Tips for Grooming and Bathing Pet Dogs by Yourself!

Even if you regularly take your pet to the dog wash or grooming salon, on occasion you may find yourself having to groom your beloved four-legged friend on your own. At those times, when you’re ready to brush, bathe or clip your dog’s hair or nails, these grooming tips are sure to come in handy.

A word of caution though. Be sure to pay heed to experienced when it comes to pet grooming. After all, it’s all about the well-being and safety of your best friend.

Regular grooming at home is an integral part of responsible dog care. Start out slow and steady, fix a routine and you’ll soon find that not only does your pet looks good, but is healthier and happier than ever before.

Brushing Tips

Bathing Your Dog

One of the most simple, yet crucial steps in dog grooming is a thorough brushing down. Besides removing dirt and debris along with loose fur, brushing also helps pick off ticks or locate sore spots on your pet’s body.

  • While a long-haired breed may require regular brushing on a daily basis, a short-fur coat dog can do with a weekly brushing regimen.
  • For a breed with smooth and short fur coat, it’s recommended to use a rubber brush first, and then a bristle brush. On occasion, you may opt to polish the coat with a piece of chamois cloth for better shine.
  • For pets who sport thick fur coats, it’s good to use a slick brush first to rid the fur of any tangles. You can then follow it up with a bristle brush for a more thorough session.
  • Similarly for long hair, use a slick brush to do away with the tangles, taking care to gently remove any mats and then proceed with a bristle brush.

Bathing Your Dog

Brushing Tips

Bathing is another key aspect of pet grooming. There will be times when your pet will turn dirty and smelly. It’s inevitable since dogs do love to play, even more so outdoors.

How often your dog needs a bath depends on the breed, his living conditions and the weather. It’s best to check with your vet regarding this. Depending on his activity levels, it’s recommended to give a dog a bath every two to three weeks.

Be warned that ordinary cosmetics meant for us humans won’t necessarily suit dogs. It’s recommended to ensure that the soap or shampoo you choose for your pet is mild to avoid irritation or skin rashes.

A few tips on bathing your pet properly.

  • It’s best to thoroughly brush your dog to remove any dirt, loose fur and mats before the bathing session.
  • Ensure that your dog remains on leash and is secure throughout the washing session.
  • Avoid using-hot or cold water, instead use lukewarm water to ensure the comfort and well-being of your pet.
  • Take care to not spray any water straight into the eyes, nose or ears of your pet. It’s advisable to use a cup or mug to gently pour water on his head and face.
  • Proceed to soak your dog’s body thoroughly with water at the proper temperature.
  • Use your bare hands or grooming mitts to apply the soap or shampoo over your pet’s body and proceed to gently work up a lather.
  • Take care to rinse the shampoo out fully. You can choose to repeat the process with a fur conditioner if you wish to.
  • Most dogs tend to vigorously shake off water after they get wet, so make sure you give him ample space to do that!
  • A dry fluffy towel can then be used to gently rub your pet dry. You can also air dryers (set at a low temperature) to dry your dog’s coat.
  • It’s recommended to use cotton wipes and cleaning solution to clean the outside of your dog’s ears and areas near his eyes and nose.

The Modern Dog Wash!

Modern Dog Wash

Nowadays quite a few pet supply stores, vet clinics, dog parks and even car washes(!) offer up self operated dog washing machines. A session at such machines can be less costly than a session at the groomers and much less of a chore than washing your pet at home. These washing stations also tend to supply essentials like pet shampoo, towels and brushes.

If you find hosing down your finicky pet in the driveway troublesome, bathing him in your sink or bathtub too messy, and visiting the pet salon a drain on your wallet, this might be just the thing for you!

Bathing or grooming your pet yourself can be a great bonding experience, and with these tips, doing it at home will no longer be a hassle!

Author Bio:

Mark Robards

Mark Robards, Content Architect at iClean International, Netherlands. Mark has been a pet lover since childhood and now are best friends (and roommates) with a great dane, 2 labradors and a cocker spaniel. He has successfully incorporated his love for animals with work and is now the resident expert on all matters related to pet care at Iclean international.



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