10 Kitchen Flooring Care Tips from a Pro

Kitchen Flooring Care Tips

Kitchen is the heart of your house. Apart from being the place where you prepare scrumptious meals for your loved ones, it is also the place where your family gathers together to have meals and discuss their day.

Keeping the kitchen clean is no doubt a daunting task especially when you have given into latest kitchen flooring trends and have installed latest floors to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Your kitchen floors need extreme care and attention as due to lack of proper cleaning &maintenance, your floors can become dirty and get chipped.

Here are the 10 kitchen flooring care tips from a pro to take care of your kitchen floors Refinish:

Tip#1: Vacuum Once A Week

To maintain the beauty and durability of your floors, it is imperative that you vacuum it once a week and that too thoroughly and deeply. Spend at least half an hour to remove the accumulated dirt and dust particles.

Tip#2: No Shoe Policy

If you don’t want transfer of bacteria like E. coli to your kitchen floors, then ask your family members to not enter the kitchen outdoor wearing their shoes.

Tip#3: Identify Trouble Areas

If you by mistake spill liquid or food crumbs on your kitchen floors, then clear or clean it immediately. Remember even the smallest of crumbs or sweet liquid like juice can invite pests and critters.

Tip#4: Avoid Water Seeping into Your Floors

It is important that you don’t let water seep into your floors and resort to dry mopping. Also, while vacuuming ensure that the machine is on tile mode.

Tip#5: Neutral Soap

If you have hardwood floors or vinyl tiles, then it is imperative that you clean them by mixing ¼ cup of mild or pH-neutral soap with water in a bucket and then damp mop your solution.

Tip#6: Tennis Ball

If you have beautiful bamboo floors that are more prone to nicks and scratches, then it is advised to use a tennis ball to gently buff out marks.

Tip#7: Microfiber Mop

If you have a linoleum floor laid in your kitchen, then mix up a spray bottle using just a few drops of dish soap mixed with hot water and sprinkle on the section of the floor you want to clean and wipe it with microfiber mop. Many magazines who show latest flooring ideas also ask their readers to use microfiber mop to clean their floors.

Tip#8: Steam Cleaner

Periodically use a steam cleaner to deep clean tile and grout as steam effectively removes stains and microbes.  Also, you can add ¼ cup of vinegar, 1 drop of dish soap with warm water in your steamer to sanitize your floor to perfection.

Tip#9:  Say No to Heavy Detergents

Don’t use heavy detergents to clean your kitchen floors as they may affect its texture and color. Also, clean it regularly so that it does not accumulate dirt.

Tip#10: Clean Your Floors Regularly

If you want your kitchen floors maintain their beauty for a long period of time, then clean them on a regular basis.



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