Why it’s Important to Replace your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Why it’s Important to Replace your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Losing teeth can be an incredibly harrowing ordeal, yet some people refuse to have them replaced due to the costs involved, or do not see the big deal of having a few absent pearly whites if they are out of sight.

But not restoring these teeth could have an impact on a bone in your jaw called the alveolar bone. You see, for it to function properly and keep its density, this bone needs to be stimulated by teeth pushing down onto it as you chew, eat and talk. In the absence of a missing tooth, the alveolar bone positioned underneath it begins to degenerate from a lack of use. This degeneration can spread until the structure of your jaw slackens, leaving you with a changed and aged appearance.

High Dental Implants Melbourne can change all of this. By replacing the tooth at the root, the bone receives the stimulation it needs while restoring the smile you lost.

How are High Dental Implants Melbourne placed into the jaw?

A dentist trained for implant procedures will carefully drill a small titanium screw, usually between 8mm and 16mm long, past the tissue and into the bone, using care and precision to avoid the sinus cavity.

Once the screw is placed into position, the area is sutured and left to heal. The healing process lasts a couple of months.

Should I expect pain during or after the treatment?

Local anaesthesia or sedation for anxious patients is administered, helping to numb the area and relieve you of discomfort.

You might feel tender after the procedure and may experience swelling and bruising, which can be treated with over-the-counter medication.

If problems persist, see your implant dentist. There is an off chance that your tooth implant may have been rejected caused by an allergic reaction. An allergy toward metal is rare but does exist.

Why is the recovery period lengthy?

The success of a dental implant relies upon the body’s biological processes, so if you are looking for a quick way to restore your smile, this is not it.

A titanium screw is used because the metal’s properties are recognised as part of the mouth, which consequently, results in the titanium integrating with the bone. The time it takes to reach this point is as mentioned before, a few months.

How do I look after my new tooth?

A dental implant can last for a very long time, but only if you look after it correctly.

Practice good oral hygiene – remember to brush as advised, floss frequently and see your dentist regularly to ensure that everything is on course and for professional cleaning every now and then. Despite being made from durable material, tooth implants are not immune to harmful germs.

Are there downfalls or restrictions that I should be made aware of?

Dental Implants

Your gums and bone need to be in good shape to undergo implant surgery, which is an issue for people experiencing bone deterioration as the result of serious tooth loss.

Your options are to consider bone grafts or a sinus lift or to consider alternative options, such as All-on-4 High Dental Implants Melbourne. All-on-4 is best suited for candidates with extensive tooth loss, because it can restore full sets of teeth using four implants in whatever bone there is.

Looking for the most advanced form of tooth restoration there is? Look no further than dental implants.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.



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