How to Hire a Roofing Service

How to Hire a Roofing Service

As the old saying goes, “be grateful for the roof over your head” shows the importance of a roof on the house. For being grateful, you need to have a roof first! It is crucial to maintain, service, and get your roof inspected from time to time, to ensure it remains over your head!

Fixing the roof yourself can be a dangerous and challenging task. Turning a roofing project into your DIY project is a mistake done by the dozens. According to a survey conducted in Doylestown PA, about 75% of the homeowners that did their roofing by themselves without any assistance from professional roof repair services in Doylestown PA had regrets after two to three months. Therefore it is advised to hold down your inner handyman for these types of delicate and dangerous projects and leave it to the professionals.

Hiring a professional for such a project can be a difficult task. Before you sign off the contract and pay them for their services and regret in the future, make sure to follow these steps to get the best service for your roofing project:

Gather Information

Going in for the project without having any knowledge means the contractor will be in more control. It’s better to do some homework before hiring the services. Educate yourself on how the roofing is done and what materials are required for the project. This will help you in many ways, first of all knowing the materials that are going to be used for the project will give you an estimate of how much they will cost and what variety suits your house.

Rather than believing every word, your contractor says it’s better to have some knowledge of the process beforehand to make sure you aren’t talked into something that costs you more than you should pay.

Check For License

Whenever you are searching for a contractor or any service provider, make sure to check for their license and certifications. All professional workers will have a license that permits them to perform the task for the project you are hiring them for. If the contractor is nice and even the rates are reasonable, but he has no license, it’s a big red flag. Never make the mistake of hiring a service that is unlicensed.


Insurance is extremely important when it comes to construction works. Make sure they have liability insurance. Ask for the papers and understand what will be covered in the insurance. Hiring an insured contractor will make sure in case of any accidents or disputes, the liabilities will be covered by the contractor and not you. This will save you a lot of trouble from the law.

If your contractor tries to slip out of this situation, saying it’s not necessary or fails to produce the insurance papers, instantly reject their services, and never return. If he isn’t insured, you will be held financially responsible for any damage or accidents that happen during the project.

Check For Previous Work

The experience and previous work of the contractor will show how reliable their services are. They might be licensed and insured, but their work might be just mediocre. So make sure to ask them for their previous clients’ contact numbers that they worked with.

Give them a call and ask them about the quality of work they did and would they hire their services again or not. You can also go online and search for their website reviews. Most customers give their honest opinions on the website of companies; you can look it up and see what type of work they do and how reliable they are.

Ask If They Will Remove Old Roof Or Not

This question will save you a lot of money only if you ask it before the construction work begins. Professional roofing companies in Doylestown PA recommend getting your old roof shingles removed before getting a repair or any roofing project started. It will give you an idea of the structure of the roof if it is decaying or not. You don’t want your new shingles to be placed on a decaying roof!

There is no way of knowing the condition of the roof without removing the old one. This will greatly impact your estimates for the project. If the roof is decaying, you’d need a new roof altogether. So make sure to ask the service providers if they will remove the old one or not.

All these points will help in finding the perfect roofing company in getting started with your roofing project. It’s better to be educated and prepared for high risk and cost projects.



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