5 Things to Consider When Buying a Wireless Router

Buying a Wireless Router

The Internet is the need of every household and every individual these days. Gone are the days when you had to reconnect the dial-up connections a gazillion times to stay connected to the Internet. With passing time, the technologies advanced massively. And here we stand today; an era where we are about to use 5G in our daily lives. We live in an era where we can carry our Internet devices with us to connect to our team members remotely.

However, the router is an essential part of the internet, especially in our homes and offices. Therefore, you should keep certain things in mind when buying a wireless router.

Life Span

You are about to make an investment. The lifespan of the router should be a major concern for you because you do not want to spend a hefty amount every other day. Therefore, make a wise choice before you purchase a router. You should remember that the router has to deal with a lot of workloads. Therefore, you will have to go for a durable one. It is better to spend a good amount of money once than to keep spending money on cheap hardware every other day. The Wi-Fi connection in your house is stretched across various devices including the smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles, to name a few. This can degrade a router’s performance as more and more devices connect to the Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, consider a router with an extensive lifespan.

Dual Band or More

Make sure that your wireless router is a dual-band or more. This means that the wireless will broadcast the Wi-Fi signals at two different frequencies (in case it is a dual band). As a result of this, you will see two different connections in your home or office space (wherever the router is). Both of them will have different names. When you purchase a router that is dual-band, you will always have these two frequencies:

  • 4 GHz
  • 5 GHz

While the former is compatible with the old networking devices, the latter works best with the recent ones.

Signal Strength

You will also have to consider the signal strength that the router offers. It is mentioned on the router. You will have to opt for the one that best suits your home space. You will have a better idea as to how far the rooms and living room are from each other. Opt for a router that can emit the Wi-Fi signals at almost the same strength around your house. Because the further you move from the router, the weaker the signals become. Hence, creating troubles for people sitting in the rooms far from the router. The reason why this is an important factor is that there are many routers who fail to provide strong signals even in the smallest of the apartments. You do not want to purchase a router that poses this problem. You will have to remove obstacles from the way as well (if there are any), for the router to emit strong signals. You can try putting the router on an elevated place for this purpose.


In this era, individuals have numerous threats when it comes to security cameras. The Wi-Fi routers should be such on which you can apply the passwords. Because people will spare no chance to connect your Wi-Fi device to theirs if they know they have access to free signals. This will have an effect on the strength of the signals in your home as well. This becomes a more important feature to consider when you live very close to other people like apartments. Therefore, choose a router where you can easily change the password. Or add one, to begin with.


This is a very considerable feature as well. You cannot go to the market, select a router and just purchase it. You need to keep your budget in mind. There are all sorts of routers that come in different price ranges. You will have to suit your budget. Ask your friends or colleagues for the best option that you can opt for, staying within your given budget. Think a couple of times before you make a purchase.



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