as stressful and can often lead to overestimating the likelihood of bad things happening to us and underestimating our capacity to deal with them.

Using specialized types of tarot spreads can help you predict change, and this helps you move past these negative patterns and free up your energy for more practical pursuits. The key to embracing uncertainty is recognizing that it is a natural part of being human.

The moment we face uncertainty, we feel overwhelmed and out of control. The truth is, no one is immune to uncertainty. We can, however, learn to embrace it as a healthy way to ground ourselves.

By making a conscious effort to identify the signs of uncertainty and how to cope with them, we can learn to accept uncertainty in a way that serves us and our well-being.


So, whether you find yourself in times of uncertainty due to current events, personal problems, or both, what are some ways you like to ground yourself? And if you don’t have any healthy grounding practices, perhaps these ideas will be enough to get you started. If nothing else, it can never hurt to be on the lookout for new methods of bringing yourself back down to earth.



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