It doesn’t have to be seen to be Believed

It doesn’t have to be seen to be Believed

Invisible braces in Luton are a means for the young and adults alike to confidenty embark on their personal journey in having the straight and healthy teeth that they deserve.

Not every person is blessed with the genes that allow for straight teeth, but there are other factors as well that contribute to the incorrect alignment of teeth and jaws as they grow.

Prolonged thumb or pacifier sucking in babyhood can negatively impact the growth of teeth. Jaw size is restricted through modern diets, where softer foods do not allow the jaw to grow the size it once did. Teeth therefore are crowded and forced to cross as they grow through and find that there is not enough space in the gums to accommodate them.

Poor nutrition, often seen in poverty, can also account for poor dental development among other concerns. This may be one of the underlying reasons as to why crooked teeth are judged so badly in society.

However, with access to appropriate dental care, any person is able to correct the alignment of their teeth and jaws. This can not only boost their confidence, but also reduce pain, allow them to eat correctly and comfortably, reduce the risk of severe injury during an accident and reduce the risk of dental disease and decay.

How is this possible?

There are many different models of brace available which can target the specific issues that a single individual may present with. Many people revel in the prospect of having a model that is difficult to see with the naked eye, allowing them to feel confident whilst undergoing treatment and carry on with their normal lifestyle and routine.

The demand for such a device has meant that many dentists are able to offer such devices for many different conditions that are common. Mild to moderate misalignments tend to be the easiest and faster to correct using these devices, with traditional metal braces still favoured for complex cases, as the dentist has more control over the manipulation of each tooth.

What are the benefits of this kind of treatment?

Clear aligners are generally also removable, giving a patient a certain degree of freedom throughout the treatment process. It is important that they continue to wear the device for at least 20 hours each day, but since they are clear, there should be no reason for them to wish to remove them.

Patients are able to remove their aligners whilst eating, meaning that they do not have to follow any special dietary requirements whilst on this teeth straightening journey. They simply need to ensure that they brush their teeth before reapplying the device to combat decay and bad breath.

 treatment process

An added benefit to this that many patients have reported is that mindless snacking becomes a thing of the past. Rather than picking up a chocolate bar at 3pm, they’d rather have a glass of water to fill the need, as it prevents having food stuck to the brace.

So not only does straightening teeth improve the health of a patient’s mouth, but they can also profit from overall health benefits that may come from a subtle change in life choices for the better, throughout their teeth straightening journey.



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