7 Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Montessori for Your Kid

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Montessori for Your Kid

Your kids are your future if you want to know what future would be like then look into the eyes of your kid and observe his behavior you will surely get the answer.  Those who want to make this world a peaceful and serene place for their generations have to focus on the upbringing of their kids. Daycare centers, schools, and Montessori are institutions that lay the foundation stone of a child’s nurture. Montessori schools focus on the five senses of your child. They help kids to establish their own ideas about everything that they observe in the world. Teachers in Montessori urge kids to express their ideas in creative ways. The environment of Montessori differs from conventional schools. Teachers and instructors in Montessori lead children by focusing on the innate behavior and interests of a child. Teachers adopt an exciting and motivational method to persuade children to ponder over new facets of various things around them. Parents are responsible for finding a Montessori for their kids that polish their skills. There are some common mistakes that many parents commit while searching a “Montessori school near me in Ashburn VA.”

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#1. Thinking That First Impression Is the Last Impression

It is human nature to feel attraction towards things that look impressive at the very first glance. Parents when visit schools and Montessori for their kids observe the environment. If they see colorful and elegant classrooms decorated with learning material they want their kids to be part of this environment. They come back home and start convincing their child to join that Montessori. It is true that a neat and clean environment has its role in the growth of a child but it is a secondary element. Teachers, their knowledge, behavior, and students with whom your kid has to move are primary things that need your attention. So visit a Montessori many times before admitting your child there.

#2. Leaving Everything Up to the School

The next mistake that parents do is to believe that they have fulfilled their responsibility by admitting child in the best Montessori in Ashburn VA. Kids always need the attention of parents no matter how good is their school and friends. Everyone has their own place in life and parents have a key role in a child’s life. What must be done is to keep an eye on the weekly and monthly progress of your child. If you see any anomaly in your child’s performance then visit his Montessori, meet his teachers. Try to resolve issues that your child faces. It is the age when kids express them easily so parents have a chance to develop a bridge of trust and friendship with their kids. Do not rebuke kids too much when they lag behind in any subject or activity. Your kid might have different interests. Let him do what pleases him.

#3. Not Inspecting Meticulously

Parents need to be watchful and vigilant while selecting the Montessori. Even when you have admitted a child in Montessori you have to inspect his activities and school as well. If some teacher leaves then meet the new teacher and have a friendly chat with him. Let that teacher know about your kid and try to know the teaching style of this new teacher. Lack of communication between parents and children is the result of parent’s indifference towards what their kid does in school. Parents being the guardian of kids have the responsibility to keenly monitor activities of their kids and school. It is better to help children in doing their homework.

#4. Focusing on Reports and Marks

What is the age of a child when he is admitted to Montessori? He is hardly 4 to 5 years old when parents take him to school. Then they start expecting A+ in all subjects and activities. What does that mean? It means they expect their child to be a mathematician, painter, athlete, scientist, and a biologist at the same time. Isn’t is too demanding behavior towards a child who is merely 5 years old. Marks is just a number that cannot measure the intellect of your child. So leave your child to do what he likes for a few years. When parents give a free hand to their kids only then they would know the capabilities of their child. Let him grow and gain confidence. He might fall, he might fail but that is all part of life. Parents ought to stop putting pressure on their kids at this age.

#5. Ignoring Curriculum

Parents meet teachers and interview kids in Montessori to know if it is an apt option for their kids. However, they sometimes forget curriculum. It is true that environment of a Montessori is friendly and instructors give space to kids to follow what they want. Still there is a certain curriculum that has to be followed. Parents are advised to see the curriculum before admitting their kids in a Montessori. There must be equal slots for creative activities and academics.

#6. Ignoring the Extracurricular Activities

There is number of extracurricular activities that a Montessori arrange for kids. It is better to know the activities that grab the attention of your child before you admit him in a Montessori. Different schools have different activities. Parents have to select the Montessori that arrange activities that their kid likes. Parents have to monitor the extracurricular activities side by side academics because kid’s growth depends upon both.

#7. Neglecting Membership of American Montessori Society

It is totally legal in the US if a school uses the name Montessori without being member of American Montessori Society and membership is not a certification that Montessori is up to the mark. However, members of society have to follow defined rules and ethics. They have realized that education is not a business but more like a public service. Parents most of the time ignore to check the membership of Montessori that they select for their kids.



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