Triggers That Provoke Users for App Uninstallation

Triggers That Provoke Users for App Uninstallation

This article focuses on how to stop your mobile app users from uninstalling your app by adopting these improvements!

There are almost 2.50 Billion mobile app users and this number will rise up to the extreme in upcoming years. One can earn a lot by getting their Android or iOS apps developed in the coming time. However, in order to ensure handsome earnings through mobile app development, there can be few hitches. Issues crop up when users get provoked to uninstall your mobile app. There can be many triggers that provoke users for app uninstallation.

To determine the success of mobile apps, it is necessary for the app to keep users engaged and happy. After all, user acquisition plays a central role, simply because the high download rate will be of no use if your app doesn’t acquire active users.

It is not an easy task to keep people engaged in your app, that is why brands are spending huge amounts to retain their users. However, the most common reason why users uninstall apps is the utility, credibility, and performance. So, it is not wrong to say that uninstallation is one of the key factors that lead to the failure of a mobile app.

So, here are some major reasons to give an in-depth sight of app uninstalls:

1.  Apps with permissions are discarded

None of your users will like the third-party intruding into their personal life, as privacy is a major concern of many. If your app is asking for permission, then the user will be annoyed and will discard the app immediately.

Permissions can be annoying for the users, when the app demands permission for photos and videos on their smartphones, that too when the app doesn’t require any of those things. So, make sure your app is genuinely made enough to avoid asking for such vague permissions.

2. Lengthy signups

Think about it, being a user will you do any lengthy   procedures for signing up an app? Of course not, you will simply abandon the process and flip to another app to serve your purpose. Make one thing clear; your app ought to adhere to the time limits of the user to prove itself in the categories of good apps. Quick and easy sign-ups are the solutions to make the user stick to your app.

Lengthy signups

Avoid such type of signing mentioned above. Besides, if your app is giving an option of login through social media such as Facebook or Twitter, then this can bring more ease to the consumers.

3.    Good quality with great functionality

Without quality, it is completely impossible to keep users retained with an app. As per app uninstall statistics, none of the apps are developed without the bugs but it is very important to test your app without presenting it in front of the people.

.    Good quality with great functionality
To deliver a topnotch market product, you need to have a diligent team to check and make it appropriate according to the choiceof customer base. Timely check on the crashes and slow loadings will help you to stop people from abandoning your app.

4. Better demonstration leads to more downloads

People usually concentrate on the app interface; we understand it matters a lot. But, what if a person doesn’t even download your app? To persuade people to download your app, you need to do excellent marketing for your products.In this case, it is not wrong to say that content matters a lot here as one needs to create a catchy demonstration of the app. This way the users will consider downloading your app to avail those facilitations. You need to understand pain point well, this will help you retain your customer base.
Always remember at the time of downloading people are in the thought, whether the app is worth the installation or not. So, prove them how worthy and favorable the app is for them with your perfect demonstration, marketing and with the perfect content.

5.    Personalization as a priority element

For any business, nothing is better than knowing the preferences of their customers, to cater to their needs in the best way. If your app gives all the personalization to the customers, then the chances of uninstalling app will be reduced

Personalization as a priority element

Use relevant data and content available to know the customer, provide customers with personalized experience for better UI/UXexperience.

The most common way to make the user feel inclined is to display his or her name on the screen and give them personalized push notifications to tell them how important they are! You ought to meet the level of personalization with your unique approach to make them feel special. So, start observing their individual behaviors and on-going trends to stand out in terms of customization.

Over to You! Retain your app users with best features and marketing

Avoid those tedious sign-ups and all other processes that annoy your users and force them to abandon your app. Reduce app deletion rate for the betterment of your brand by maintaining a personalized approach with the best quality app with no bugs.



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