9 Simple Ways to Manage Your Online Business Reputation

Online Business Reputation

What is the significance of maintaining your brand’s online reputation?

Today more than half of the world is on social media platforms. People heavily rely on social media to invest in business decisions. Consumers follow business accounts and mentally analyze how attractive and convincing their page seems to decide if they should purchase what the company offers.

Secondly, for those who have already invested in such products, their reviews are what other people rely on. If there is one sure way of checking a company’s trustworthiness and reliability, it is done with the help of customer reviews!

Managing reputation on social media with the help of Digital Marketing, such as looking at what consumers and customers have to say about a company, helps find out the business’s limitations to work on them.  Therefore, maintaining a good reputation on social media is what businesses should focus on the most.

Tips to keep in mind while managing your company’s social media profile:

  1. First and foremost, make your account appealing and welcoming

Even before looking at what people say about you, companies should focus on making their social media accounts attractive. This could be done by-

(i) choosing a good username (a one that does not have too many characters and is specific) should ideally be used on all social media accounts.

(ii) Planning your posts and stories in an effective way such that it keeps people engaged and also posting content that is visually appealing and captions that are easy to read.

  1. Always reply to consumers and customers without much delay  

Companies should prioritize keeping in touch with consumers and customers. They may reach out to you through Tweets, DMs, etc., which the company must always respond to. Replying on time also increases the trustworthiness of a company. Also, messages should be drafted in a warm and welcoming format.

  1. Always keep track of what conversations occur about your company

Customers are posting various comments about a company and the products it has to offer. These comments help others decide whether they should invest in a product or not. Therefore, keeping track of such conversations across various platforms helps to understand the business’s flaws and work on them. Using Digital marketingtools such as Google Alerts, Social Mention, and SEMrush, among various others, provide a huge help to companies to keep track of what is being talked about.

  1. Highlighting and responding to positive reviews

Responding to positive reviews will show other potential buyers the benefits of investing in your company and positively affect the consumers who praise the company.

  1. Understand your current social media reputation

Is your brand lacking good reviews online? Do people often give negative feedback? Or is there very little feedback altogether? Assessing where your company stands currently is crucial to know what the immediate step should be. If the online presence is not so great, then acknowledging it openly on social media is the best way to make some positive difference. Acknowledging the situation and promising to work towards better service and quality are key to making a positive impact. And if a positive reputation exists, then just strive towards maintaining it.

  1. Start posting stories of your brand

How did your brand begin, who came up with the idea, what all went into making it, etc., are all engaging stories for the readers? Stories keep people engaged and interested, so posting them once in a while can help fuel the development of potential customers. Often it has been seen that reading well-articulated and true brand stories help consumers to believe better in a brand. This would ensure good investment from the consumers’ side!

  1. Appreciating some employees on social media

Appreciating the work of a few employees makes people think of your company as ethical—one which supports its employees and creates a welcoming environment for all. Consumers appreciate a brand that acknowledges the hard work done by its employees.

  1. Post regularly

Always be active on social media for a few hours. Keep posting colorful and appealing content about new products, employees’ work, the team managing the brand and their stories, positive customer reviews, etc. Also, post stories, surveys, polls, etc., asking people’s opinions, questions, thoughts, etc.

  1. Ask your team always to stay active – 

Sometimes the negative feedback may not be given directly to a brand; it may occur in conversations with others. These are such feedbacks that are not easily trackable; as a result, companies lose out on certain points on which they require to work on. So always keep track of such feedback and work accordingly to limit their frequency.


To maintain its social media reputation, a brand must work actively. Although it might not be simple or quick, that was never the lure. Nowadays, with advanced tools for Digital Marketing, keep track of your online presence, making it easier and more organized. So one should take full advantage of such tools and platforms to create the best reputation for their brand!

About the author:

AarifHabeeb is a Technical Content Writer and SEO Expert in Mumbai. He is a founder of AarifHabeeb& Co. a Technical Content Writing Agency. Over the last 7 years, Aarif has successfully developed and implemented technical content and online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for startups and businesses of all sizes.



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