Why is B.Tech in Computer Science a futuristic education

Computer Science

“Who could imagine that with a click, the world would come closer?” The reality is, that it has become so in today’s time. A major contribution to all this progress is that of computer science. Nowadays, it is the technology that is taking strides in terms of development. People are setting up their own business which earlier was an extremely difficult task. That is now possible with so many tools and assistance. But what is the science behind it? The answer is computer science. It is the study of the latest technology, software, and also hardware to develop various codes, apply new technologies, research on new solutions, or even start a business. Therefore, B.Tech course in Computer Science has always had a soft corner in the hearts of technology enthusiasts.

About B.Tech in Computer Science

It is a 4-year professional degree program. Each year is usually divided into two semesters. The course trains the students from basics to advance. Not only this, but they also get to work in labs and polish their coding skills. Not only that, but many colleges also conduct constant workshops and leadership interaction so that students can keep up with the current time’s demand. Since this is a professional course, students get opportunities to get jobs in technical fields. The salary usually ranges from Rs 3 LPA to up to Rs 12 LPA. This completely depends on one’s skill.

How to get admission to the Computer Science Engineering program?

This is yet another question that rushes through young minds. Most of the colleges conduct the admission on the basis of one’s performance in the entrance examination. One of the most common technical examinations is JEE Mains. The score of this examination is accepted by almost all the institutes of the country. Some colleges also conduct their own tests. Other than that, some universities and colleges conducted the admission process on a direct basis. This means students are selected on the basis of their performance in class 12th examination.

Another important aspect which one should be mindful of is the eligibility criteria. This parameter differs from the college to college, however, there are certain conditions which are common for all. One must pass class 12th examination with minimum 45% (differs from college to college)

So What is the Scope of B.Tech in Computer Science?

 Technology is has become ubiquitous to the current times. It has made things so easy and has increased the reach of the people to the remotest part of the country. It surely thriving lie never before. App development, designing are some of the emerging and high demands of current times. And who can compromise on the speed of the system? Engineers are required to debug errors to ensure efficiency of the system. They are required in almost every nook and corner of an organization. As the business, startups, MNCs are ballooning, so is the need for BTech CSE graduates. Therefore, the scope of CSE is immense. The only thing which is required from the student’s side is their key interest. The purpose of CSE Engineering is to take innovation forward. Definitely this field has a bright future and shares lucrative job prospects as well. But one must always mind and check for what reason he/she is pursuing it. If the reason is solely a handsome job offer then there is scope for you to think. If you really love to code and innovate or just share the longing to explore coding, technology, and innovation, then this is the course for you.



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