Sports That Require Muscular Endurance

Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to expand and contract for a prolonged duration. Most sports that involve movements will have an aspect of muscular endurance. 

However, some sports require more muscular endurance than others. In most score predictions, you will often find games with endurance having massive odds. 

This article explores some sports requiring high levels of muscular endurance. 


Cyclists compete in short- and long-distance events of even 3000 miles like the Tour de France. In both events, speed and endurance are vital. During cycling, the muscles engaged most are in the legs and buttocks.

The heart is also hugely at work as it is supposed to circulate blood around the body faster than normal. Cyclists train in environments that can condition the body for high oxygen consumption. 

Cyclists vary their training between short and long distances and at different paces. This helps them in building their endurance and also preventing injuries. 


Short-distance sprinting requires strength and power, but it doesn’t require much muscular endurance. Long-distance running, like the marathon, is what needs muscular endurance. 

Muscles in the legs are immensely at work as they are the main body parts involved during long-distance running. 

Every time you take a step, you are forced to support your body weight against the earth’s surface and the landing force. This implies that muscular endurance is required, especially from your lower body muscles. 

Cardiovascular and respiratory systems need to be strong enough too. Muscular endurance means the muscles require plenty of supply of oxygen for energy. For this reason, most professional marathoners train in high-altitude environments to condition their bodies. 

In high-altitude areas, there are low oxygen levels, and the body must adapt to utilizing the less available oxygen for normal functioning. This helps athletes perform better in normal conditions with a good oxygen supply. 


Arms and legs do a lot of work when a rower is at work. The repeated movements of the arms to the front and back when pulling the oar requires muscular endurance and power. 

As much as there is strength needed, especially during the start of the race, muscular endurance is vital to help the rower maintain energy throughout the race. 

A rowing race covers approximately 2000 meters. Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance is equally needed for oxygen supply during the race. 


Swimming involves repeating strokes, whether you are doing it fast or slow. This movement engages the muscles on almost all body parts that are in motion, especially legs and arms. One must maintain a constant streamlined movement to reduce or avoid drag. 

The repetition of strokes makes a swimmer exhausted, and therefore you need muscular endurance to manage. Oxygen supply to the muscles is vital for producing the energy required during the exercise. 


The football sport involves a lot of running. The players keep moving forward and backward to go and score or defend, respectively. Running has already been shown to require a lot of muscular endurance. 

Therefore football/soccer requires muscular endurance. A football match takes more than 90 minutes. If a player is playing full time, they need enough energy and muscular endurance for the arms and legs as they help in movement. 


Rugby is a physical sport that requires a lot of strength and power. Besides, rugby involves a lot of running, mostly demanding speed. The muscles engaged during a rugby game are the legs and arms for running. 


During a hockey game, a player spends most of the time in a bent position to control the ball using the hockey stick. The muscles on the back need endurance to prevent injuries. Also, the players keep running around the field in the offensive or defensive action. 

This means the legs and arms also need muscular endurance. 


Basketball is a fast-paced game where players run to score or back to defend. There is a lot of muscular endurance required for a basketball player. Cardiovascular and respiratory systems are also well engaged in the supply of oxygen. 


A surfer requires a lot of balancing if they surf while surfing. It is important to maintain the direction so as not to lose control. The leg muscles need a lot of endurance for this activity. They use their hands to maintain balance if they lie on the surfboard.



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