6 Tips to Heal Tooth Decay and Recover Cavities

6 Tips to Heal Tooth Decay and Recover Cavities

Tooth decay and cavities are reversible if you have reached the dentist on time or followed oral care diligently. Plus, fillings are not the only treatment option to fix cavities and you should understand that well. So, as soon as you discover a cavity or experience pain in the teeth, you should immediately consult the dentist for a timely treatment.

By treating tooth decay and cavities on time you can even reverse the situation and get back to the best of your dental health easily. Even if a cavity has struck you, this should never deter you from seeking dental help as there is always a way to limit the damage to a great extent.

On the other hand, not seeking treatment for cavities and allowing them to grow may mean your dental health will be jeopardized in a big manner. And yes, it’s quite possible to heal cavities naturally and stop tooth decay.

Here are some helpful tips to heal tooth decay and recover cavities –

  1. Reduce your sugar intake

Several studies have showed that a change in diet can actually help reverse tooth decay and avoid the spread of cavities further. So, it only makes sense for you to find out the right diet and stick to it to fight off the risks of cavities and tooth decay easily. The priority should be –

  • Keep the consumption of sugar at low level possible
  • Avoid sugar in any form as it leads to plaque and tartar build-up leading to cavities
  • Consume more foods rich in calcium
  • Cut back on foods with high carbonation to minimize the risks of cavities
  1. Take your oral care seriously

If your oral care is not up to the mark, it will always lead to early tooth decay and cavity. More so, there has to proper focus on following all the oral care steps that dentists recommend to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Make sure you do follow these steps, including,

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, first in the morning and then at night before sleeping for thorough cleaning
  • Floss once daily to clean between the teeth
  • Clean your tongue to keep away bacteria from entering the body
  • Use mouthwash and kill bacteria in the mouth
  1. Add vitamins and supplements to your diet

Your teeth and gums need nutrients and minerals in precisely the same way as other body parts or organs to function properly. That’s why oral experts recommend adding vitamins and supplements to your diet. They are essential for bone health and also for fighting inflammation to control or reverse cavities. You also need to know that –

  • More saliva is produced when you take certain vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin D
  • Your teeth become stronger when your diet include iron and magnesium
  • You can also eat whole grain foods to keep away the risk of cavities
  • Seafood is also great for reversing cavities
  1. Eat foods with natural probiotics

Your teeth are always at risk from bad bacteria which can hide in between small places and rear their ugly head at any given opportunity. They may also be responsible for disturbing the pH level in the mouth and causing tooth decay. This is where probiotics can help as they can counter the acidic pH in mouth.

As a result, you should eat foods rich in probiotics to simulate the production of bacteria in the mouth (healthy ones). They will thus help prevent plaque build up and also minimize dental decay.

  1. Avoid tea, coffee and acidic items

It’s important to know about the pH value of the foods or drinks you consume as this will help you understand how to prevent the growth of bacteria. When such consume citrus fruits and items with sugar, there will be pH imbalance in the body as such foods give bacteria a chance to grow. That’s why people who drink too and coffee in excess are more at risk for tooth decay.

On the other hand, you can replace acidic beverages with green tea and benefit from its powerful antioxidant and several anti-inflammatory properties. This will also help you inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth and when that happens, your oral health will definitely improve.

  1. Benefit from oil pulling

Oil pulling is a beneficial oral care technique with antiseptic capabilities and ability to moisturize the mouth. It will clean the mouth thoroughly and help reduce plaque build up. You can use any oil like coconut, sesame and sunflower and swish it in the mouth for 10 minutes before cleaning with water. After that brush your teeth and it will help reduce gum problems. You can consult best dentist Bushwick to know more about methods for reducing cavities and tooth decay.

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