When to Consider Emergency Dental Care

When to Consider Emergency Dental Care

Most dental issues have one thing in common; they become more severe the longer a patient takes to address them. The best way to handle a dental concern is to visit a dental health care professional immediately. For a dental emergency, waiting a day to visit a dental practice can make the difference between keeping and losing a tooth. Studies reveal that upwards of 30% of children are likely to damage their adult teeth by the time they are 15, so it is not an uncommon condition that patients go through as they experience life.

What are some of the conditions that deem emergency care?

Usually, a knocked-out or chipped tooth causes unbearable pain. Calling an emergency dentist in Richmond will help in dealing with the pain and saving a tooth. If the entire tooth has been knocked out, it is important that a patient is aware it is best to place it in a cup of milk until they get to the dental practice. By doing so, one significantly increases the chance of preserving and reinserting the tooth.

 A toothache can be irritating, especially if the pain doesn’t seem to end. Toothaches can be caused by an array of factors, such as a tooth crack, tooth decay, damaged fillings, or an infected gum. A patient needs to call their dental practice as soon as possible if their toothache persists for more than two days.

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Also, they shouldn’t ignore a persistent toothache that is accompanied by fever.

Swelling is an indication of a severe dental infection. A patient might also experience a bad taste in their mouth, toothache, fever, or tooth sensitivity. These are signs of a disease, usually referred to as a dental abscess. It is a pocket filled with pus that forms after the multiplication of bacteria and the breakdown of tissues. Notably, a dental abscess doesn’t go away on its own. Also, the chances of bacteria spreading to other body parts increases when a patient remains without treatment. In these circumstances, a patient needs urgent dental care as soon as any signs of dental abscesses are noted.

An actively bleeding gum is a sign of a disease or infection in a person’s mouth. If the patient doesn’t seek urgent dental care, there is a strong possibility that they can develop gum disease, which is painful. Gum disease can also increase the risk of tooth loss. It is also important to know that a patient should contact their emergency dental practice if they experience persistent gum bleeding after a tooth extraction.

Tasting metal in the mouth is an indication of a loose filling or crown. If a patient has previously received treatments to fill cavities or protect teeth, then they should visit or call an emergency dental practice right away because the open filling can cause cavities and infection. Waiting too long or ignoring a metal taste in mouth could put the patient at risk of root canal treatment to fix the problem. It is important to seek emergency dental care if one feels anything unusual in their mouth, teeth, or gums. Early detection and treatment of the above dental problems are essential for overall well-being and oral health.



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