The Best Way to See Himalayas: Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia and highly diverse and beautiful country because of its range of geography, rich culture and follow of sacred religions. Highlight of the mountains of Nepal is Its Himalayas which is the Pillar of the Earth and The longest Pillar (the highest Peak) is the Sagarmatha actually known as Mount Everest and this is not the only but Nepal has eight of the world’s ten highest mountains. Nepal side Himalayas us easy to climb and so people prefer to climb Mount Everest from Nepal. People is Nepal are gentle and welcoming, basically they are known as Gurkha’s and follow Hindu religion and also you will find Buddhist monks in minority.

Nepal is mountainous country; with Himalayas it attracts thousands and thousands of trekkers, mountain climbers to its jagged Himalayas. Nepal has a continuous stream of trekkers, hence they provide for visa on arrival for most of the countries. To see the mighty and grandeur of Himalayas people from far and wide come, Nepal is bestowed with the beauty of amazing scenic, picturesque, quaint and absolutely stunning sceneries.

For the Passion of Trekking

Nepal is best option for people who love trekking and traveling. Vacation in Nepal is a great reward to yourself, and world class trekking chance which every trekker should trek. If you have not trekked in Nepal then its Horible on your part that you have not done justice in your life and should be ashamed for missing this beautiful place for trekking. Trekking in Nepal offers the best sights in world along with experience of their customs, traditions, rich heritage and seeing the religion closely of Buddhist, feel the Tibetan experience. Nepal has wide treks to choose from climbing mountains to peak climbing and trekking will an unforgetful experience if you combine it with elephant safari, rafting in Nepal rivers and so much more. Nepal has finest mountain series which can give you treks for day to week to month and also of year.

The Mount Everest is the dream and place for self actualization for trekkers. Annapurana region provides the taste of trekking in Nepal with its short treks. The trekking will offer the best sceneries for you to capture in your camera of tribal people like Sherpa, Buddhist monks and their Monasteries along with Tibet culture with journey back in time to see Tibetan and Buddhist Arts.

Extraordinary Mountain Experience

The finest mountain sceneries, expedition on foot you feast your eyes in the lush green verdant landscape, with dramatic view of towering mountains and glaciers all around you. The feel of being so close to nature and becoming a part of nature and in surreal beauty of mountains, with chances to see their ethnic villages and terraced farms while trekking in Nepal. Seeing the sun rise and sun set will be most astonishing and you will fell in love with nature all the more. You will see the sight of alpine meadows and also see the Tibetan Deserts and traverse the lowland terrace farming. With such diverse flora and fauna and great variation in its landscape it’s the best trekking heaven in world.

Mountain guides and porters

The guides have good knowledge about the terrain and have good local knowledge and share information about the history and uniqueness of place by guiding us to right route and keeping on right path. Guides inform us about the sights and help you see the best flora and fauna and poin towards the passing wildlife.The porters are sturdy and haul bags of goods for you to carry it up the mountainside by taking the substantial strain of the whole trekking on them so that trekkers can enjoy the scenic beauty and they don’t get tired or exhausted. The weight limit is 30 kg phew! They take the full load via a strap round their forehead and on the back. Their help greatly enhances the experience and makes the trek more comfortable and better. They ensure we have enough water, food and remind us to take care of the money and also make you taste the local delicacies as well as get you food that you will like.

The Route

Every trekking route has its challenges which can be steep inclines, with rocks and stony paths and crossing streams and even surfaces. As you ascent people get exhausted and start getting tiresome as the enthusiasm gets low. You should be able to cope up with low temperatures and high altitudes.

The basic Trekking necessities:

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Hat
  • Wind proof Jacket
  • Waterproof your bags and raincoat for you
  • Plastic bags for packing dry clothes
  • Sleeping bags
  • Gloves, Mufflers, thermals and earplugs
  • First Aid Kits (don’t rely on other as they may be relying on you!)
  • Water bottle

Trekking is the thrill and fun for adventure lovers and Nepal is the home to those people. To conquer the mighty Himalayas is definitely something that you can go gaga boasting about it. You will love to explore the Himalayas in Nepal.



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