6 Ways to Get Google to Index Your Blog Content Faster

google indexing tool

Indexing makes the blog to appear on the result pages of the Search engine. As SEO expert, if Google doesn’t index your site, actually, this means your content won’t be found on the result page of the search engine and no organic traffic that leads to your content can be found again. Google has a large database of the indexed sites. Actually, they are having the double size which is more than the other search sites like Bing and Yahoo have. Every time you search something on Google, it’s generally not searching the WWW, it’s searching through its own sites database previously indexed.

Here are 6 ways to get Google to index your blog content faster.

  1. Share the new content on key social networks 

To share the latest content on many popular social networks, for example, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is the best way to create traffic to your site Make sure the content you want to post carries important information to demographics those who are using the platforms of social media. This will ensure that Google indeed has indexed your and allow update services which are popular be access to your new content. Using this social media platform is capable of boosting traffic significantly.

In social media vast number of audience are sitting whole day. So, lots of bots are crawling social media contents. If anyone share the content on social media. Then it will be easy to crawl and index on Google. Social media is very useful for sharing and crawling content.

  1. Set up the analytics of Google 

If you haven’t started using Google Analytics, you can learn how this resource will help you know more about the people who visit your site Launch from where the people originate from, the information they are looking for, and the pages which take a longer time at, among other details about the visitors.

Google analytics tools is provided by Google which is free of cost and paid also. Through google analytics you can easily check the website visitors, goals, leads, geographic location and many more parameters of a user who visit your website. You can add Google analytics on your website through a unique code which is generated by Google analytics (GA).

  1. More Inbound Links 

The search engine will help you get certain sites that are indexed better than the others. If you will manage to earn the inbound link using any of these particular websites, Google will be revealed to your site quickly than when the finding it themselves. As SEO expert, this makes the link building be essential. You are required to be relevant and natural, which means the quicker you come up with the strategy for the inbound linking, the better it can be to you.

  1. Have the Ongoing Strategy of the Content Marketing

Make sure your content marketing strategies acknowledge the reputation of sharing and updating your content much frequent as linked to from the other sources. If the site you are having is updated regularly and it keeps on showing the right areas, Google will start to creep to your site much frequent. By being listed quickly every time whenever you have the new content will lead to more traffic.

  1. XML Sitemap

The sitemap work like the map for a search engine bot through listing down every page in your site Essentially, you can have unique sitemaps which carry various information when you like so. In this, you are supposed to update frequently to ensure Google find all the pages without having any that can miss. Once you have created the XML sitemap, as SEO expert, you can then bring it to the account of Google Webmaster Tools to help the bots get the website as fast as possible.

XML sitemap is used for robots while indexing all pages. These sitemap url is (abc.com/sitemap.xml). In this all url’s are mentioned. You can submit the sitemap on Google Search Console. Google Search Console is free tool provided by Google.

  1. Increase the speed of the website

The website that loads the web pages faster is advantageous to the users and also to the Googlebot too. It will crawl fast and get content which is looking to index it Once you haven’t increased your site’s speed, the right to do so can be new You can be surprised that the traffic keeps on increasing as the users find it more friendly.



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