5 Effective Security Idea to Protect eCommerce Website from Hackers

Protect eCommerce Website from Hackers

If you are searching for methods to protect eCommerce website from hackers, this article might help you in the best possible way. Hackers are always looking for preys and eCommerce websites are the large-scale victims that benefit the hackers the most. As the sites have a database of a large number of customers, the hackers continuously check for loopholes on the site to extract the information. Especially during the festive seasons, when customers wait for the sale, hackers wait to steal information from your website.

Online security breaches are very common. Hackers can steal customer details, collect payment details, place orders without payment, poach the data and create a lot of troubles for the eCommerce websites. There are many ways in which the hackers can get access to your website’s data. By using layered security ideas, you can save your website from such cyber criminals. If you have an eCommerce website, here are the five effective security ideas to protect your website from hackers:

These are the top five effective security ideas you can use to protect eCommerce website from hackers. If you have an eCommerce website that is running successfully, always remember that there are hackers constantly trying to find loopholes in your website’s security. During your eCommerce website design, make sure that you consider these points to provide a layered security for your website. As a business owner, the privacy of your customer’s information is in your hands. Make sure that you take care of the data well. If you do not have a secure website, you might also lose some potential customers.

1. Opt for a Secure Hosting Service

The web application is a factor that ensures web security. In addition to the web application, web hosting is used to host the site. This plays an important role in keeping the site secure from the hackers. There are different types of hosting like dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting server is considered to be the best option for eCommerce websites. The server is accessed by a group of users in the case of a shared hosting system. You can hire a digital agency that provides secure hosting servers to protect your information.

2. Don’t Store Sensitive Data

The best way to protect the eCommerce website from hackers is by not storing any confidential information of the customers. Storing sensitive data related to a customer is unethical according to the PCI compliance. Further, if there is no sensitive information stored on your website, half of the stress related to your website will be gone.

3. Get an SSL or TLS Certificate

During the eCommerce website design process, you need to make sure that you get an SSL certificate or TLS certificate for the website as it protects user data from being hacked. The certificate makes sure that the data is encrypted over the server and cannot be hacked easily. SSL performs authentication and encryption for your data stored in the server.

4. Be a PCI-Compliant Website

Being a PCI compliance website is an additional step to securing your website with SSL. Being a PCI compliant site, you will be assuring the PCI security standards council that you are keeping the customer data safe and secure by following certain rules and regulations implied by the security standards.

5. Use Ethical Hacking for Penetration Testing

To make sure that your website is safe from hackers, you can employ ethical hacking into your security layers. Running penetration tests from time to time can help you know the bugs or loopholes in your website, which you can fix immediately. The reports made by ethical hackers will help you secure the website. For all the services related to an eCommerce site, you can hire a digital agency.

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