How to Crack Campus Recruitment? Here are 5 Steps to Get on Track!

How to Crack Campus Recruitment

Campus placements are the biggest and ultimate event of a student’s graduate life. The sole aim of undergoing any graduate degree is to land into a decent job. It is a common thing to observe students selecting a college based on past placement record. However, choosing the best college only will not suffice and to snatch a job during placement drives. Students need to work on their own to get selected in any on-campus placement drive. As it is always said, it is the combined efforts of college and students, which can help create good on-campus placement records. So, here are the top five tips that can help you in clearing the on-campus placement selection. Take a look:

  1. Know the Company:

As soon as you get to know that a company is coming for a placement drive make sure to know about the company profile, its history and background, its core areas of functions, its mission and vision etc. This will help you know the company in a better way. Also, try to know the job profile for which it is conducting the placement drive. By understanding the job profile, role description and areas of responsibilities, you will be able to prepare yourself in a better way. It is one of the crucial steps which every student should work on before sitting in any placement process.

  1. Work on Aptitude

Conducting an aptitude test is one of the essential steps which almost every company follows to refine the selection. In general, an aptitude test comprises of Logical reasoning, Quantitative Ability, Communication skills and Domain Knowledge. Work on each and every aspect of an aptitude and practice a lot. Remember, different companies have different ways of creating assessment modules so make sure to find out their preference and requirements before starting preparation.

  1. Keep a Grip on Your Technical Skills

Once you have learned everything about the company and job position and brushed up aptitude skill, the next thing which you need to do is refine your technical skills. Many companies can even take up a round of test to check your technical skills. For instance, if a company is looking for programmers, they may conduct an additional round to check your command over the language, and if there is a fashion designing company who is looking for fashion designers, then they could test your graphic and designing skills. So, make sure to brush up your technical skills to clear this round. Although not all companies necessarily put up this round, it is always good to stay prepared.

  1. Stay Prepared for Group Discussions

Most of the companies keep a round of group discussion to check the communication skills, confidence and clarity of thoughts of the candidate. While sitting for a GD, always listen to the topic of discussion carefully and stick to the topic only. Work on your confidence and speak out your points clearly and loudly. Ensure that you go on a single track, which means if you have opted for ‘in favour,’ remain in favour of the topic throughout and vice versa.

In addition, stay confident and speak on only valid points. Also, learn to stay calm and give a chance to others too. Remember, GD is actually a process where mind sharing is done in the form of an informal conversation which is aimed to come up with the best possible conclusions.

  1. Learn to Handle Personal Interview Sessions

This is generally the last and final round of an on-campus placement procedure wherein the candidate needs to face a set of questions from the interviewer. Generally, the HR representative of the company take up this round and could ask you anything from your academics to professional qualities. For this round, a candidate should be dressed well and have the confidence to face the questions. Also, make sure to avoid the common interview mistakes like poor body language, inadequate research etc. The main aim of this round is to check the situational awareness, communication skills, judgmental skills and clarity of thoughts.

The above-mentioned tips can help students go smoothly through the process of on-campus placements regardless of whether you are sitting in a placement drive of top btech colleges in Jaipur. Now, next time when you get a call for it, make sure to take a follow up of all above point. This will definitely help you grab the opportunity. Till then keep preparing and try your luck!



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