6 Essential Tips to Clearly Communicate in English

how to speak English

We all know that there’s no hard and fast rule to learn English, but still, most of us are not close to speaking fluent and clear English. English is not about saying the words in a line; it even includes being good in pronunciation and having the utmost confidence while speaking.

Knowing English doesn’t mean you are good at communication. If you are having communication issues, it doesn’t state that there’s some trouble with your English level. The truth is that knowing how to speak English and actually communicating in English are two completely different things.

But if you seriously wish to communicate in English clearly, then you have to make some extra efforts. Here are some of the essential tips that will help you clearly communicate in English:

  1. Prefer talking more in English

Even if you are in your learning stage, prefer to keep most of your communications in English. It is possible that you might take a halt while speaking in English to know the choices of words. To speak fluently, you need to have some filler words and phrases that can fill in the silences. These filler words will ensure that your speech is not interrupted.

  1. Make sure that people understand you

A language barrier comes with a concern that if the people are able to understand what you are saying. To fix this concern, you can simply ask them to repeat the same. To make sure you speak everything right and people understand you, start practicing by speaking with a partner who will correct you if you make any mistake.

  1. Speak on the rhythm at which you are comfortable

There’s a misconception among the people that speaking fluent English means that they have to speak fast. But that’s not so. If you’ll speak fast, it is possible that the word doesn’t come out in the right way which can end up in creating misunderstanding. The speed in English speaking comes slow and steadily. You need to know the right rhythm at which you can comfortably speak English. It is possible that you would initially start at a slow pace, but what matters the most is you are speaking right. As you keep on practicing, it will eventually help you to speak fast.

  1. Begin to repeat what you are told

There can be situations when you won’t be sure if you have understood the statement right, and all you would be thinking is the way to check it. But the clear method here is to ask the people about it simply. You don’t have to be afraid of anything as asking them again is better than misunderstanding what they wanted to say. At whatever point you’re getting information, and you don’t know you get it, simply state it back to the speaker in your very own words. This will allow them to address whatever you didn’t comprehend or affirm that you heard right.

  1. Start asking questions for better learning

Sometimes, even after listening twice, you are not sure about what you heard. There can even be a situation in which you might be confused about what certain things mean. If you are stuck in such a situation, always take the step to ask and clarify your doubts. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about asking the meaning of something you didn’t understand. That will just help you in building a better understanding of English. Ask questions to get them resolved is just the part of your learning process of English speaking.

  1. Body language is important

As you speak English, it is also important to make sure that your body language is right. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while speaking English. While having a conversation with someone in English, make sure that you are not using too much hand gestures as it could be misunderstood. But you can use your hands in a way that shows that you are interested in having that conversation. Also, remember that your facial expressions matter a lot. Don’t have a dull or frowning face that the person with whom you are having the conversation might take it in a negative way.

While following all these tips, make sure you never forget that the secret of speaking fluent English and appropriate pronunciation lies in proper practice. Follow all these tips and continue practicing in the right way so that eventually you can confidently speak clear English, that too with complete fluency.



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