Pool Game Rules: How to Play, Spin, Curve, and Shot

Pool Game Rules

Pool is a game of skill, nerves and sheer luck. But it does pay to know how to play some of the basic trick shots. No matter if you are a pool pro or if you are playing pool for the first time, you play to win. There is nothing that compares to the surprised applause of the watching crowd that breaks out when the ball sinks into the heart of the pocket. Almost everyone who has tried his hand at pool knows how to play the odd ball but if you persevere and practice, there are many more shots that you can easily master. To help you become the master of the game, we have put together a set of shots, spins and curves you should master.  Armed with this knowledge and your pool stick, you will look like a pro in no time


Given below are 6 different shots that you can try to master.

  • Breaking balls

Your aim here is to shoot with enough power and technique of the pool stick to spread the balls all across the table. You should also be able to pocket one ball. If you fail to do so, your opponent will take up the next shot. For the best chances, aim at the cue ball just at the tip of the triangle.

  • The plant

Plant shots are difficult and you should avoid it if possible. The best bet is to shoot softly

  • The double

To get these shots, play quickly and confidently. Aim at a point that is between pocket and the object.

  • The draw shot

This shot needs good control over the cue ball and the pool stick. But the trick is to shoot lower on the white ball.


You will need practice to master the art of putting a spin on the cue ball with the pool stick.

  • Top spin

To get the top spin, you will need to apply the tip of the pool stick to the center of the ball. If the point is higher the spin will be higher. The cue ball will keep moving even after hitting objects and this is known as follow.

  • Bottom spin

Bottom spin happens when the cue ball is hit at a point that is below the center. The spin will be in a reverse direction. The lower it the ball is hit, more the spin.

  • Side spin

There are two types of side spins- left spin and right spin. This is achieved by the pool stick hitting a point that is to the left or to the right of the center of the cue ball.


Also known as a masse shot, the curve lets you curve the cue ball without hitting a ball that is blocking the target ball. To curve the ball, you need to elevate the pool stick and hit the cue ball at a point that is below the center. If you want the cue ball to curve to the left, hit at a point to the left and hit a point to the right if you want the cue ball to curve right.



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