7 Tips to Use When Traveling with a Portable Electric Wheelchair

Portable Electric Wheelchair

Traveling with a portable power wheelchair can be somehow chaotic, especially if you have no idea what to expect. For first time travelers, it tends to be a nuisance. But then, various things are common sense, while others require hard thinking. So far, below is a list of 7 crucial tips that you should use whenever you are traveling with a portable electric wheelchair. Make sure you master every tip and apply it as soon as it is applicable. By doing so, be sure you are going to have an incredible time visiting places you love.

If flying, make sure your wheelchair uses either dry cell or gel cell batteries

By now, you should be aware that every portable electric wheelchair makes use of rechargeable batteries for locomotion. These batteries run on either dry cell, gel cell, or wet cell. If you are planning to fly, you may want to use wheelchairs with gel cells or dry cells. Why? The flight staff tends to detach wet cell batteries from the wheelchairs and store them in leak-proof containers. It means that you have to get assistance from time to time since your electric wheelchair cannot move on its own without the battery.

Carry more than enough cash

Once you know you are using a portable electric wheelchair, carrying exact money is not an option. You need to take more than your budget stipulates. That way, you get to have more than enough for miscellaneous. Just like travel companies, not all countries pay more attention to wheelchair users, which means you may need something during your travels. By doing so, you are going to spend more than you should, and that is going to ruin your budget. That, however, only happens if you carry exact spending money. Remember, your chair can break down, and this brings up the need for repairs, which is an additional expenditure.

Make sure there is a wheelchair repair shop at your destination

The last thing you want is to have your portable electric wheelchair breaking down at a particular locality, and there is no sight of a repair shop. To get accurate results about this tip, you need to do in-depth research. If you find nothing, go ahead and call the hotel you are booking. Wherever you travel should have a wheelchair repair shop that can fix it in case it jams. You should also ensure that the repair guy handles electric portable wheelchairs. Other places only handle class one wheelchairs, and that is not useful for your type of wheelchair.

Notify the relevant individuals that you have a wheelchair

One of the essential tips for a traveler with a wheelchair is to notify the relevant people. Some traveling companies lack special equipment for people with portable electric wheelchairs. That means that not unless you inform them, you are going to assume no passenger has a wheelchair, and this is going to inconvenience you. So as you are making your bookings be it for a bus, a shuttle, ship, or flight, mention that you are utilizing a wheelchair. That way, you give them an easy time accommodating your needs. That includes making room for your wheelchair or assigning staff to help you board the means of transport.

Always carry a waterproof plastic bag with you

Keep with you a portable plastic bag at all times. You have no idea what weather to expect to your destination, especially if you are planning to fly out of the country. In case it is raining, cover the electrical control parts with the plastic bag to prevent water from trickling to the essential components. Without a plastic bag, you risk ruining your portable electric wheelchair in a foreign country.

Research more about the means of transport you are about to use

There are three modes of transports you are likely to use. These include rail, road, or air. Make sure you research each means of transportation so that you are sure they have everything needed to accommodate your wheelchair. In most cases, they should at least have a ramp, wide doors, and a storage space for your wheelchair. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to find these things in every company. That gives you the go-ahead to switch to another option that is much more convenient. It is a tip for traveling with a mobility device that you cannot ignore more so if you are looking for something much more comfortable.

Ensure your wheelchair can recharge at your destination

Different cities around the globe have different power grids. It means that not all of them contain the voltage that can sync with your portable electric chair. Cities tend to have too much voltage that can blow up your charger and leave you immobile. In case you are going to a town whose voltage is too high, make sure you buy a charger that can convert such enormous voltage. It may not be cheap, but it is going to serve you incredibly well.

So far, those are some of the best tips that come in handy for anyone traveling with portable electric equipment. Each tip is going to ensure that you either avoid unnecessary inconveniences or amplify your comfort during the journey. It is the only way to have an easy time enjoying your travel with your wheelchair.



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