The Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Most Dangerous Sports

It is safe to say that most sports are dangerous. However, some sports are more dangerous than others. Some, such as esports, are considered very safe and like betting on esports they have rules and regulations and also safety precautions to make them safer to play.

But accidents happen, taking lives or causing serious injuries. From boxing to cheerleading, this article looks at some of the most dangerous sports in the world.


There is no doubt that boxing is dangerous. You can witness this in the kind of punches allowed. A boxer is allowed to hit their opponent on the head.

The head is a susceptible body part because it holds the brain. Many boxers become mentally unstable during or after their careers. Accidents also occur in a boxing match, and a player is hit in a sensitive part, leading to permanent damage or death.


Cheerleading also makes the list of the most dangerous sports. The stunts involved in cheerleading are hazardous. Accidents occur, and the participants more often land even on their heads.

There is a high risk of concussions and head injuries that could lead to mental instability and sudden or quick death.

Motor Racing

Every time you get into your car ready to drive, you are already exposed to the risk of accidents that occur every day on the roads. However, for a motor racer, the risk is even higher. The high speed of driving makes the sport risky.

In addition to the risk of injury or death in case of an accident, there is the risk of exposure to dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. Motor racing drivers sit for long hours during a race. Dehydration is also widespread among drivers exposed to high temperatures during a race.

Bull Riding

Bulls are not known for carrying people on their backs. But human beings came up with the idea to introduce a sport that involves bulls. The player climbs on the back of a bull and tries to stay there for the longest time.

The bull is not friendly, so it fights to throw the player from its back. This act is aggressive, and the bull knows it’s in a fight. As the bull jumps up and down, throwing its hind legs, causing injuries to the back and spine. Once the player is on the ground, the bull keeps the fight going and can cause serious injuries.

BASE Jumping

It is common for people to jump from moving helicopters with parachutes on their backs (skydiving). It is almost similar to BASE jumping, only that the starting point is static in this case. BASE stands for Buildings, Antenna, Spans (Bridges), and Earth (Cliffs).

Base jumpers are prone to ankle sprains and knee bruises depending on the landing area. Head concussions are also witnessed, which lead to long-term or permanent injuries that could lead to death.

Street Luge

A player lies straight on a board, mostly facing up, and they slide on a paved road, just like skateboarding. The body is very close to the ground, and that’s why common injuries involve the body coming in contact with the ground.

Crashes cause more than 60% of injuries in street luge. Common injuries include concussions and bone fractures. Death has been witnessed before, like in the 2010 Olympic games when Nodar Kumaritashvili died during the competition.


Surfers are prone to many dangers. Sharks can attack them at any point, although surfers know the safe areas to surf. Drowning is another risk. Waves can cause physical injuries like broken bones.

Surfboards are very sharp at the front and can cut through anything. When surfers come head-on when surfing, it leads to very serious or permanent injuries.


Mountaineering is any activity that involves climbing tall mountains. As much as the climbers observe safety measures, they are exposed to many dangers.

Falling rocks and ice may land on a climber causing body injuries. A climber may also slide or fall from a cliff, which can cause serious injuries or even death depending on the falling and landing points.

The weather may be a risk factor too. High altitude points tend to have a low supply of oxygen, which may be a problem, especially for people with respiratory issues.



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