The Side Effects of a Missing Tooth

The Side Effects of a Missing Tooth

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of negative side effects afflicting a person who has lost one or more of their natural teeth. If they do not look to replace them in some way they may find that not only their oral health, but their overall health, may suffer as a consequence.

Unfortunately, many peopledo not understand the consequencesof losing their teeth and as a result, may not be galvanised into helping themselves as quickly as they should. Generally, the faster that a person looks into replacing their missing teeth, the quicker they are able to recover and the effects are not so strongly seen in their bodies.

There are several physical complications that may arise from a missing tooth, including the fact surrounding teeth can shift and move, causing further issues to arise within a patient’s mouth. Emotional distress can also result from a missing tooth, whereby patients find that they are uncomfortable or embarrassed about their smile.

Is there a solution?

Dental implants in Herefordshire are a unique and innovative way that a person is able to regain the full functionality of their mouth again. Through the means of a minor surgical procedure, dentists are able to insert a small metal rod directly into the jawbone, where it is left to fuse and connect with the bone itself, as well as the surrounding tissues.

Over time, this creates a strong and stable bond which, with proper care, can last a lifetime. A crown or bridge, depending on the number of missing teeth, can be attached to this metal rod and thus a permanent replacement tooth is ready to be used just like the original tooth.

Dentists go to great lengths to match the new crown to a person’s original tooth in shape, size and colour so that it feels and looks extremely natural. Many patients are surprised at how comfortable and confident they feel after the process is completed.

Who is eligible for this treatment?

several implants

There is no upper age limit to this procedure, so even the elderly are able to enjoy the comfort that this procedure has to offer. In fact, should a person have dentures that are beginning to slip and rub, then this treatment can be modified to attach dentures onto several implants.

The all-on-4 treatment plan allows such patients to enjoy eating and laughing without concern again, knowing that their dentures will stay in place until they want to take them out.

Any patient who has lost one or several teeth could very well qualify for this procedure as long as they are fit and healthy. Should a person have an underlying health or dental condition, then individual assessments need to be made in order to ensure that they are eligible.

Patients who have gum disease or dental decay may find that they need to have these conditions under control before they continue with the treatment. By speaking with a dentist, patients can gain an understanding of any risks involved with their personal treatment plan.



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